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Support Forum Rules
1) If you do not know what you are talking about don't post. No advice from members is better than bad or harmful advice. (First do no harm)
2) If you did not start the thread then unless you are sure the support staff is on the wrong track then do not post in the thread. To many people telling the person with the problem what to do, just confuses them.
3) Recognize that not everyone is a computer expert, The support staff generally have a good idea what the problem is and are leading them through specific steps to identify a solution. Please do not interfere with that process.
4) Spam will not be tolerated in the Support forum.
5) You must start a NEW thread for a problem you are having, do not hijack someone else’s thread to say "help me too", "I have the same problem"
This makes it very hard for staff to track problems and to keep system configs straight. Also just because the problem has the same or similar symptoms, does not mean the cause is related.

fp = FootPrint, this is just a note to say that the posts up to that point have been seen by support staff, but no specific comment was needed. It is a device that helps us track the problems.

If you have a problem with Hearts of Iron 2, there are 3 Possible actions you should consider. Decide which action is best suited for your problem or concern and perform the correct action.

  • The Hearts of Iron 2 Multiplayer Forum: This is where you can ask connection questions and help getting going in MP Games.
  • The HEARTS OF IRON 2 Support Forum: This is where you should report issues directly relating to malfunctions involving hardware issues, such as; the inability to load it or patch it, strange video effects, strange audio effects, random CTDs, and so on. The assumption here is that the problem is with the interaction between the game and your particular computer configuration.
  • If you discover something that you consider is a bug in Hearts of Iron 2, then do the following.
    Write up a detailed instruction of how to reproduce it in an email to with a savegame that helps to reproduce it attached to it. Title the email with BUGREPORT, and it will be filed to the correct persons.
    The assumption here is that the problem is with the games programing code and everyone will have the problem regardless of system configuration.
How to Report a Technical Issue
After you've read the stickies at the top of this forum and completed the most common recommended fixes (a complete self-help FAQ will be forthcoming shortly), if you still have a problem then you should report it here in a new thread. When posting a technical problem, members should include all of the following information to ensure prompt and accurate response from support staff:
  • Publisher version of Game and the patch you are using (1.01, 1.02, etc)
    Example: I am using HOI2 Koch version 1.01
  • Operating system (Win9x, WinMe, Win2000, etc.) and build.
    Example: I am running WinXP Home SP1 (5.1 Build 2600)
  • Computer Make, Model, CPU & speed
    Example: Compaq Presario 17XL262 Notebook w/ Intel PIV 1500MHz
  • Memory (RAM - the more you have, the better off you will be!)
    Example: with 256Mb RAM
  • Free disk space on the hard drive where the game is installed
    Example: 1.8Gb free on my HDD
  • Video Card brand, model number, current driver version and video memory
    Example: Video: Rage Mobility AGP w/ driver v6. and 8Mb Video RAM – used to drive both the laptop monitor and an IBM P200 monitor.
  • Sound Card brand, model number and current driver version
    Example: Sound: ESS Allegro PCI Audio w/ driver v5.12.01.11667
  • DirectX Version Installed
    Example: DirectX v8.1 (
  • Other potentially useful hardware components or configurations
    Example: I also use a USB-connected MS Internet Pro Keyboard and Logitech USB Trackman mouse.
  • Mention that you read this thread before posting
    Example: I think that’s everything you asked for in the sticky
  • A clear and detailed – yet concise – description of the problem you’re having. The more detailed information you give us, the faster we’ll be able to solve your problem.
    BAD Example #1: I keep having CTDs! :mad:
    GOOD Example #1: When I first try launching HOI2 the status bar gets about half way and then I get a CTD.
    BAD Example #2: My f***ing sound doesn’t work :mad:
    GOOD Example #2: My sound seems to cut in and out with a crackling buzzing noise when it happens.
    BAD Example #3: My cat died yesterday. On the way home from the vets I decided to stop off at the pub, and then…
    GOOD Example #3: <blank…just get into the details of the problem you’re having>
  • Top priority is given to those who supply all the necessary information with their original report and who phrase it nicely.
    BAD Example: You bastards had better help me in the next five minutes or I’ll never buy another Paradox game. :mad:
    GOOD Example: Please help me…pretty please…with sugar on top :)
Almost all of the information above can be obtained by looking at two utilities that are on everyone's computer (although the path might be a little different depending on your OS and specific installation):
  • Start-->Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->System Information
    This will provide most of the OS and hardware specifics we're looking for.
  • Start-->Run, then type dxdiag.exe and click Okay
    This opens up the DirectX diagnostic window that also gives you some of the hardware details but, more importantly, will quickly show you the sound, video and DirectX information that we'll need.
Taking a couple minutes to give us the information we need will go a long way to ensuring that your problem is solved as quickly as humanly possible. Keep in mind, though, that the support staff are volunteers who have careers, families, and other responsibilities that may prevent them from answering your question immediately. Try to be patient and give them a little time to find a solution to the problem and respond to it. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you will get at least an acknowledgement (and in most cases, a probable solution) within 24 hours.

Since we aren’t all IT professionals and almost every member’s system is unique these days, we may have to attempt several different possible solutions before we find the right one. It’s also possible that you will be temporarily referred to another support site (MS knowledge base, etc.) to resolve some issues. Please try to be patient with this process and report back in the original thread with your results – whether successful or not. You can go a long way to helping yourself and others by letting us know when a problem is solved since we are continually in the process of building and maintaining a database of problems and fixes. This may also enable Paradox to adjust their code and installations to reduce issues in future patch and game releases, so you may end up having yourself to thank when the next patch or game comes out and everything goes smoothly.

Thanks for your patience and your assistance. :)

For your convenience, here's a "template" that you can copy and paste into your post along with the appropriate answers:


Technical Problem

I have a technical problem that I need your help with please.

Game Version & Patch (incl. publisher):

OS & build/SP:

Computer, CPU & speed:


Free HDD space:

Video (brand, model, driver, memory):

Sound (brand, model, driver):

DirectX Version:


I read the stickies but I still have the following problem:
  • <Here's where you tell us what the problem is and give us as many details as you can.>
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