What kind of future content would you like to see?

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Please add the option to choose to keep all catastrophes active after building the bunker. Please add the option to choose to keep the attacks from the mystery faction after their defeat. When the attacks cease, all of the defense buildings become useless. We get the option to continue playing, but everything seems so op, or useless that it is not much fun to actually continue. Also, could you add a way to cap the population to a lower level for Xbox One and PS4 to help performance on that old hardware?
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Hey folks. We're doing some surveying to see what kind of future content the community would want for Surviving the Aftermath.

Although we do regularly keep track where we can of the community's wishes, now's a good time to share any ideas you have, no matter how big or small. Please try to keep it limited to future content rather than general feedback & suggestions. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
Fix the game crashing constantly on console, that would be great. Some performance settings so that consoles could actually handle it. This is the first sim game I’ve ever seen that doesn’t let you turn down shadows, background effects, rendering, etc. to help with processing.
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Some fun ideas in there I like too. Libraries producing science or at least perhaps increasing productivity the way the schools do would be cool.

the decontamination would cool too, have them look at least different like the guards. Speaking of which, do the guns really do much, also seems like the guards have the same weapons regardless of what quality weapons I bring in.

Being able to deal with the rats or at least being able to do something from the user end to prevent or reduce the impact would be nice. I did mention in an earlier post there may be a lot of room to built the agricultural side of the game.
Maybe also something else to DO with science posts once you’ve unlocked the whole tree? I can’t even sell/trade them. I think I had over 40k last I checked…
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Wow… what a question. Game is actually great. I know everyone has their own desire for what they want this game to be, but I loved watching this game game change over the development period and feel it had only ever gotten better each time. My desire… I just like building a colony.

I would love to see a purer sandbox mode or at least more sandbox type options. I’ve actually replayed the Cold Rush scenario twice, not because I loved the scenario so much but because it had all the tech unlocked. It was fun building mid game buildings right at the start and just building until you reach the 75 day limit. (I also really liked building out from the centre of map, but not sure how that would work once you bring the gate back in.)

I love the custom game options that are available now, but adding sandbox type options to that would be great, tech fully unlocked, turning on or off unlimited core resources like wood, metal, and plastic (or all resources for pure sandbox) and having a toggle for building power requirements (normal, 1/2, or disabled)

I would also appreciate seeing another end game option come into play. I did enjoy building the bunker but with its multiple outpost requirements I have found zero desire to replay it, so having another end game to shoot for would be great. I also really had fun with the scenarios. So adding a few of those here and there would be great to see.

Finally, I would love to see a mod manger for console.! The community always comes up with great ideas and it would be great to have the option to use it.
I am new to SA, I completely agree with Jason. I would also like to see The ability to move already constructed building, around instead of demolishing and only getting back less than half of the materials used. Especially when some building are so expensive to build in the 1st place. And so as you grow and expand your hidden areas. You can not only improve the over all look, but also increase the colony work efficiency.
A cycle buildings button. How is this not a thing already. (you should make the building tab a scroll down rather than a click across for ease of viewing)

An option to disable the new Achievement popups you added to the game for some reason.
Dogs…for companionship and defense.
The ability to chose your specialists after you start the game, instead of just getting a random one each time.
Colonists being able to defend themselves .
More vegetables for the greenhouse…like tomatoes and onions.
Loving the new DLC.

I’m still really hoping for the ability to either cover or demolish underground resources once the above ground portion has been cleared. I don’t like that they stay visible even if you build over it as they clip through the bottom of several of the larger structures and just make everything look like a trash heap. I would gladly choose to lose access to an entire underground deposit that I had I no intention of using in the first place if it meant permanently deleting it.

Certainly if these deposits are built into the map I understand if it can’t be removed… but perhaps covered or at least hidden if something is built over it?. Right now I design my entire colony around these unsightly pits and it’s always a shame when an awkward pit fo
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Thanks for the great game! The only thing I would like is to be able to change the colonists pictures. It would help me out a lot with micro-managing my folks and keeping immersion. I'm on PS4. Whatever you do please don't do anything that makes the game easier, only harder. Thanks again
I would like to see ways to upgrade the way resources are moved around - like, say, wheelbarrows to not only increase the amount per laborer but also speed, taking advantage of the better roads. While we're at it, maybe a minecart/tram system for workers to transit to far-away worksites or just from one end of a big colony to the other much faster (and using less calories that could be otherwise put to work) than riding your boots?
Where to start:

