What If Surviving Mars Went Online (Multiplayer)

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Jun 29, 2022
Well, I wanted to pass my idea on to Paradox Interactive (it's all ready in my head !=)

About a surreal multiplayer mode in Surviving Mars, we're off to a good start.

It would be like this, (I'll give you a summary so you understand the meaning of how good it would be to play online with friends or even in open game!)

It would have the planet Mars and each piece of the planet Mars could be colonized by someone, in the seed created, of course.. And beating a certain level of play (at the end of research and exploration and everything else in that sector! colonize another piece of mars, (so, of course on an online map where other players are also playing and competing with you, who will colonize more mars among the space agencies (The players). Extras: when colonizing another we will say piece of mars another sector. Would have to start from scratch...
However, players could supply resources with their already self-sustainable colonies, (It would be their own resources). faster I would say and there would be more exploration and play ahead :D

I hope you liked my idea, very vague and raw, but it's a foundation to start a Multiplayer space race RTS (That would be great ^_^).
Well, I can see multiplayer working and it is very easy to implement.

Right now the game already allows three other competing colonies that are controlled by AI. This can be changed so that instead of the three colonies run by AI, they're instead played by three other players over the network. Player count is capped at host plus three clients.

So the player starting the map would be the host/server. Three other players (guest/client) will connect to the host and choose their sponsor, occupation, etc. as usual.

Player can form alliances by selecting the same sponsor as another player. When this is done, all breakthroughs and research is shared, making the game faster paced. Additionally, rewards from milestones is awarded to all players with the same sponsors. However, this means alliances are formed from the start and there is no changing alliance once the game starts.

However, players of different sponsors can opt to sabotage rival players. All the event sequences normally experienced in game where a rival colony sabotages the player (ie to steal scientists, destroy structures, cause unrest, etc) are now triggered through a "sabotage" menu. To avoid spamming, sabotage has a cooldown rate and requires players to use resources (for example, to steal scientists, the saboteur must have launched a high speed satellite, have a TV workshop and a Hawking Institute with open vacancies, and initiating the sabotage will consume a trivial amount of electronics components).

And of course, players can visit other player's colony and trade with other colonies freely.

So yeah, I think multiplayer can work with this game.
Multiplayer is NOT easy to implement when a game has been built from the ground up to be single player especially since it's been out for a few years and all the original dev team are gone. the amount of recoding(not to mention the bugs) would be a monumental undertaking. Btw the rivals are just number algorithms. Multiplayer might be better as thing for a sequel. Tropico successfully manged to make multiplayer city builder which could be used for inspiration
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