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And on the seventh day, he posted. Actually, it hasn't been seven days, but it's the week of the 29th already and I have a nominee to my liking, so why delay? Zaku is the WritAAR of the week.

From my post in the thread of Zaku's current AAR, Mit kíván a magyar nemzet. - Vicky 2 Hungary AAR:

Hungary has inspired some very memorable AARs. This could wind up being one of them.

Zaku's taken a stab at Hungary before, but abandoned it. More recently, just about exactly a year ago, his France AAR "Do you like snails?" was featured in the Weekly AAR Showcase, and developed nicely before being cut short by a technical issue (which, given that he was playing HoI3 1.1c, was only a matter of time). He's also played a bit of Rome, a game we ought to remember more than we do. (I have written about playing Rome, but Paradox forum rules forbid me from linking to it.)

However Zaku learned English, it worked quite well, and the proof is in those AARs, which are solidly entertaining to read. I've been sorry to see them cut short, but this new one has great potential, and the speedy Grand Campaign of Victoria 2 -- as well as its generally good condition even this close to release -- augur well for its potential completion. Also, I'm always pleased to see Austria get it in the teeth. Bastards are a Lucky Nation in EU3 far too often for their own good.

So it seems natural enough, for extant body of work and for things hopefully to come, to name Zaku the WritAAR of the Week. Wear it well, mon ami!
Congrats Zaku!
Well done Zaku. Congratulations :)
Congratulations, Zaku! Well deserved!

Yours is one of the few V2 AARs I've had time to examine -- I'll get to others, just still recovering from my busy streak.

But yes I agree it's going to be a fascinating AAR.

Congratulations Zaku.
Thanks for the reward, I'm greatly honored and thanks for everyone who congratulated me.
I only recently found out that I'm nominated, since my last two weeks were kinda busy and I did not have time to read the forums.

Now to pass the reward, I choose HMAS-Nameless for his Gott Mit Uns! - Rise of the Black Eagle Vicky 2 AAR. A great history book AAR. You can see the hours of work he has put into writing this, I can only recommend it. (also has nice pictures:))

Congrats HMAS-Nameless.