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But do any of those add male concubines?
I don't think male concubines or multiple husbands (polyandry) are possible due to hard code limitations.
I was just teasing, since I made a workaround for that for Geheimnisnacht.
As far as i know the last i had just added has male concubines.
Ah, that is interesting, I'll have a look to see what system they used there then.
Ah, yes, I'm seeing it now, they're using my same system.
As I said, Geheimnisnacht.
A concubine tab cannot be added to women, nor men can be made concubines, so you just need to use the lovers' tab and a specific trait used to disable any lover events. That way you can have concubines of both genders for rulers of both genders.
Same sex marriage should be possible to force by commad, unless it has been patched away recently, the problem is, of course, if the two parties are females, there is no way of preventing them to impregnate each other. Same sex pregnancies appear naturally and can be caused through events with no problems, males on the other hand are hardcoded to never get pregnant, regardless of the commands employed.
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Yes I'm aware of these. You can get around it with fertility modifiers.
True, but it is a clunky solution. If a woman marries another woman, but she has a male lover or consort, there is no way for her to make children through him, even though she should be capable of doing so.
As for the mod, I wouldn't know.
Yes, true.