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(note: this is mostly a copy from the post in the EU3 forums, if you spot any outdated info, please send me a PM.)

So you have bought Rome. Congratulations!

And now you wonder why you should bother to register it.

Why you should register:

When you register the game you are allowed full access to the Multiplayer and User modifications subforums.

In addition to that, you gain access to the FAQ, tech support and bug reporting subforums. You will not receive any support on the forum unless you register!
This is because Paradox wants to avoid wasting time tracking down bugs that only exist in illegal copies.

Privacy issues
One common reply from people who don't want to register is concerns about privacy - "I don't want to give away my address so you can spam me with junk". Please take notice of this: By registering, all that is done is to mark your forum account. We do not ask for any names, addresses or anything beside the licence key. We already have your e-mail address from the forum account, and you aren't getting any spam from us there. Registering a game won't change that.

If you still don't want to register, you can use the Web form to get support by e-mail.

How to register
At the top of the forum page, thre is a link named My Games/Registrations. To register, you go here and enter your key.
If you have both a regular and a CE copy, you can upgrade your registration from regular CE from the same link.

If you have bought the game in a store and have a physical copy, the key is on a little card in your box. If you have bought the game from GamersGate, the key is on that website under "My Games".

Note that, once you have registered, there is no official procedure to "unregister"; so if you intend to give the game as a gift or sell it second-hand you should not register, so that the final recipient can register it in their own name.
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