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Jan 4, 2016
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  • Collector's Edition goodies
  • Come Dance Trailer
  • The average game lenght will be around 25-30 hours for one playthrough.

  • NO LOOTBOXES! (confirmed via Twitter)
  • No microtransactions

    Paradox, GOG (DRM-free), Steam, Humble (Steam resale), Epic, Xbox, PlayStation.

  • Brian Mitsoda is lead writer (just like the original) alongside Chris Avellone and Cara Ellison
    EDIT: Brian Mitsoda is booted alongside Chris Avellone. Cara Ellison is out as well.
  • Rik Schaffer is composing again
    Main Theme
  • Set in Seattle, first hub surrounds Pioneer Square
    In the late 1800s, the original Seattle downtown area burned down, leaving the community to rebuild the city atop the old one. This means that a literal scorched city awaits just beneath the streets, a sort of American Pompeii full of abandoned storefronts and grimy street signs.
  • Seamless hub world
    You will be able to travel through Seattle from a much earlier point and will be able to make your choice about where in the city you want to spend more of your time to a certain extent.
  • Multiple hubs
    All are available from the beginning.
  • Direct sequel to 2004's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  • Takes place 15 years after Bloodlines
    The events of LA did happen.
  • Game starts off with a Mass Embrace at Pioneer Square where player is among the new vampires born from the event, you're captured and brought upon a court of prominent vampires like the first game to recount the events of the mass embrace before being sentenced to death, court is firebombed and you escape, thrust into Seattle to find out who's responsible
    "Unsanctioned Seven" side quest has you hunting down the other thin bloods and learning about how vampiric life has impacted their mortal life
  • Player is a thin-blood at first, later on you can choose a clan.
  • The character models we've seen for the Clans, are actual NPCs from the game.

    Associated Disciplines

    It always was central to our vision to make players feel like a vampire through gameplay. One side of it is to create this freedom in movements that a mere mortal could never experience. This led us to the decision to expand your baseline Thinblood abilities to traversal - you can use Chiropteran Glide, Mentalism Pull for specific objects or Nebulation through vents at any time, regardless of your primary Thinblood Discipline choice. We went through the game, particularly the hubs, and investigated all the ways we could make them even more exciting and seamless for you to use.
    Curse: More prone to Frenzy
    Associated Disciplines

    Curse: Receives increased damage from other kindred
    Associated Disciplines
    Curse: Reduced Willpower when not in a crowd
    Associated Disciplines

    Curse: Refined feeding habits restricts their gain from low-resonance people. Also animals/rats are next to useless.
    Associated Disciplines

    Curse: Insanity
    “Will playing as a Malkavian be a different experience with unique dialogue?” and yes, yes it will, in a similar way to the original Bloodlines. “Because it is the expectation,” said Mitsoda, “We cannot deviate from the expectation of what the Malkavian experience is.”
    Associated Disciplines

  • No quest markers on NPC heads, must be discovered by your own exploration and engagement
  • Camarilla
  • Baron
  • The Newcomers
  • The Unseen
  • First-person with contextual third-person actions just like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.
    For example the camera briefly zips to third-person for particularly fast and elaborate maneuvers, like vaulting over an enemy and delivering a blow to their side.
  • Fan-favourite characters from Bloodlines returning
  • You can scale buildings, there's an emphasis on verticality
  • Level design is very reminiscent of the original Deus Ex in the sense that you're offered many different pathways to approach a particular scenario
  • The protagonist is not voiced but, game dialogue is fully voiced
  • Way more dialogue than Bloodlines
    More broader choice than Bloodlines in choosing who you want to work for, different experience based on your faction alignment, can insult factions so badly they stop working with you.
  • Interaction options with mortals
  • Low health enemies give the opportunity for a finisher in 3rd person view
  • Sometimes if you lose a lot of humanity that means you're reduced to the base instinct of the vampire, which means that you just start fights wherever you go and just become the beast.
  • Huge emphasis on character creation. You can choose your background, age, employment history, body type and fashion etcThere will be no sliders for facial customization. There will be presets for each option.
  • Gender pronoun are out (There will be only male & female where you can mix and match, but no 3rd option due to localization problems for other languages),
  • Loads of secrets and hidden pathways to find
  • Seattle as a hub world is described as "very active", crowds gather outside clubs and muggers prey on victims in side alleys, all seamlessly done.
  • Main side-questline involves hunting down and finding all the other thin-blood created from the Mass Embrace, each will have their own story about entering into their new life e.g you might find a married thin-blood struggling to deal with their newfound powers
  • Blood resonance from the 5th edition will appear in this game. Using your enhanced vampire senses, you can see when NPCs are experiencing an intense emotion like fear, desire, pain, joy and anger. Humans give off a bright aura. Drinking a person with a strong resonance will give you an immediate bonus to things like melee power or seduction. If you drink a particular resonance constantly, you will acquire a taste for it and this will give you permanent buffs called "merits".
    Depending on the emotional state of non-player characters, players themselves will be able to charge their passive and active abilities — powerful skills that will allow them to perform stunts in combat or influence social interactions. Only by finding the right kinds of resonance out in the wild can players build up their skills to meet their needs.
    Blood bags are just blood. They don't atribute resonance.
  • BLOOD BUFF is considered always "on"
  • BLOOD HEAL is an intrinsic ability that can be done with the press of a button.
    There will be ways to make healing more effective.
  • Heightened Senses shows both emotional state of NPCs to drink, lootable boxes and usable things.
  • Fatal Feeding gives you more blood, but less resonance. To get most resonance, you need to aim for the "sweet spot".
  • You can pit factions against each other for your own benefit.
  • Masquerade violations of violence will reduce civilian population at night as people are scared to go out, and heavier, frequent violations will see supernatural enforcers sent after you
  • Can repair masquerade violations through specific tasks, like joining a clean-up crew to clear up masquerade violations from other vampires
    Clean-up crew run by a weird, desensitized guy named Bart, used an example of the black humor in the game. One clean-up crew mission has you clearing the mess left behind by a vampire + human romantic encounter; "if someone had exploded in a small hotel room, that's what that would look like. You're there to just pick up the pieces. Literally, pick up the pieces, and Bart just comments on whatever's there while eating his noodle soup"
  • Emphasis on fluid combat, using vampiric speed to slide in and out of melee range and slash people and execute them with melee weapons. You can get special cinematic finishers in combat when you execute people a la Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Counters are in. Guns exist and are treated as temporary opportunities, you pick em up, use it, then discard it and move on.
  • Players no longer assign attribute points to determine their abilities; instead, you are capable of handling any weapon you come across.
  • Rather than putting points into a smaller crosshair, a steadier hand, or an affinity for a certain type of firearm (all perfectly valid for a human with a gun,) players will be spending points on new things they can do with firearms -- things no human is capable of.

