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Nov 12, 2021
We’ve left 2022 behind us and next week we'll publish our year-end report for January - December for the fiscal year 2022. As usual Fredrik Wester and Alexander Bricca will host a livestream on our YouTube channel to present the quarter’s and the full-year’s results, and answer questions related to the report and the company’s financial performance. Please join us!

Date: 7 February 2022
Time: Livestream at 12:00 PM CET
Link: https://youtube.com/paradoxinteractive

The year-end report will be available 08:00 AM CET on 7 February 2022
at https://www.paradoxinteractive.com/investors.

Questions may be submitted in advance in this thread or by e-mailing them to ir@paradoxinteractive.com. It will be possible to e-mail questions during the presentation.

If you miss the livestream it will be available on Paradox’s YouTube channel.

Hope to see you there!
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Thank you for taking the questions, I have two questions for Fred and Alex.

1. With all the hype around generative artificial intelligence tools coming to the market. what impact do you see for paradox long-term from his tools?
2. With a shorter timeframe between the announcement and release for Age of Wonders 4, can we expect a shorter announcement to release timeframes for future projects as well?
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Dear all,

Given you offer several subscription-based services in some games, like HOI and EU4, I was wondering if you could offer some insight in how this service is going for you:

1. Has it been used as much as you would have liked? How have you determined this?
2. If so, Is this something that you will expect to increase in the future and provide for other games? What conditions need to be met?
3. Is it contributing to larger than expected revenue from these games?
4. And last but not least important, what is the average, or mean (as you'd prefer) time of subscription per user? (So as to know if there is low churn).

I would also be grateful if you were willing to provide us with the ARR of all subscription-based incomes.
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I really just follow Cities: Skylines, but I have never seen Paradox make use of hardware vendor-exclusive technologies such as Nvidia GameWorks. Now that upscaling technologies that can run on hardware from any vendor (AMD FSR 2.0 and Intel XeSS, though XeSS comes with caveats for some hardware) exist, would Paradox be open to implementing them in its games? The same question applies to frame generation technologies (Currently the upcoming AMD FSR 3.0). Thank you so much.