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Jul 1, 2020
Only mod in use Ck2 plus.

Court Anarchy never appears.

No new factions besides separtists.
No hre events besides coronation.
No imperial events stated in files.
Says you get society missions as leader I don't.
No decison to found cadet dynasty or dont know how to.
No ruler designer features.
No Ca Title Dissapearing.
Sucession Crisis bugged and doesn't work as it should.
Ai never does any plots.

Is it because I need to wait is their no decison for the plots? How do you explain court anarchy what is it and when will it appear? I was told 5 new factions besides the court faction etc only one is separtist. I get no hre events besides coronation. And when I play as an empire I don't get flavor events. As a society leader I don't get missions. I have no ruler designer special features.

What's the problem why are so many features absent I'm using the non rewrite latest feburary 29th version on github.
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