  • Able to equip two melee and two ranged weapons at any time
    At high levels can use devastating special moves, where the camera will zoom out to third person
  • It is not confirmed whether or not you can carry weapons like in the original, pre-order skins for weapons point to being able to do so.
  • Background choices impact quest structure and options. Eg background of being a police officers, for a mission at the police station will allow you to walk straight in the door, but that comes with complications of its own as others recognize you.
  • There are multiple endings for the game, usually every playthrough is going to be different.
  • Game has modding support, available Day 1
  • Will not feature day and night cycles

  • Based on Unreal Engine 4

  • ALL clans will ALWAYS be free, even newly released ones!
  • If you join a faction you do not have to be a specific clan, factions are not purely tied to specific clans.
  • Factions aren't one-sided, they consist of both good and evil characters.
  • Depending on what you do, some factions won't want to work with you anymore.
  • The developer commentary announced for the unsanctioned pack will take the form as them being characters in the game as NPCs in a bar and you can just ask them stuff about the game.
  • Combat is being worked, it is already much more fluent than the previous gameplay from the IGN video, but there is still a lot to fix.
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(First message in the PDX forums, greetings everyone ^^)

I hope NPCs are varied and seem to be alive doing random things, not just dumb, static and repetitive NPCs :(

I would be led to believe that this is pretty much industry standard by now?

At least, I surely do hope it is :)
Is anything known, which engine they use? Unreal? Or something custom made?

Oh, and the game will support Nvidia's raytracing tech: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforc...rade-bloodlines-2-announced-dlss-ray-tracing/

There's bound to be plenty of other places where it's confirmed, but the first link on Steam includes another link to https://multiplayer.it/articoli/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-2-anteprima-gdc-2019.html (an italian videogames website) where they state:
il gioco usa l'Unreal Engine 4 e ciò ha permesso di creare alcuni ambienti
which translates as:
the game uses the Unreal Engine 4 and this allowed to create some environments

Chris Avellone is also working on the game, I won't waste time with listing his credits as every cRPG fan should know who he is! ;)
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Will not feature day and night cycles

This is one of the things about Bloodlines that I didn't like. Having day/night cycles would mean you had to consider sunrise and sunset in your plans. I suppose they didn't want to have to deal with time issues, but still it would have been a good idea.
You can use telekinesis, turn into mist to go through vents and glide

Is the gliding part the "Another power lets you flutter through the air on wings while accompanied by a swarm of bats." one or is that one missing? I assume you can glide in mist form. Seems to me that the flying around with a bunch of bats requires a separate mention.
Is the gliding part the "Another power lets you flutter through the air on wings while accompanied by a swarm of bats." one or is that one missing? I assume you can glide in mist form. Seems to me that the flying around with a bunch of bats requires a separate mention.
I believe glide is a separate ability than mist.
Thanks for this thread OP, it's rather useful :)
That bonus clan phrasing still confuses me. What exactly makes it a bonus? I'm not a native english speaker so.... am I missing something? Or is there something else that's been said that I haven't seen? So confused.

I assume bonus means it will be added in a later expansion pack for the game. They plan some free and some paid ones, not sure which one it will be for this.

It makes sense, since adding it is extra work, so it can be unavailabe on release.
That bonus clan phrasing still confuses me. What exactly makes it a bonus? I'm not a native english speaker so.... am I missing something? Or is there something else that's been said that I haven't seen? So confused.
We don't know yet. It could be a placeholder.
You can see for yourself in the game's main page under 'game info'