Achievements for DLC I don't own showing up, as well as Achievements for DLC that haven't been released!?!

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Mar 10, 2016
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I've attached a picture as proof, but achievements for Hoi4 and Eu4 for DLC I don't own are showing up. Not only that, but No Step Back, which HASN'T BEEN RELEASED YET?
Whats going on here, am I missing something?


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Achievements are not tied to specific DLC but to the main game. An achievement might only be obtainable with a specific DLC as the requirements can't be fuflfilled without it (for whatever reasons) but it still is an achievement for the game. I'm not aware of any case where a DLC has achievements that don't show up on the main game (not only Paradox games, I'm talking about all 1000+ games in my Steam library) - unless it's a "Stand alone" DLC with its own entry in the library.

Achievements showing up for DLC that are not yet released isn't unusual, either. This happened in the past as well.