Will the Commercial pact UI ever get fixed? Will the UI ever get a general improvement pass?

Will the Commercial pact UI ever get fixed? Will the UI ever get a general improvement pass?

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Apr 7, 2018
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Title. Fairly sure this has existed since commercial pacts were added.

Screenshot (3849).png

In the upper right window is the proposal when a player sends a CP proposal to another empire, you clearly see the breakdown for the 10% TV on either side.
In the lower left window is the proposal screen when an AI sends a CP invite to a player - you do not see what you'd be getting for your 0.25 influence per month.
It's frustrating to have to go in to an ai's comms screen and reverse-offer them a commercial pact, just to see what I'd get.

Further, on trade, we have no way to:
  1. See the aggregate trade power of other empires (in the above screenshot I actually gain less than the AI from the deal, despite him having a bigger economy (According to the economy wright value [their 144 to my 98] but they gain more because, even though my economy is smaller, I generate more trade value.
    • Therefore, aggregate trade value should be exposed somewhere when looking at other empires, in addition to the overall economic weight figure.
  2. break down what pact is giving us what (say, if you have 3 commercial pacts all running at once) because the game stuffs them all in to the same "+Trade" item in the resource tooltip, Without any Information, how am I meant to decide which deal I should abandon, in favour of another nation?
    • In the above screenshot, before I accepted the commercial pact, you could see my EC income from trade was equal to "Trade: 37.76"
    • However, after the commercial pact was signed, that figure rises to 39.08 (37.76 + their 1.07) but now I only have a summary of my income and no longer know:
      • How much Trade value I am producing
      • How much Trade value they are producing (or any other alien empire, as this aggregates all the trade figures without giving you a breakdown)
    • 1600303698815.png
Now as you can plainly see, I'm also using a UI mod and this isnt vanilla, but this is all 100% true and consistent with how a vanilla game would behave too.

Stellaris needs a serious pass on its UI, the above situation is just one example.
Hell, the notification system has been a running joke since v1.0 (in 2016!) with just how bad it bloody is when you get notification bombed by AIs - some of the first mods on the workshop aimed to cut down notification spam - even devs have joked about it on streams in the past, rather than improving upon it..
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