What direction should the Balance Mod take in the coming months?


Jun 17, 2018
This is a follow up to this thread: https://aow.triumph.net/forums/topi...ld-the-balance-mod-take-in-the-coming-months/ and that poll: https://www.the-battlefield.com/aow3/index.php?page=bf_poll&pollnumber=18

In 2017, we asked the community what were the balance priorities, and we got that answer:

Since then, we've dealt with:
- Make all heroes and their abilities more interesting (e.g. boost Dreadnought’s late game abilities)
- Make currently rarely used units more useful (e.g. non-cavalry units produced at War Halls)
- Balance Racial Governance (make all choices interesting and races more equal) [ongoing, should be ready for v1.32]
- Further balance "leveling and mind-control" vs "production" (reducing XP counters for T3 and T4, boosting production classes and/or increasing upkeep further for mind-controlled units, etc.)
- Make non-summon strategic spells more interesting [ongoing, will be in v1.3]
- Make concealment strategies more viable (e.g. less True Sight units)
- Decrease rewards or increase risks for high-level sites [partly]
- Boost the class/race combinations that are currently weaker (e.g. Goblin Sorcerer much weaker than Draconian Sorcerer) [a bit]
- Balance further Necro (Whispers of the Fallen, some techs and abilities)

A new poll will be launched later on the Battlefield.com/aow3, the community website for AoW3: What direction should the PBEM and Single Player Balance (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661597466) take in the coming months?. It would be nice to get some ideas for the answers that will be submitted to the votes. So please share your ideas, here are some:
- The mod balanced the game, no need for further balance
-Converge with the live MP mod(s)
- Make all Secret spells equally interesting (or at least make the worst ones more interesting)
- Balance late game (OP end-game spells, T4 abilities, etc.)
- Reduce costs of unused tactical spells (Cunning Escape, etc.) to make them more viable
- Balance starting (pre-researched) spells to make all starts more equal
- Make Emperor AI tougher, while avoiding ultra strong late game as much as possible
- Balance Seals and Unifier victory conditions
- Increase the strength of defense (nerf Scorched Earth and Hasty Plunder, make defenders cheaper or stronger, etc.)
- Boost Dreadnought
- Further nerf Mind Control strategies
- Balance the costs of items at the Arcane Item Forge
- Make it harder to survive with no city through only clearing