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Such open hypocrisy, Enewald! :D

Congrats FrozenWall! Consider yourself Enewald's better. ;)
Congratulations, FrozenWall!
Well done FrozenWall! Congratulations!
While there are other fine AAR writers for this one, FrozenWall stands out to me. Perhaps because he copied my style

Or 'sviped' it, as one might say. :D

Congrats to Frosty.
Congrats! :)
I feel deeply honored that my writings have received such notice. But as alluded to in Svips post I am by no means the only writer of the CotF MP AAR and feel special recognition is also due my opponent KoM for his excellent and skillful contributions not only to this but also the 2 previous Great Games and the AAR community in general.

I hereby nominate


as WritAAR of the Week​

Being, as I am, in a MP megacampaign I find MP AARs especially interesting, and none more so than those detailing the recent exploits of CptEasy in Wildfires, Years of Jolly Carnage, and his latest and ongoing work Sudden Carnage.

CptEasy write a clear and concise gameplay narrative sprinkled with personal anecdotes of those on the ground. His expose of strategic thought and skillful maneuvering against competent human opposition makes not only for suspenseful reading but also gives great insight into the full depth of the game for prospective MP and SP generalissimos.
I am deeply honoured to have my colours represented in this mighty hall of fame. So - it appears I will have a week of serious contemplating and consideration infront of me...

And thanks Frozen. I really appreciate it.