1.) Expanded use of the Moon Rocks: Buffs for specialists, Overworld applications, Make special drugs that can be used or sold.
2.) Vehicle combat ( Mad Max style battles )
3.) Customizable Weapons/ More Weapon types for Guards & Specialist to equip.
4.) Mutated Monsters ( Zombies Horde Quest Line, Leviathan Monster Bosses, Automated Defense Stronghold, Etc)
5.) Potential to build custom vehicles to go along with vehicle combat in overworld.
6.) Expanded Entertainment: More bar types: Dive/Junk Bar, Smoking Lounge, Music Venues (Specialist with Musician/artist type can perform here for buffs to town), Strip Clubs, VIP exclusive clubs.
7. ) Ability To build Mechs/Robots to take over tasks from settlers that might die (Powered by moon rock? No death, Doesn't Sleep but requires constant supply of moon rock or electricity/oil to maintain & a specialist to build and they require a lot of resources to build and knowledge of the tech that could be acquired via a quest line. )
8.) Lvl up system for specialists to get traits that make them better the more exp they get and survive.
9. Ability to delete resource areas that are in the way of a building zone for an instant amount of that resource but much less that harvesting it over time.
10. More variety to maps, Different Biomes for start.
11. More variety to building models that already exist & Ability to cycle thru them.
I can think of a number of things that could be added either base game or even DLC.

1. Building Camp- Are you tired of having to rely on carriers to build anything? Tired of roads taking forever to be dug out? Now you can have the Building Camp have 5 (maybe more) workers commit their time and labor to actually BUILDING things. Even priotizing certain constructions over others, like Roads over buildings.

2. Demolition Crew- Not a fan of the ruins in your settlement? Need a little extra work area? Well have a demolition crew handle it! Gaining Concrete and Metal, and maybe some wood. Clear out those ugly ruins for a little more space to build things!

3. DLC Idea-Robotic Workers- Are you tired of never having enough workers for slots? Sick and tired of your guards getting the blight? Well introducing the Robotic Workforce set. With three types of workers (Resource-Production-Defense) you can now have some more or less Immortal* workers do jobs for you while your human works focus on other things.

With 3 Mark versions for each of the proposed workers, theses lovely automated workers can aid your struggle work force for some reasonable demands.
Mark 1s- Untrained labor units, production speeds/gathering = to uneducated worker. Defense unit is pretty much a skeleton crew for guard duty. Base cost-30 Metal, 12 parts, 5 components. Upkeep-1 Energy per unit. Maintainance - 2 Metal, 2 Parts. Immune to cold.
Mark 2- 5% increase in production/gathering, +5% damage for Defense Units (Auto Fire). Upgrade cost - 50 Metal, 18 parts, 10 components. Upkeep-2 Energy. Main - 4 Metal, 4 Parts, 2 Comp.
Mark 3- 10% boost, Defense Unit get dual machine guns. Upgrade - 80 Metal, 24 parts, 15 comps. Upkeep 3 Energy. Main - 8 Metal, Parts, 5 Comp.

Perks of robots-Immune to radiation, sickness, Immune to winter weather (Mark 2)/Storms (Mark 3), durable (will need mainatance at a Maintance Depot-Upgraded to handle 5 workers and auto maintain robotic workers).

Also, policy options, meaning you can allow/disallow work for your robotic workers, even have the options, following the quest line, to either go 'Robots and Humans live in harmony' or 'Robots exist to serve'.

4. Rework Blight Lab tree- Swap out the purification station speed up clearing for blight creature immunity. Let the worker clear out hives and cores without getting attacked. Much better option than 'faster' clearing.

5. Guard Posts should have work areas. Instead of standing around the tower, they could be set to guard an area, specially if your purification workers are trying to clear out hives and cores (if they aren't immune).

6. Allies actually help clearing out the map of bandits/creatures. Not really a fan of being the only one cleaning the wasteland here.
I love this game so very much. I too would love to see some more building options, for better housing and a food market possibly. A high school maybe. I know we get a better hospital and some other cool buildings when we are on good terms with other society's, but I would like an option to obtain those special buildings by researching the tech tree. It would be great to add another scenario for when the bunker is finished.. maybe an event can happen where everyone needs to take shelter in the bunker for awhile. Don't know if maybe they need to rebuild or just clean up after taking shelter. Bigger maps to build on would be great. More than anything... hoping this game does not get abandoned. It's such a great game. One more thing... bigger Storage. :)
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I would like to be able to pick any specialist that is available over the course of the game like Donna, Dragon, Lancaster and so on instead of having to pick the weak starting specialists at the start of the game. Should be a easy fix IMHO
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