Fix the AI not recruiting court physicians.

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Dec 21, 2012
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Currently, the AI very rarely recruit court physicians. Even when they have very high learning courtiers, family members or having a visiting physician.

I'm really shocked we don't hear more people complaining about this because currently, it's a bit of a game breaker IMO. The only solution I've found is using "switch character" in the menu and recruiting one from their courts (very often their court chaplain) for a cheap 10 gold. I was doing this trick for a bunch of kingdoms my dynasty hold and the amount of lives this saves for the AI is astounding. When I got tired of doing it for them you could immediately see the difference with many children and men dying from their untreated wounds and sickness.

You can easily verify this yourself by switching to an AI character. Or simply track any AI controlled character that gets wounded from battle or flagellant, they usually spell a death sentence, I've seen AI kings live with an untreated wound for decades before dying from that wound. When a simple treatment from a average physician usually removes those wounds instantly.

Seems like a pretty big oversight to be in the game for so long. Please fix with next patch.
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Mar 21, 2009
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Agreed and AFAIK there are zero improvements even now. To any Dev available, could you please check this?


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Sep 21, 2020
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I cant vote for this but agree. Its a major flaw in the AI that they cant look after themselves consistently. Ive seen them recruit physicians sometimes but they dont make it an important priority.