What kind of future content would you like to see?

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Hot air balloons for fast travelling in the strategic map (both exploration and commerce).
In a post-apocalyptic world they'd be mych cheper than builkding roads
You could also add some hazards to this kind of travelling, like thunderstorms, breakdoowns, etc
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Beside some quality of life wishes like:
- A building navigator to jump on the map to a specific selected building
- a cycle button for browsing through buildings of the same type

I feel the game is not carrying the end of time atmosphere into the game mechanics.
I started the game with default difficulty and after getting the mechanics there was not much of a challenge.
I restarted with 340% and there is still no challenge .. only 350 was with no access on water and no soil but this is more a bug than a feature.

So I would love to see some "climax" expansion were the catastrophies are a bit earlier announced but the effects have far more impact and can more easily lead to cascades of problems .. e.g. dying colonists -> depression (outage on workers) -> more dying -> escalates into leaving people
Of course there should be always a counter measure (decision) be available .. for a significant cost though.
A game which had done this very well was Frostpunk with the predictible increments of "the storm".
Maybe in StA another deadline could be set ? The great nuclear cloud winter storm coming in 200 days?

So to make it short ... on 340% it would be nice to have a big risk of "loosing" the game ;)
Pets and working animals.
Introduce a small animal breeding building. It can produce dogs/cats that can be assigned to homes for companionship (Boosting the houses' happiness), or assigned to buildings for bonuses. IE : Cats assigned to a farm will protect it from vermin, dogs assigned to a surveillance van will boost its ability to protect from covert ops, dogs assigned to a guard post will do a bit of extra damage, cats assigned to a fishery will produce a little extra food, etc. Maybe even horses or mules which have their own unique living structure (A barn) and they act as carriers so your population can focus on production more.

Specialist Training Center.
A unique building that can provide a passive bonus to all of your specialists, such as granting all specialists a bonus to one stat (IE : All your specialists gain +10 HP, or all of them gain +5 attack, or they all get +1 AP). You can only pick 1 bonus at a time and there's a 4-day cooldown after picking a bonus before you can change it.

More events.
Just because I've seen them all so many times, more events and more variety is always appreciated :)
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Hey folks. We're doing some surveying to see what kind of future content the community would want for Surviving the Aftermath.

Although we do regularly keep track where we can of the community's wishes, now's a good time to share any ideas you have, no matter how big or small. Please try to keep it limited to future content rather than general feedback & suggestions. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
Forget about future content, make sure the game is stable first, it constantly crashes on my PS4, I have over 200 Colonists, it started to lag after 50 Colonists, so please fix the game first, maybe get 30 minutes to one hour, before it crashes. The game needs an update pronto, so please make sure this happens, won't purchase any "New Content", until the game is stable, no lag and doesn't crash constantly.
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Forget about future content, make sure the game is stable first, it constantly crashes on my PS4, I have over 200 Colonists, it started to lag after 50 Colonists, so please fix the game first, maybe get 30 minutes to one hour, before it crashes. The game needs an update pronto, so please make sure this happens, won't purchase any "New Content", until the game is stable, no lag and doesn't crash constantly.
It is unfortunate that this game appears a little too much for the previous gen console. Since the DLC I can get through early game no problem, but crashes and slow downs occurs once the mid game is released. Not sure what causes the instability but certainly can be frustrating. I basically have resorted to saving every 12h in game to avoid having to constantly redo my work.
I have thought about a new scenario that would be good and maybe can be hard

It could be called lone survivors where you only get 1 colonist and one specialist.

you basically need to survive as long as you can with only one colonist (but maybe you can control this colonist a bit more than in a normal game)

the specialist is used to look around the world map (like normal) but no bandits this time and not extra specialists or colonist will ever join your group. maybe for an end game when you reach day 100 a new area opens and you can migrate to this area where there are other survivors which makes this scenario have a end.

on the world map you can get basic supplies (wood, plastic, metal and concrete) as well as advanced supplies (components electronics etc)

you can also use your specialist to help build early game and hunt, but with one colonist obviously you need less resources but you still have catastrophise to content with. would be hard but maybe with a bit of tweaking fun
I think a nice addon would be the ability to regenerate barren areas of soil once pollution has been removed. A Soil Improver building could irrigate the soil and plant it with legumes such as clover. The colony already produces a great soil improver- manure! This could be a new resource produced by the outhouses and the ranches and used to enrich a particular area via the Soil Improver.
This would act as an early-mid game piece of research on the food tree and I feel it'd add an interesting element to gameplay and map utilisation- and also look visually amazing!
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1. Play as survivor group leave from colony. Flee from something or find better land. Surviving day to day before find land for build new colony.
2. Can change tile on world map such as make road, farm these things can damaged from environment.
3. Want colony tactic setting
4. More threats(from red zone, world map event, other colonies) more diseases (zombie virus ?) and have R&D center for against them.

