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Werewolf LXII: Wolf Totem


(This and most other pictures used in this thread are from www.firstpeople.us)​


The White Man came and with him came the end of the old ways. With the White Man came fire sticks, iron tomahawks and fire water but also blond girls. Many a young brave fell for one or the other.

At first the totem animals had patience with the ways of the young ones but as time passed it was obvious to everyone that the spirits were not pleased for with the White Man's way came a hunger for land, plagues and jealous squaws. The coastal tribes fell in disarray, weakened by the new ways. And the White Man came in ever increasing numbers bringing more gifts making us poorer.

When Night was at its darkest and Hope seemed to have abandonned us there appeared a true leader. He gathered the strong and the ones untainted by the White Man's ways from all the tribes. To keep it that way he took us on a trail of pennence, a trail west, west to the new lands. And the people returned to the old ways but even so the old ways felt fresher and life was again worth living. And the totem animals smiled upon chief Ironhead and the Wolfpack tribe. The tribe prospered and four of the bordering tribes joined us to form a nation, the Ironhead 5.

Time passed and trappers started to appear, traders from neighboring tribes started bringing fire water, glass beads and smelly blankets. And a new generation that hadn't experienced the false promises of the White Man said to chief Ironhead "We too want these new weapons and what is really the difference between fire water and peyote?". Some of the young braves went east, some grew fat from hunting with fire sticks and some started hoarding belongings for themselves. Disgusted by it all chief Ironhead left the tribe. Some say a young brave shoot him in the back, some say he is still out there looking over us and that in the fullness of time he will return to make all well again.

Without the leadership the nation fell apart but also the Wolfpack tribe started getting eaten from within by a secret society of braves calling themselves the "true wolves" or the "werewolves".

If you want to play just say so in a post in this thread. Game rules can be found in post #2 and list of players in post #3.

Sign up is now closed!

Roles have been handed out. First Night fell 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) Saturday the 7th.
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The players represent a village where each member has a role that is kept secret. Most of them are just plain, ordinary Villagers, but there are some Werewolves lurking in their midst. The goal of the Villagers is to eliminate all of the Werewolves, while the goal of the Werewolves (and allies) is to achieve 1:1 parity with the villagers (at which point they can openly rise up and overwhelm the Villagers, thereby winning the game). Of course only one pack can remain.

The game is split in two sections, Night and Day.

The game begins with a Night, the time when the Werewolves decide among themselves who to eat and special abilities are used. The Werewolves and the "special villagers" submit their choices/orders to the Game Moderator. Any orders not delivered in time will be IGNORED.

Nightly orders are handled in the following order:

1. Sorcerer
2. Seer
3. Priest
4. Hunter
5. Guardian Angel
6. Doctor
7. Werewolf
If multiple attack orders are sent from the same pack, the last order submitted is the one that counts. Only one werewolf attack takes place during the night (unless no valid hunting order is submitted, in which case there is no werewolf attack at all), no matter how many werewolves or werewolf packs there are.
8. Witness

During the Day, the Villagers (including the Werewolves, who have assumed a human form) meet together to decide who is the Werewolf and therefore to be lynched for the greater good of the village. When a player has decided who to vote for, they type vote Player X in bold font and preferabbly at least size 3, this to ensure that your GM notices the vote. If they decide to change their vote, they type unvote Player X - vote Player Y.

Abstaining from voting without declaring absence three times during the game will result in autolynching (or being substituted by another player).

The deadline for nightly orders as well as voting is 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) and shortly after this the lynching takes place and the result of the Nightly activites is presented. Post submitted 21:00 will count while posts submitted 21:01 will not.

No new players will be admitted into the game once it has started but it is possible to substitute for dropouts.

Spectators and Ghosts ("dead" players) may haunt, taunt and flaunt. They may not reveal any secret/inside information nor may they do voting records except for the current day. Anyone caught doing it risk being banned from later Werewolf games. When making a ghost/spectator comment, please use a non-white colour (and keep off the GM colour, lightgreen).

Forged Private Messages (PMs) are allowed.

Alliances between players which aren't based on your roles in the game are frowned upon. These alliances which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.

