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Feb 18, 2019
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Hi there,

I am playing many games with an usb xbox 360 controller on my PC and it works fine for almost all games. But with Magicka 2 I have the problem, that my xbox controller is detected ingame as steam controller and so I have to press a button with a steam logo to switch elements, but i dont have that button on my xbox controller. This way the game is unplayable for me. At least with controller.
How can I tell the game that I am using an xbox controller??

Does someone have a similar problem, unfortunately i cannot find anyting on the internet...

All help is apprechiated!
I had same problem. Game/Steam recommended controller mapping Is for Steam controller.. that tricks the game, you can manually change the mapping and also use Community templates. Xbox ones are available. Once changed, restart game and you should be good to go.