Wierd Ship Design for Exploration and Discovery Missions

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Dec 10, 2007
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I'm at Mission 7 and just beginning to get the hang of ship design. It's good that the game allows one to change decisions because ship roles evolve over time.

What I mean is:

The Rover is used for exploration because it was the only one with scan ability. By the end of Mission 5 I got to thinking that Rovers were too ill equipped for discovery work (too slow, under armored, and no defensive weapons), and so began looking for a replacement. The Javelin seemed adequate for the job, but it's also slow, and had too few damage points to survive any kind of encounters.

So, what other ship in the fleet has scanning ability, is fast moving, and has good armor and hit points??

One gets the Corsair fairly early on. But, this ship is big, expensive to build, and doesn't seem to have any other role than taking over large enemy ships and bases. Mind you that should be enough, but since Invaders are so efficient at reducing large ships and bases (and small ships are much easier to replace), I thought the Corsair would quickly go by the wayside. But, I was wrong.

I hadn't built any Corsairs for a few missions before #7 when one is required to build one (I tried using the Ulysses II but that didn't work). So, since I hadn't put any bonus's on the Corsair it became necessary go back a few missions, and that's when I discovered its potential.

The Corsair has a scanning ability, and is a big ship with lots of armor and hit points (240). So, I tried it out in the Exploration role during Mission 6 where there is lots of space to cover in very little time. And, it did a fantastic job! When maxed it out on speed and armor--this ship really gets up and goes. It also has turbo mode designed to quickly close with stations, but that turns out better than "dash" if one must get by lone Artillery pieces. One Corsair took critical damage far from base, but still came back very quickly because it's so fast.

Anyone else have thoughts on the Corsair?
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I always use what's closer, cuz don't see a reason to have a ship dedicated for scanning role. Clear the build locations, start repairing-building, scan some anomalies while you are busy.
Since this posting I've discovered the Prism. At first it seems like a useless vessel, but I've found some good uses for it.

First, it has the ability to convert energy, which is most useful in early build-up. Building more stations or more ships quickly is one of the keys to winning Scenario #5 (the alien antenna).

Second, the Prism has a scanning ability. Although it's not very fast, it can be used on Dash to perform the exploration task. And, not being a front-line ship, it's not missed by the fleet if there's a battle to be fought.

Third, the Prism has a good number of damage points, and it's reverse damage ability makes it hard to destroy. So, it usually survives long enough in enemy territory to complete exploration missions.

Bonus: The Prism works well as a reconnaissance craft. Dash in. Look around. Then back-off. It can take the heavy pounding from Artillery, and fend-off smaller ships to boot.

Good ship, the Prism. I also turn it in for resources when the exploration phase is done with (Prism lost!).
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