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Apr 1, 2022
Greetings, ladies and lords! :D
I just stumbled upon a missing point in the paradox wiki for Europa Universalis III (Divine Wind v5.2).

After a bloody war against bloody emperor and oppressor Burgundy I demanded the release of some vassals but I wondered: the Dutch fiefdom Lüttich (Liege) didn't show up in the negotiation list. There still were the 2 core provinces of Lüttich, but surprisingly I could not release it from Burgundy. So I decided to annex these 2 provinces from Burgundy (Lüttich and Namur) but also couldn't release vassal Lüttich on my own. Only the other nations that I conquered before showed up in the list.

The wiki couldn't help here. But I had a guess and by some testing and cheating I finally was able to prove it:

"To release a vassal, at least one of it's provinces must have the original culture of that vassal nation."
(It doesn't matter, which one of the provinces has the original culture. It doesn't has to be the capital province. No matter.)

That was the problem. In my scenario Burgundy had it's dirty claws over the Dutch region for much too long, so by time it assimilated both Wallonian provinces of Lüttich to culture "Burgundy". So I loaded an old savepoint, replayed the war against Burgundy (oh dear!) but then fiddled the two Lüttich provinces into the hands of Hainaut nation (Wallonian culture). With Hainaut I assimilated Wallonian culture back to Namur and et voila: finally Lüttich could be released as vassal again.

That also means, if the culture of a nation has died out completely, there is no more way to release that nation back from the dead again.
Pretty realistic, I think. Consider that in real world: you can revive a destroyed nation - but you can't revive a destroyed culture. :(

I invested some time in that and I'd like to ask, if someone could expand the affiliated wiki article please:

eu3 paradoxwikis com Vassal#Releasing_vassals

Thank you and seize life! :cool:
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Something similar happens regularly with a couple of Teutonic Order provinces, where they can no longer be released despite being cores of another country because the culture has changed. That's a bigger problem for the HRE emperor who takes it from the TO, unless he can get his own cores there (sometimes possible, depending on how you place your surrender demands), because he can't release it as a vassal, and then he's suffering a penalty to both Prestige and Infamy for possession of a non-core HRE province for the entire 50 years it takes to become a core.


Apr 1, 2022
Okay. It's been 2 months now. I guess the EU3 wiki is dead? I can't edit the wiki page on my own. That's why I wrote this thread and asked for help.

If someone has access to the EU3 wiki, maybe he or she can add the culture requirement to the article, please?


Releasing Vassals
Release vassals
is an action that can be undertaken by a nation whose provinces contain cores of nations which don’t exist. At least one of these provinces should have the original culture of the non-existing nation. One must be at peace to release vassals - wars with Hordes count as war normally. The option is accessible from the overview tab of the domestic management interface.