workshop & carpentry programs

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Apr 5, 2021
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hey, so I'm having trouble getting prisoners to get interested in the workshop and carpentry programs, now i've already figured out its coz i had armed guards around them most of the time (supression), so im holding back on their patrols, just in staff only areas for now, but isnt that too unsafe? i have 200 inmates, they all mostly go together into shower and canteen and they did one time cause a riot in the shower, but i do need money and i know thats the most efficient way to get money, so how do i balance it? or should i not use armed guards in areas where prisoners are?

also, another question, do you think its worth canceling shower time and just putting showers in every cell rather than getting them all to shower time? just giving them free time instead of shower time, and so they can shower whenever they want, and that'll avoid morning riots / incidents


Jun 17, 2021
Armed guards are best for max and supermax.

I suggest allowing only minsec in the workshop. It's a bad scene when a legendary violent grabs a saw.

No need for armed guards in a minsec only prison. If you build your prison right you also don't need snipers.

Get away from building a community/public shower, use a stack of drain, toilet, showerhead in the cells and right at the end of sleep schedule an hour of lockdown. Prisoners will use this time for hygiene.

Make sure you have workshop training going as much as possible. I've noticed that you'll always have about a ten percent shortage of max jobs assigned in a workshop. For example a 100 job workshop (max) with all jobs open in prisoner labor under logistics. Usually has about 20 jobs not filled. It's a prison not a labor camp.

I've found the best way to make money is right when you start a map.

DON'T BUILD ANYTHING, allow the deliveries to finish, then fire everybody. Let the game idle for oh... fifteen or twenty hours. Come back and you're one of the 1%.