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Mar 5, 2005

The french launch a massive attack from within the maginot line, throwing 42 divisions against my 9 in the southern flank. My forces retreat, and massive reinforcements r brought in from the north


Caught off-guard, my forces retreat to fight another day, only to be attacked and defeated by massive french forces again.


the luftwaffe sends its bombers to help the outnumbered ground forces


Using massive reinforcements from the north (Cologne, mostly) a counter-attack is launched against the french, who have gone too far into my territory


8 french divisions r encircled and destroyed. the payback begins



Yeah, I said "begins". not sattisfied with just 8 infantry divisions, the luftwaffe's 24 CAS squadrons bomb the retreating french, as they run back towards the maginot line. I'm not sure how many divisions I've destroyed, but i've managed to destroy about 10 divions, out of which at least 2 HQs (1 is shown above) and 1 ARM (shown above).

Hat's off to the french AI.
This is the first time they've breached through my 9X3 INF divisions defense in the western wall. they actually did a pretty good job, and managed to scare me... luckyly, i had reinforcements and lots of bombers nearby, and I managed to stop them and destroy approx. 18 divisions.
I've sent reinforcements to the western wall, more than doubling the number of INF divisions and adding an HQ... (more on that in the next update)
Mar 5, 2005

It's time to get rid of France, once and for all.
I've considered attacking the maginot line head on, since many of their divisions were destroyed or badly hurt in my counter-attack... but that plan was cancelled, hte maginot line is still too much.
So, I'll go through the french northern flank, through Holland and Belgium, annexing Luxembourg while I'm there


The Dutch front:
31 divisions (30 INF, 1 HQ) will move in 3 axis of movements, simply sweeping through the country and forcing it to surrender. no fancy blitzkrieg moves here, just infantry pushing forward


The French\Belgian front:
the invasion force consists of 55 divisions (3 HQs, 3 panzer corps (2 arm+SpART and 1 mot+eng) and the rest INF) will move into the country.
the red lines represent plans for panzer moves, though these may change in the course of the invasion. the northern panzer group will race towards the channel, cutting off as many divisions as possible in the north and possible encircling french and english divisions in the Dunkerque area. the center panzer group will reach the vicinity of Paris. the southern one will encircle the maginot line, rendering it useless and penetrateable.


The maginot line defense force consists of 46 divisions (1 HQ, 45 INF).
initially, i planned on having only 21 INF there... but u saw what happenned...
having that many divisions facing the maginot line means I don't have that many divisions attacking into belgium, so I'll have to encircle the maginot line ASAP in order to penetrate it...
I'll be fine though, I hope.. the french never posed a problem to me before. then again, they never managed to break out of the maginot line


the luftwaffe's contribution to this [land] campaign inclued 40 squadrons (8 INT, 8 TAC and 24 CAS)

cross your fingers :)


Jun 12, 2003
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A lot sure has happened! Good thing that breakthrough in Freiburg turned out to be a bad encirclement for the silly French.


Sneaky Cultist
Nov 27, 2005
Do you have tanks at all?


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Oct 13, 2003
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Have you built any ground forces besides infantry? France is much faster with about 9 panzer divisions.
Mar 5, 2005

the intellegence report on france.
they're numerically superior, but Iive got better doctrines, leaders etc. (in other words, they've got quantity, i've got quality)


after 5 days of fighting, Hausser's panzers reach the channel, trapping many allied divisions in the north, and are ordered to advance along the coastline, bypassing most germany defenses en route to Paris


and 3 days later, only 8 days after the beginning of this campaign, the french capitol falls


may 18th: the maginot line if flanked by Hoth's panzers. they're driven away, and so r the infantry divisions that r sent as reinforcements, but they hold their positions just long enough for...


THIS to happen, a couple of days later


the anxious men who've been guarding the maginot line for a long time, along with flankers from all sides, totalling 67 divisions, attack the helpless french


Von Kleist's panzers continue along the shorelines, in hopes of cutting france off from the world


after 16 days of fighting, the french capitualte and vichy is set up
that was actually easier than i'd predicted


Jun 12, 2003
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If it's easy for AI Germany, it should be easy for you...
Mar 5, 2005

in prepeation for sealion, I start bombing ships in the channel, and I manage to sink 2 french battleships in 1 day! (and 2 DDs later)


production: more panzers (and MOTs, SpART and ENG)


and the soviets in the east r worrying, taking bassarbia (and lithuania too, a couple of days later)


Production: convoys. lots of convoys


the preperations for sealion continue (hey! did they make subs weaker? because mine r getting slaughtered), I get bored, and attack yugoslavia for real reason...
the plan calls for a quick panzer move across the country, cutting the western part off and continuing along the coastline to take the furthest VPs, while infantry pushes on to belgrade


and after 2 days, belgrade falls


the [disturbing] situation in the east:
the soviets r making very good progress against the japanese, annexing manchuko and taking korea.
the japanese, almost as if encouraged by their losses to the soviets, keep advancing into china. slowly, that is


Jun 12, 2003
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Well, if the Sovs aren't allied with the Nats, isn't what's going to happen is that they won't be able to advance into the Chinese territory held by the Japanese? That is, they'll advance into a province, it'll go to Nationalist China, and the units get teleported away? Or did that change for DD? In which case, Japan will continue distracting Soviet troops for a good while, while the Soviets get relatively little gain from holding Manchuria and Korea.
Mar 5, 2005

it took me almost 3 months, but operation sealion finally begins!
good thing it does, Cherbourg was this close to disconnecting from france and sinking because of all those divisions sitting there


the forces holding the beachhead - 3 MTNs who stormed the beaches, and 11 inf+hq who soon followed


the forces include 45 divisions (2 panzer corps, 3 MTNs, 2 HQs, the rest INF).
the plan calls for a quick panzer and MTN breakthrough to the north, encircling some places and quickly taking stornoway in the far north (that island where the british always dig in and can't be driven out)


after 22 days of fighting the yugoslav(ians?) surrender.
they lasted much longer than france, I'll give them that


a german puppet government is quicky put up. ironically, it consists of the same ministers who yesterday fought germany


good thing they didn't "break the pact" or aligned with the aliles... that would've been stupid


bored, i attack romania.
the plan is to quickly take the capitol Bucharest and the oil-rich Ploesti using panzers, while advancing with infantry in the north


the british offered very little resistance, and after 24 days of fighting (again, more than france!) the entire island is in german hands

I've got a little question. is auto-promotion working well in DD 1.2?


Jun 12, 2003
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So did your navy of Rhine barges just sneak past the Royal Navy or what?


Jun 12, 2003
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Ah, subs. You should have shown some of those battles!


Sneaky Cultist
Nov 27, 2005
Never build subs in Doomsday if the UK`s RN isn`t weakened ;)


Sneaky Cultist
Nov 27, 2005
But anyways it looks like Sealion suceded, good job! :)


Missing my avatar
Aug 4, 2005
nice job taking the british isles!


Jun 12, 2003
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So theirs was a sacrifice? Well, at least the RN can't operate from Britain anymore, since you've taken the impregnable fortress of Stornoway. Have you taken Belfast?