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Werewolf Lite CCXCVIII: World of Tanks

Welcome to Werewolf Lite.​

A game of lies, deception, manipulation and anarchy. Here, we change your reality and force you to view things in a manner like no other. Please, come in, have a seat, and enjoy the ride.

If you are new to the game, please read the following: Werewolf Lite is a game of survival. Your main goal, no matter your role, is to survive. There are two sides to every game. The Villagers and Seer on one side. The Werewolves on the other. Each side's goal is to destroy the other. The game is played with seventeen players. Out of these seventeen, five are given a special role. Four are Werewolves, and one is a Seer. Their Identities must remain secret. If the Seer's identity is revealed, the Werewolves may hunt their most dangerous enemy. If the Werewolves' identities are revealed, the village will surely lynch the monsters.

The Game is divided into two sections. Day and Night. The game begins with a Night session. During the Night, the Werewolves hunt one person, and the Seer may discover the role of one player. During the day, the villagers must decide who is responsible for the murder of the night past.

Every game has a special theme. To discover the theme for this game, scroll down, and let your Werewolf Journey begin...

What's your preference? Do you prefer the "Duck" with its rounded corners that chugs along at 20km/h? The Matilda with its two pounder gun that can penetrate foes much bigger than the Matilda itself? Or you make your living in a smaller tank like the T1 Cunningham or the Soviet MS-1? Regardless, you are always ready to charge out on the battlefield in order to defeat your enemies! But not everything always go according to plan. While you are busy firing your rounds at the enemy, other tank commanders on your team have taken it upon themselves to destroy their own comrades. How dare they?! We need to make sure to find them and exterminate them quickly or they will hand the victory to the enemy.


There shall be seventeen (17) players. Special Roles will be handed out after the last person signs up.

The game will then proceed to a Night deadline.

The game is divided into two periods - night and day. For practical reasons these two periods take place at the same time, from one update till the next.
Each day, all players gather and decide to lynch one of the players - the person they think is most likely to be a werewolf. Each night, the werewolves decide who to kill. In each 24 hour period, the village will lynch, and the werewolves will hunt. The villagers can try to lynch multiple people by creating a glorious, Lemeard-approved, TIE, and the werewolves can also decide not to hunt anyone at all at night. Beware of Crovaxian slips as well!


The werewolves win if they manage to reach parity with the villagers.
The villagers and seer win if they manage to kill all the werewolves.

Player Roles:
1 X General (Seer): The one person who has a complete overview of the battlefield and can spot the traitors.
12 X Tank Commanders (Villagers): The tank commanders will attempt to help the general find the traitors/smurfs/teamkillers to the best of their ability. The only problem is that they don't know who they can trust...
4 X Traitors/Smurfs/Teamkillers (Werewolves): Sick of their incompetent teammates, these guys are determined to destroy every single tank on their side because they simply do not deserve to beat the enemy.

For the purposes of this game, players are strongly encouraged to role-play as historical/famous tank commanders. If you're so inclined, do pick an actual tank from World of Tanks that you want to drive. Tanks can be found at the World of Tanks wiki. Or in the game. If you rather operate a Volvo, or some lesser vehicle, that is fine as well.

The Deadline:


A vote posted at 21:59 will count. One posted at 22:00 will NOT!
Voting Ends At Deadline Even If Game Moderator Is Not Present!​

Other Rules:
§1A. - You sign up to the game by requesting so in a post in this thread.
§1B. - No new players will be admitted after the game has started, EXCEPT if substituting for another player.
§1C. - You may at any time be substituted out by requesting so in the thread.
§1D. - Players are responsible for any Private Messages (PMs) missed due to inbox being full.

§2. - Orders and votes submitted after deadline are ignored.

§3A. – Players will vote daily. Should they not vote, THEY WILL BE REPLACED. There will be no exceptions unless the Game Moderator states otherwise.
§3B. – Invalid votes (Voting for Game Moderator/Ghosts) will not be accepted.
§3C. – In the event of a TIE, BOTH players will be executed.
§3D. - The player(s) with the majority of votes at deadline is considered dead. He will not reveal any inside information after the deadline.

§4B. - When doing ghost/spectator commentary, please use a non-white colour.

§5. - Alliances and Feuds which aren't based on your characters or roles in the game between players are forbidden. Alliances and Feuds which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.

§6A. – The Game Moderator has the last word on all matters.
§6B. – If the Game Moderator makes a mistake (e.g. with the vote count, hunt/scan orders), if critical information has been revealed, the mistake will be kept.

§7A. – Forging PMs is allowed. Screenshots of PMs is not.
§7B. - Posting or quoting of PMs from the GM is not allowed - real or forged.

§8. – Voting must be done in the following way. Write "VOTE" and the person you are voting for in size 4 bold text. For example:

VOTE Lemeard

If you wish to un-vote someone, write "UNVOTE":

UNVOTE Lemeard, VOTE Jonti-h

Any other type of voting will not be counted and will make you eligible for subbing. In case of re-voting without un-voting the original vote will be the counted vote. DO NOT EDIT VOTES AFTER POSTING THEM.

§9. - The GM can and will remove players if the GM believes the player is not participating at his/her full capacity. This will be done through the use of killing the player's role, or using substitutes, if they are available. All such decisions are made solely at the discretion of the GM. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE GAME IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE.

§10A. – Trust no one. Especially not the GM.
§10B. - Don't be noob. Listen to the experienced players. Except when they are lying to you. Then you shouldn't.

§11. - TIEs are always encouraged.

Omnipotent Narrator: Lemeard

Eur007 .1
Arkansas as General Custer .2
LatinKaiser as Erwin Rommel .3
Kaisersohaib as Michael Wittmann .4
Cymsdale as an old Opel .5
Dadarian as Red Herring .6
Aedan777 as wheelbarrow .7
Madchemist as Creighton W. Abrams. Driving an M1A2 .8
Jonti-h as classic stronk tenkerer xXXR0mm3l_Wittman1337PLXx .9
Rysz as the Dutch tank Ace .10
Wagonlitz as Erich von Manstein .11
Alxeu as a Tiger Tank .12
Tonkatoy as a toy tank .13
Rovsea as a Maus .14
Gen Skobelev .15
Daffius .16
Gen. Marshall as as pure American steel, aka the Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo .17

Sub List
Dr.Livingstone as a sub.1
Marty99 2.

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In as General Custer
Put me in as a sub.
In as the glorious Erwin Rommel. Für das Vaterland!
IN as Michael Wittmann

Edit:also I'm calling game 300.
In as classic stronk tenkerer xXXR0mm3l_Wittman1337PLXx
Oi, a Lemeard-hosted game. And there goes my rule of no two games at the same time...

Myeah. Not sure if I should join this one, the big game is going to be enough of a time sink as is.
My RP is Erich von Manstein

Also I don't think I have seen this rule before
§11. - TIEs are always encouraged.
I guess Lemeard is the only one who uses it.