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Nov 28, 2002
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Saved games don't Save everything

Two things I've noticed in a few hours of play as the Dominion of Canada tonight.

I saved a game manually, exited the game and went for a bite. I came back later and re-loaded it to find that the sliders were unlocked & they weren't at the values I had them before I exited. I've tested this theory by jacking up Research to 90%, Locking it and saving/reloading. The values reset to decent values for all spots and they were all unlocked. (i.e. nothing is red anymore whereas when I saved everything was red except for Research)

Something else I noticed and am not sure if this is just me or if this is the game... I had a Canadian division in India with a pre-war tank unit to fight the Japs who had pretty much mopped up all of the British Eastern Empire... I got the red-oil drop telling me that my tank was outta oil supply... ok, so I set up a convoy to transfer oil to the port in Bombay which I own. Something was happening cuz my oil reserves dropped significantly (but I was already having an oil shortage so I'm not sure if that played a significant role in the delay or not) A while went by (Not sure how long) and I still didn't have oil in India for my tanks. I saved, and reloaded, and all of a sudden, my tanks in India had oil.

I'm not sure if I didn't wait long enough for the oil to make the looooong trip from Canada to India, or not... I haven't tried to duplicate this one yet cuz of real-life commitments... (i.e. end-of-year school work!!... perfect timing HOI :p )


[EDIT]: I'm using the 1.01 NA Patch
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Dec 7, 2001
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I can verify the sliders problem. I will bring that to the atention of someone in Paradox towers.


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Jan 11, 2000
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I got the same problem on the western front when invading belgium. Suddenly my tanks were out of supply. I was standing in the most eastern of the provinces. I retreated to germany and then it was no problem when I re-entered belgium. Now I haven't read all of the manual yet. Can enemy strategic bombers, affect supply? Cause there was a lot of british bombers hitting that province...