Win a trip for two to the “city in motion” of your choice!

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Are you a world traveler with a passion for mass transit? Have you already been creating your urban transportation utopia with the map editor for Cities in Motion?

Well then, this is the contest for you! Submit your own “Cities in Motion” customized map and win a trip (flight + hotel) for two to any of the European cities featured in the game! Whether Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin or Amsterdam takes your fancy, the city of your choice is waiting for you and here’s the chance to see it firsthand!

To enter, please follow these simple steps:

- Use the attached instructions to help you create a .zip file for your map
- Post your map here in this thread with a short introduction to the map and/or yourself
- To increase your chances further, post a link to your map on the Cities in Motion FB page

Submit by: DEADLINE APRIL 15
Yes, means you can submit your maps on Friday as well.

Winners will be announced on the forum, FB and Twitter approximately two weeks after deadline.

A jury comprised of members from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive will choose the winner.

Good luck!!

- By submitting my game map, I automatically accept the rules and conditions of this contest.
- By submitting a game map, I verify that said game map was created by entrant.
- Entrants must be over 18 years old, or travel with legal guardian (proof will be required).
- Paradox reserves the right to choose airline and hotel , and prize must be claimed no later than December 2011. Potential tax on the grand prize will be responsibility of the winner.
- Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order are granted full access to use the submitted maps and select a winner.
- If selected as our winner, you must verify in writing that you claim full responsibility for yourself and your travel companion and waive any further claims for compensation on said trip once Paradox Interactive has booked your flights and accommodation.
- Selected winning submissions will be final and cannot be overruled or questioned.

This contest is not open to employees of Paradox Interactive AB or Colossal Order Ltd and its subsidiary companies and all other persons engaged with this competition, their immediate families, and relatives living in an employee's household.

Rights in Submissions:
By submitting your entry to this contest, each Entrant hereby grants Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order the non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, copy, sublicense, transmit, distribute, publicly perform, publish, delete or display the submitted game map.

Each Entrant releases Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order, and their assignees and licensees, from any and all claims or liability (now known or hereafter arising), including but not limited to any claims for defense and/or indemnity, in connection therewith.
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What an awesome way to further the modding aspect of the game - good luck to all contributors of cities for the contest. :)
Can i invite you on my hoilday susana;) :p
no but seriously:
1. How will you judge the maps? is it creative, look, detail, style, flow, no traffic jamzz etc etc
2. Can australians Create? coz i am one of them
3. Rules to size of the map, does bigger mean better chance or ?
4. Does it have to be real life copy of a city or our imagination?
EDIT 5. Can we enter more then once?
EDIT AGAIN 6. Can the winner of the map be featured in an official patch by paradox (thats what i always wanted, my 5mins of fame)

think thats all
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1. How will you judge the maps? is it creative, look, detail, style, flow, no traffic jamzz etc etc
All of the above!

2. Can australians Create? coz i am one of them

3. Rules to size of the map, does bigger mean better chance or ?
Nope, better is better, size is just…

4. Does it have to be real life copy of a city or our imagination?
Either will do!

5. Can we enter more then once?
Sure, each map is a valid entry. Remember; Quality over Quantity.

And unfortunately I'm not eligable to take part of the prize since I am a Paradox Employee ;-) but thanks for thinking of me!
A simply amazing contest! A big hug to the two companies.
Hey, if he lives in that town, winning a trip there might be kind of strange... Maybe design Rio instead. :)
Can maps containing content created by players take part in this contest? I mean, those using the build-addon or regions, created by the players, if the map'll be sent with the addons folder?

i would like to know this as well :D
A great initiative! I just wish I had time to sit down and make a great map.
As someone with no artistic ability who is still trying to figure out how to get an underground metro line to connect to an elevated one, I'm not thrilled with the restriction on this contest, but good luck to those who enter. After visiting Iceland, Norway and Sweden, I'd love to see Helsinki.
LOL i don't think they thought of that. But it is a good idea though. A tour of CO HQ.

Hah, we'll it would be quite a short tour then. Our HQ is not the biggest offices, you know...

And remember we are located in Tampere, which is 1,5 hours train trip from Helsinki ;)