Quoting or forging PMs from the GM is also considered bad style but is allowed even in the thread. If you do this be aware that I might refuse to confirm the PM or even flat out deny the content of the PM (if that happens to please me at the time).

Screenshots of PMs from players or the GM are not allowed and anyone caught doing it will be autolynched.

Villager: Has no special abilities.

Werewolf: Will choose a victim to eat each night. More specific eating rules might be given to the werewolves but will not be public knowledge.

Seer: May scan one person per night to see if he is a Werewolf or unclaimed Apprentice (100% success). Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Seer.

Priest: May scan one person each night to see if he is a Sorcerer, an Apprentice or a Cultist (100% success). Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Priest.

Sorcerer: Works with the Werewolves, and wins if the Werewolves win. May scan one person each night to see if he is a Seer, a Priest, an Apprentice, a Cultist (100% success) or a Lover (50% success). Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Sorcerer.

Apprentice: Only becomes active if his master is killed. A scanner can have more than one Apprentice but in case of the scanner's death only the first Apprentice will become active. Apprentices works just like their former master. If an Apprentice is in the game, the first scanner who finds him (and survives the night) will make him his Apprentice. An unclaimed Apprentice does not know that he is one until he is scanned. There might be claimed Apprentices at game start in which case these claimed Apprentices will know their role.

Guardian Angel: May protect one person against a Werewolf attack, but can't choose to protect the same person two nights in a row and can never protect themselves.

Doctor: May protect one person each night. In case of an attack, the Doctor has a 50% chance of saving that person. The person saved will be unable to send in any votes or orders for the next day/night cycle but may also not be attacked directly while recovering. If the doctor is attacked, however, all patients are also attacked. If a patient wakes up again, he/she will remember one of the attackers. The patient does not learn the identity of the doctor. A doctor can never protect himself but has a 33% chance of saving himself in case of an attack.

Hunter: If the Hunter is attacked by wolves at night he has a 50% chance (not caught asleep/off guard) of killing one of the attacking wolves. He can also send a nightly order to kill someone in which case his ability is used up (including the 50% chance to kill an attacking werewolf).

Cultist: Works with the Werewolves, and wins if the Werewolves win. Learns the identity of a wolf master at game start but the Werewolves do not know their identity in turn. Cultists can be pack specific and the cultists, sorcerer and werewolves will be given more detailed information.

Witness: Once per game, the Witness may try to see the nightly attack. Witness success rate increases by 10% each night (10% on Night 1, 20% on Night 2 etc). If successful, he learns the identity of one Werewolf in the pack that hunted that night. If no kill takes place, the Game Moderator decides whether the ability is used or not.

Lovers: Two villagers who know each other's identity and role from the beginning of the game. They win if they both survive to the end of the game (regardless of baddie or goodie win). There might be more than one pair of Lovers at game start.

The traits (extra roles) may be had in addition to any of the above roles (except for "Cursed" and "Touch of...", see below).

Leader: May declare that the victim of a lynching will not be lynched, and pick another character to be lynched instead. If the lynched character is not a baddie the Leader ability is used up. There will never be more than one Leader at any given time.

Second in command: Will become the Leader if the current Leader is killed. There will be no more than one Second in command at game start.

Third in command: Will become the Leader if the Leader and Second in command are killed. There will be no more than one Third in command at game start.

Brutal: If lynched, has the power to immediately kill one person before being subdued.

Cursed: If a Cursed person is targeted by the Werewolves, they become one themselves. It will be revealed as a "no kill during the night". The Cursed will be unaware he is cursed until attacked by a Werewolf. Seer, Priest, Guardian Angel and Doctor can not be cursed at game start, see Touch of Evil below. A cursed apprentice that turns into a werewolf loses his apprenticehood.

Blessed: A Blessed person will survive a werewolf attack, but only once (the next attack will be fatal as usual). Will be revealed as a "no kill during the night". The Blessed might be unaware he is blessed.

Spiritually Attuned: A Spiritually Attuned person has a 100% chance to sense when someone is scanning them. They will have a 50% chance to learn the scanner role and if they do a 25% chance to learn of the actual person.

