What kind of future content would you like to see?

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Nov 8, 2022
Please add the option to choose to keep all catastrophes active after building the bunker. Please add the option to choose to keep the attacks from the mystery faction after their defeat. When the attacks cease, all of the defense buildings become useless. We get the option to continue playing, but everything seems so op, or useless that it is not much fun to actually continue. Also, could you add a way to cap the population to a lower level for Xbox One and PS4 to help performance on that old hardware?
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Jan 23, 2023
Hey folks. We're doing some surveying to see what kind of future content the community would want for Surviving the Aftermath.

Although we do regularly keep track where we can of the community's wishes, now's a good time to share any ideas you have, no matter how big or small. Please try to keep it limited to future content rather than general feedback & suggestions. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
Fix the game crashing constantly on console, that would be great. Some performance settings so that consoles could actually handle it. This is the first sim game I’ve ever seen that doesn’t let you turn down shadows, background effects, rendering, etc. to help with processing.
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Jan 23, 2023
Some fun ideas in there I like too. Libraries producing science or at least perhaps increasing productivity the way the schools do would be cool.

the decontamination would cool too, have them look at least different like the guards. Speaking of which, do the guns really do much, also seems like the guards have the same weapons regardless of what quality weapons I bring in.

Being able to deal with the rats or at least being able to do something from the user end to prevent or reduce the impact would be nice. I did mention in an earlier post there may be a lot of room to built the agricultural side of the game.
Maybe also something else to DO with science posts once you’ve unlocked the whole tree? I can’t even sell/trade them. I think I had over 40k last I checked…
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Mar 5, 2023
Wow… what a question. Game is actually great. I know everyone has their own desire for what they want this game to be, but I loved watching this game game change over the development period and feel it had only ever gotten better each time. My desire… I just like building a colony.

I would love to see a purer sandbox mode or at least more sandbox type options. I’ve actually replayed the Cold Rush scenario twice, not because I loved the scenario so much but because it had all the tech unlocked. It was fun building mid game buildings right at the start and just building until you reach the 75 day limit. (I also really liked building out from the centre of map, but not sure how that would work once you bring the gate back in.)

I love the custom game options that are available now, but adding sandbox type options to that would be great, tech fully unlocked, turning on or off unlimited core resources like wood, metal, and plastic (or all resources for pure sandbox) and having a toggle for building power requirements (normal, 1/2, or disabled)

I would also appreciate seeing another end game option come into play. I did enjoy building the bunker but with its multiple outpost requirements I have found zero desire to replay it, so having another end game to shoot for would be great. I also really had fun with the scenarios. So adding a few of those here and there would be great to see.

Finally, I would love to see a mod manger for console.! The community always comes up with great ideas and it would be great to have the option to use it.
I am new to SA, I completely agree with Jason. I would also like to see The ability to move already constructed building, around instead of demolishing and only getting back less than half of the materials used. Especially when some building are so expensive to build in the 1st place. And so as you grow and expand your hidden areas. You can not only improve the over all look, but also increase the colony work efficiency.


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A cycle buildings button. How is this not a thing already. (you should make the building tab a scroll down rather than a click across for ease of viewing)

An option to disable the new Achievement popups you added to the game for some reason.