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Mar 17, 2020
Hi Guys,

can someone enlighten me about the use of Escort Carriers in DH? They have good detection values as well as Submarine attack. But in the original HoI 2, they also contributed to the positioning of SAG fleets as well as making those close the distance to a fleet with a bigger attack range much faster, even instantanious. That was at some point reverted (thats good), but it was also stated, that a small advantage still was in the game even after fixing this. So my main question is, do they also have in DH such a role as to making SAG close the distance faster and giving better position, or not at all and being mainly pure anti sub units.

Thanks in advance,



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Sep 15, 2008
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They are the best anti sub units and you can use them as ersatz CV's, but as far as i know they no longer close the distance of SAG's, as ships now seem to do so regardless of the adjoining units.