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This forum will be a hub for previous news and update threads and is meant to be an easy way to find those sorts of posts. That means that new posts will not be permitted but you will still be able to reply to threads as normal.
Greetings Mechwarriors,

A note on the Special Rules for this Battletech News and Updates subforum. To second what Tiny Wiking has stated above;

For technical reasons we're not blocking the capability to post threads here, but we will move or remove any threads posted here, so please don't give the volunteer mods extra work by posting threads here, not even in jest. Only HBS/Forum Staff have permission to post threads in this subforum.

You can of course reply to the threads in this subforum as normal, just don't create your own threads.
As other updates age out of Prominence on the main page, we will move them here to keep the main forum organized.

Thank you and enjoy!
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