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Because of course you would be right? It is the only logical thing. A DLC with a name about England means we should absolutely play other nations that will pick on England right? The tallest peg gets the hammer and all that and with the power of our French armies they will definitely be feeling the hammer soon enough. Oh yes. So come along and join the fun of picking on the English which is a long enjoyed pastime. Feel free to comment here or at my channel as well as I always love to hear what people have to say.


Going to have to be a 2 part war on the English to reclaim all our lands in their hands. That is fine. I have no problems with breaking them like this.

I suppose I can help out Provence just a little bit. For now. Not too much though I do want that land myself honestly.

I am out! I see opportunity by getting out on this war early on. Both with things in Brittany and issues with the English once more.

The nice thing about taking advantage of Castile right now is that I can give my full focus on the east without a single serious care. One good strong ally makes a huge difference. Sure I could probably crush them but I don't mind having one real friend.

Ahh Provence. Foolish silly Provence. You should never really stood a chance.

I just want to really excommunicate some people. Is that so wrong!? It would make going after Burgundy a whole lot easier.

Sorry Pope. I would rather like to unify all my states.

I just need a few more ideas then I don't have to worry about native's in distant lands getting uppity. They can instead be French!

If Burgundy won't die and give me all their lands on their own I will make them die and give me all their lands.

Soon the tropics will be France blue. I didn't spread my kin around nearly enough but eh we can't all be Austria.

Denmark I have your back. We can`t let those English free the Swedes can we? I think not!

Sometimes politics work as well as war does. You just have to be patient about it.

Those pesky Holy Roman Empire nations get so upset when I eat up their neighbours. Or them. Really puts a cramp on my expansion.

Shadow Kingdom is so good for expanding into Northern Italy for a strong strong France.

More tasty land for north France now. Of course on top of all this I always expand in the west. Those Colonial Nations can be that extra element in the late game as free vassals.

You want to get a Colonial Nation quickly? Invade! Invade everything you can see!

Woops! Didn't mean to have that land get returned but oh well. I guess I can work with it. I am sure all EU4 players know the pain of picking the wrong province.

I wonder if it is possible to find multiple cities of gold? Or is that you get a chance at only one mythical place? Hmm.

I find it very weird that Castile just won't take that final piece of land in the Spain region. Don't you guys have to finish re-conquista-ing and all that?