With 'water 2,' allow cities to found on water

With 'water 2,' allow cities to found on water

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Jul 3, 2019
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There are a lot of instances where you have some amazing setups, but there is virtually no way to utilize landmarks and get the maximum advantage. So take this scene for instance:

2020-06-30 (7).png

To use any of these landmarks, you have to be in one of the two spots in the middle. And even if you build there, you cannot use all of the landmarks regardless. This happens on nearly every game, particularly near water. So with Hydro Expertise ('water 2'), allow players to build cities on water. This would allow them to maximize sectors like this, without having to compromise completely.

Or easier, but not as cool, allow cities to build out +1 more spaces with Colony Infrastructure (L3) and Accelerated Force Deployment (L5). Then at least you could use these conditions for a change.
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