Cloak of Invisibility: A player possesing a cloak of invisibilty may once during the cause of the game become invisible, ie scans of him that night will return "nobody at home", wolf attacks will fail as if the player was GA protected, hunter hunts will miss, witnesses will fail to identify him and the player will even dodge the lynch mob making the runner up lynched instead of him etc.

Seerish Powers: This player have some talent in seeing the future. Hardly enough to become a seer, or anyting close to it. But enough to give him one fully functioning seer scan during the span of the game.

Priestly Powers: This player have some divine talent. Hardly enough to become a priest, or anyting close to it. But enough to give him one fully functioning priest scan during the span of the game.

Potion of strength: A player carrying this potion, which he can use only once during the game, can one of the following.
- Go into a brutal rage if the village lynches him, this will allow him to slay a player of his own choice before the village lynches him.
- Overpower a player This will allow this player to attack and hunt someone during the night, his name will be revealed.
- count as two parity-wise. The title pretty much explains all, this player will be able to count for 2 when counting for parity on the night he consumes the potion.

Spiritual Witness: Once during the game this player may attempt to feel (one of) the scans that happen(s) during the night. He will have a 10% chance on the very first night of pinging a scanner and a 2,5% chance of finding out his role as well. Every night thereafter will increase this chance by another 10% and 2,5% respectively.

Touch of Good: Goodie scanner/apprentice trait only. Once during the cause of the game the player may instead of scanning put a Bless on any other player.

Touch of Evil: Baddie scanner/apprentice trait only. Once during the cause of the game the player may instead of scanning put a Curse on any other player.

Plotter: May use PM to the GM for voting in which case the plotter's vote will not be revealed until the final vote count.

Specifically for this game setting the following nicknames for the roles will be used to enhance role playing for those of us who enjoy that:

Villager = Brave
Werewolf = Skinwalker
Seer = Crystal Gazer
Priest = Medicine Man
Sorcerer = Shaman
Apprentice = Apprentice
Guardian Angel = Ancestral Spirit
Doctor = Handtrembler
Hunter = Hunter
Cultist = Initiate
Witness = Night Watch
Lover = Coyote Totem
Leader = Chief
Second in command = War chief
Third in command = Warparty leader
Brutal = Bear Totem
Cursed = Weakwilled
Blessed = Strongminded
Spiritually Attuned = Owl Totem
Cloak of Invisibility = Snake Totem
Seerish Powers = Crystal Gazing Powers
Priestly Powers = Medicine Man-like Powers
Potion of Strength = Grizzly Totem
Spiritually Witness = (can go on) Spirit Quest
Touch of Good = Chanter of the Blessing Way
Touch of Evil = Fire Water Distributer
Plotter = Smoke signalist
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The Braves​

EUROO7 as Talks Too Much (sorcerer's apprentice with touch of evil, lynched)
Nautilu as Furious Lynx (villager with seerish powers)
Tskb18 as Tsk'wéylecw (villager with seerish powers, lynched)
Slinky as Stuttering Ox (SA cultist, eaten)
Heimdall as Babbles Like Walnut (werewolf, lynched)
dublish as Runs With Scissors (villager with seerish powers, eaten)
THE_SPLIT as Bridges Abyss (cursed villager with seerish powers)
k-59 as Falls At Ground And Misses (blessed werewolf with cloak of invisibility, leaderlynched)
Lord Strange as Votes Above Me (2nd in command sorcerer, lynched)
sbr as Drunken Squirrel (villager, lynched)
jonti-h as Vaya Con Mudkipz (guardian angel, eaten)
muttoneer as Dances With Sheep (spiritual witness plotter cultist, lynched)
humancalculator as Seal Hide Who Makes Noise (SA villager, lynched)
White Daimon-1 as Walks With Remorse (cursed villager, lynched)
the_hdk as Full Of It (villager leader with seerish powers, eaten)
Paendrag as Maker Of Yellow Snow (werewolf, lynched)
Byakhiam as Tastes Very Good (priest, eaten)
Raczynski as Snatches Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory (3rd in command cultist, lynched)
Ahura Mazda as Skinny Arm (villager with potion of strength, lynched)
Capibara as Water-Mask subbed by Avernite-2 as First In Line (villager with seerish powers)
Avernite-1 as Eyes Like Eagle (villager, eaten)
noddy102 as Talks In Riddles (villager with seerish powers, eaten)
AVN-1 as Ten In Finnish (spiritual witness villager, eaten)
Eu_proof as Stuffed With Onion (werewolf, lynched)
Jamie550 as Acts Like Capibara (doctor, eaten)
Teep as White Crow subbed by White Daimon-2 as White Raven (cursed villager, lynched)
tweek Dep-on-BiB subbed by punkbob as Eager Beaver (priest's apprentice and plotter with the touch of good, autolynched)
Lemeard as The Secret Indian subbed by AVN-2 as Waits Behind sorcerer with the touch of evil, lynched)
Mr. G as Scrawny Legs (werewolf, lynched)
Bazti as Frozen Bones subbed by Pandemonium as Last To Join (werewolf, lynched)
theFreeman as Flies Like Hawk (priest's apprentice with the touch of good, eaten)
Jopi as Thinks Highly of Himself (villager)

