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Nov 12, 2016
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I won't lie... I feel like Obsidian's writers were trolling the player with this constantly, building it up like crazy, and I really felt that by the end, I would get to see her (at the very least in the epilogue). I consider not having her revealed to be a massive disappointment.

So, will we every get to see her? are there any DLCs or sequels planned? I have questions about the oldwalls, spires, etc. as well... seems like lots of material you can answer for. I feel like without answering things though, Tyranny feels very much unfinished... and "winning" by casting an edict is a pretty uneventful way to end the game :(


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Aug 17, 2013
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At the same time I feel like the mystery is the depth in itself. My prevailing theory is that Kyros is just a word. And just like his/her verdicts, the "magic" comes from how we perceive those words. Kyros instils fear because we perceive that fear, based of rumours, myths or the violence people visit upon each other in his/her name. I like the idea that there might not even be a Kyros any more. She may have been someone at one stage, possibly the person we see in the old wall visions. But now she's just an idea? Perhaps she/he changes as required and Kyros is more of a title than a person.

I would like to see us travelling into the Northern Empire and actually seeing how Kyros is portrayed.