I miss Spore
Being able to "pave" over underground deposits to remove it or when a building placed over it that isn't a extractor to remove the deposit. It bugs me with their placement sometimes so to be able to remove them to make my settlement more aesthetically please would be a bonus.

Group specialists into a "squad" on the world map. Bithibg bugs me more then the varied moving speeds so my scouts get to an enemy really quickly while my fighters lumber in the rear, if groups intonation squad then they all move at the speed of the slowest member as a group so my scout doesn't try to take on the bandits before the fighter get there. Off the back of this, let me initiate combat from a vehicle, if I drive a car or van Into a bandit camp then then I clearly want everyone on board to fight, the micro management of getting each specialist out the car, then selecting them again to tell them to attack is abit tedious at times.

Multi purpose outposts, let me add another settler to an outpost to increase its functions.

Use civvies as soldiers, we already have guards in the settlement, can we not arm them and have them defend outposts too?

Dogs, a staple of nearly any post apoc film, game or literature is usually a trusty hound. Having dogs in the colony can add multiple effects, from increasing happiness, improving hunting yields or detecting histile predators from longer range, protecting crops from rats, sniffing out infiltration attempts or just as a guard animal.

Once a upgraded version of something is researched, let us build it directly rather then having to build base version then immediately build the upgrade.

Colony map previews, let us have a look at the start area before we accept it, otherwise we have to go through the entire start uo all over again.

Have concrete and metal deposits slightly closer to initial start location.
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Not sure how this will work but here goes.

why not a MP aspect to the game. you still make your own colony but instead of having the pre determined people on the map you have real people, as such you can attack them, sabotage them but also trade with them and allied with them. your specialist can visit their place either for good or bad. you can request some specialist from allies if an attack is incoming, or maybe you have been terrorising the area that everyone has formed an alliance around you to wipe you out.

resources on the world map would need to regenerate to make it fair if there are 8 real people scavenging on the real map, but bandits could become alot harder with bigger reward but you need to call on people to help you take out the threat.

people can also become the bandits rather than the good guys.

obviously the building and colony map would be the same where no-one can enter or see your colony but you can be seen on the world map and that's where the allies or sabotage can be done.

Can also make it so you can turn off the MP aspect for people who want to play the game SP with no issue from other people
Another thing I think may be cool is:

being able to level up your specialists,

the first specialist you get when you start the game will be level 1 but as the game progresses and you get new specialist this will match where you are in the game rather than everyone being level 1 when you get them (but maybe keeping it lower than what you have levelled yours up to).

They would gain XP by scavenging, scouting, fighting or getting research points. but the specialist will get bonus XP if they do what their character is meant to do, for example if a scavenger Specialist, scavenges they will get say 125% XP, but if i scavenger fight bandits they will only get 100%.

when they level up you then get to choose from health, attack power, scavenge etc and you can increase one of these giving them a small increase.

I think this would make it more personal, as atm if a specialist dies its no biggie you just buy another and happy days, but imagine loosing a specialist that you have got up to level 20 who was really powerful and they get killed and now you only get offered level 8 specialist, thats alot of lost work to get them back to what you had
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I would like to be able to get resources from the ruins on the colony map, or at least be able to tear them down so that we coul use that part of the map.

It would also be nice to be able to fill in the craters on the colony map as well.

How about composers to create compost that could be used to upgrade farms to produce more crops, or to convert barren land to fertile soil?
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I know you probably don’t want to change things already in the game, but the logging camp should cut the trees into logs and firewood and the lumber mill should get the logs from the logging camp to turn into lumber basically the opposite of the way it is in the game. If someone could consider switching that around, that would be cool. Thank you.
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I think it would be really cool if the societies that didn't spawn this game could spawn instead as the mysterious rivals you can have. That way you can add some real worldbuilding and motivation to the villains in a discoverable story that is unique each game depending on who spawns as the rival. It could be ideological for some, about plain greed for others, and for others they wish to be the top power in the region. Would go a long way towards replayability

Oh also as far as upgrading friendly societies is concerned, the greenhouse upgrade is a really good direction to take these. Add more buildings that guarantee certain types of resources will become available for trade. Most of my construction materials come from trade, so being able to invest in a community in order to guarantee these materials will be available would be really great.
People I have seen play Surviving the Aftermath on youtube, one of the first things they focus on is cleaning up all the waste deposits around the colony. Perhaps there is an opportunity for a scenario mode cleaning up and beautifying the colony?
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