What I want from a multiplayer game

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Aug 24, 2011
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I will be looking for players most days, starting around 5pm GMT on gameranger. My handle is 'macgregor' and I call this game 'Super 7'. Please contact me if you're interested.

There is a way to pick countries by bidding the victory points total we can achieve by the end, or a given date of the game. Most people I find usually can negotiate which country they want to, and are willing to play.

If you are only capable of handling a minor country, I don't mind you learning what you can with us, but you will be largely insignificant to the game. I can notify you when a session is starting, but we will start with or without you.

The roles are:

3-USSR(Com China)
4-USA(Rep China)
7-France, then come back as #2 USA

I have TRP, TGC, All in One and New World Order 2. Let's discuss a scenario. I'm in no rush to start a half prepared game either. I'll wait to play with the right people. I want a game you can live to tell your grandchildren about.
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Mar 24, 2018
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Hey, I am interested in playing a multiplayer game of Hoi DH however i dont thing that thier is enough people in this games multiplayer comunity to play a large game. If your still intrested in a session email me or message me on game ranger the date and time (and your UTC as i live in New Zealand). clintsimmonds39@gmail.com. Gameranger ID: 9474671