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Congrats! With the award won can we expect more frequent updates? :p

I've been working on one for a few days, but unfortunately it is getting near the end of the semester and all my professors seem hell bent on forcing a dozen more pages out of me each week. :eek:

But hopefully I should have it up tonight. Fingers crossed and/or knock on wood! :D
Well it is time to pass the torch, as it were. Normally I might have waited a little longer before putting forth my choice for the next WritAAR of the Week (so I could enjoy my prize for a few more precious hours! Mmmmmm...), but I don't want to hog the glory and community recognition for longer than necessary.

So to get to the point, I've decided that Lordban's Victoria: Revolutions slash Hearts of Iron III AAR slash World of Darkness AAR Dance Macabre is worthy of recognition.

Even if it wasn't well written and very intriguing, it deserves some accolades for one of the coolest AAR names yet! So bravo, Lordban!
Wow, that one came as a complete surprise - I certainly didn't expect it ten days after returning to these boards. Thank you very much!

The nice part about these weekly awards is you get an official reason to rifle through many AARs to find a worthy successor, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy this new occasion to enjoy other writAARs' work :)
Congratz! :)
Congratulations :D