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Not really here...
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Sep 21, 2001
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Wish I could, just noticed that I don't have the .zip anymore... :eek:o


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Sep 20, 2009
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where can i download EGUFSM 1.1+1.2, the link does not work anymore, thx.


Aug 14, 2010
Hi, maybe this is not the right place to ask this, but it would be great if you help me.
I´m working on a patch for EU2 & FTG aiming to make individual sprites for each country or at least culture groups. The idea is making the sprites representing armies not consisting of one unit but three or more.
For example, the sprite i´ve designed for England level 1 Land Military is a longbowman with two billmen at his sides. The sprite works perfectly in game, but when combat occurs, it is not centered on the combat screen on the interface, it shows always outside the combat window, over the morale bar. What to do in order to remove this bug?:wacko: