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Congrats Belgiumruler!
That's correct, you had one week, so we're a bit on overtime. Good you came by and did the handover though! :) Question to the mods: Does Belgiumruler (you nominate a writAAR Kensai, not an AAR, but it's clear you meant Belgiumruler of course :) ) have to sunday 25th?

Anyways, congratulations Belgiumruler! :D

PS! Kensai, if you haven't already, please PM Belgiumruler about the awAARd.:)
Halp. Thanks Kensai, as this was totally unexpected (I haven't been that active recently, sadly enough...).
I was honestly looking for someone to do the glorious campaign of the "Rise of Prussia" and your AAR fit the bill. Moreover, it was interactive and very well received. High quality content needs to be rewarded! :)
Remember to post your own favorite WritAAR in the arc of a week.
Congrats, BR!
Update! ;)
oh I'm sorry, totally forgot about it :/

I wish to nominate Gormytorish for his exellent history book AARs in the HoI3 section. I highly recommend checking out his new "the eagle and the pentagon" AAR. Congratz Gormy!
Congratulations, Gormytorysh! (For once, I'm not the one who misspelled the name :))
Thanks all, and especially Belgiumruler for the nomination. I really appreciate it and do not know how to response properly to it and also because it was very unexpected :D. I'd like to thank ..... oh no wait, this ones for when I win an Oscar...... this speech is for an Emmy. Hmm, sorry, seem to have misplaced my speech. Ah well, better dig into the other AAR forums to get a better view on who to nominate for next week :).

@Avindian, two thumbs up for you lad! :D
Congrats, Gormytorysh!

Thank you very much!

Question, till when do I have the time to pass it on? Probably be out for the weekend, so if Sunday is the deadline I have to make sure to do it before tomorrow end of the day ;).

Usually it is seven days after you win (preferably Sunday to Sunday) but if you are going out of town for the weekend, it is likely no issue to wait until you get back in order to enjoy your full time in the spotlight. :)