[1.3.3][2dd2] bypass of German national focus 'Befriend Poland' has wrong scope


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Jan 6, 2014
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The German national focus 'Befriend Poland' contains the following code:
    focus = {
        id = GER_poland_friend
        bypass = {
            is_in_faction_with = POL
            is_alone_or_in_faction_at_peace_with_GER = no
It uses a scripted function which can check whether a country: is not in a faction, or is in a faction at peace with [GER.GetNameDef]. (GER_alone_or_peace_faction_tt) or (in our case) not.

But the function is called for ROOT which is Germany. That doesn't make sense.

PS: I would doubt that 'POL = { is_alone_or_in_faction_at_peace_with_GER = no }' instead of 'is_alone_or_in_faction_at_peace_with_GER = no' is correct, since then the whole bypass condition is always false.
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