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It means a great deal to me to have been presented with this award, and I am grateful for everyone's kind words over the past week. I hope you all read and enjoy Thrones, and perhaps even offer a comment or two, and I hope the story continues to be worthy of y'alls attention. Thank you, thank you.

- - -

And now it is time to hand the award over to someone else. There are many writers deserving of recognition among the (many) AARs I read, and a few truly exemplary works of art out there. It was difficult to choose a successor based on the choices I had before me. In the end, I decided they were all good, and picked the one that had never been celebrated for its goodness before. Without further ado, I would like to unveil the next WritAAR of the Week:

timetogetaway, author of the quirky and delightful The Mann on the Island.

Go check it out. It's a gem of a history-book AAR.
Looks great, timetogetaway. Congrats!

Take a look at the first post of this thread for the guidelines and enjoy the week. :)
Many congratulations timetogetaway
Congratulations timetogetaway ! :D
Congratulations. Oh by the way, whoever wrote the tag spelt "awards" wrong. As of this post, that is.

it's a portmanteau of Award and AAR hence AwAARd
Congratulations ttga!