At start: 32
Alive: 4
Dead: 28

On Day 1 Thirtytwo braves met for a pow-wow to decide on the future course for the Wolfpack tribe.
Also on Day 1 Jamie550 gained a new trait.
On Night 1 Slinky the spirtually attuned cultist was ripped to pieces.
On Day 2 Heimdall the Young Guns werewolf failed the anthill test.
On Night 2 Avernite-1 the villager got shot through the head.
On Day 3 White Daimon-1 the cursed villager is found too weak for this tribe.
On Night 3 AVN the spiritual witness villager had to question his judgement.
On Day 4 the_hdk the leader lynched k-59 the blessed Oldtimers werewolf with a cloak of invisibility.
On Night 4 all was quiet
On Day 5 Raczynski the 3rd in command cultist snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
On Night 5 jonti-h the guardian angel went back to the happy hunting grounds.
On Day 6 Mr. G the Young Guns werewolf was stampeeded.
On Night 6 noddy102 the villager with seerish powers was killed and gutted.
On Day 7 EUROO7 the sorcerer's apprentice with the touch of evil was lynched.
On Night 7 the_hdk the villager leader with seerish powers was eaten.
On Day 8 the village lynched:
humancalculator the spiritually atuned villager,
White Daimon-2 the cursed villager,
Ahura Mazda the villager with a potion of strength
Lord Strange the 2nd in command sorcerer
On Night 8 Jamie550 the doctor with a cloak of invisibility was eaten.
On Day 9 muttoneer the spiritual witness plotter cultist was lynched.
On Night 9 all was quiet.
On Day 10 Paendrag the Young Guns werewolf ran out of ink.
On Night 10 theFreeman the priest's apprentice with the touch of good fell to the ground.
On Day 11 AVN-2 the sorcerer with the touch of evil was lynched for the entertainment of the tribe.
On Day 11 punkbob the priest's apprentice and plotter with the touch of good was struck by lightning.
On Night 11 dublish the villager with seerish powers became food for wolves.
On Day 12 sbr the villager was forced to drink whiskey (poor sod).
On Night 12 Byakhiam the priest had his authority questioned.
On Day 13 Pandemonium the Young Guns werewolf got six tomahawks in the chest.
On Night 13 all was quiet.
On Day 14 Eu_proof the Young Guns werewolf and Tskb18 the villager with seerish powers had a Mexican standoff.
Night 14 all was quiet.
On Day 15 the goodies celebrated their victory.

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Another great johho game! :D

EDIT: Just read the game description. Great! :p :D
In, don't forget to announce it in all relevant threads and groups :p
Hurray for visible roles and traits! :D
In as Wise Dancing Canoe!
Hurray for visible roles and traits! :D
I kinda liked the invisible roles/traits especially the way WD did it but I think it can be good to do it old school for a change.

Those without fantasy might want to use this Caveman name generator for secret war names.
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Actually yes, my new name for this game will be Votes Above Me