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Werewolf Lite CCCXXXV:


After the majority of Legoland was sold to British Merlin Group it has been heavily commersialised. They are shutting down rides which aren't too used and in general Americanising the park with shooting tents etc. The disability day has also been cancelled. You are long time park employees who are sad to see the special Danish Lego spirit be replaced with American commersialism; unfortunately for you Merlin Group has sent out agents to find out who to sack in order to turn an even higher profit. These agents are walking around like ordinary staff, but you try and find out who they are so that you can force to be such an embarrasment that Merlin Group is forced to sack the agents instead.

There will be 17 players, no more, no less. Roles will be handed out after #17 signs up.
The game will then proceed to the First Night (after I have handed you your roles).

The Roles
1x The Lego princess (Seer): Having been a part of the staff for years she is able to spot who is new and who isn't. Since new people mainly are youth from Billund and the princess is a popular girl in the Billund night life she is also able to spot who of the new employees are Billund youth and who are agents.
4x Merlin agents (Werewolves): These agents try to maximise profit.
12x Staff members (Villagers): Ordinary staff members.

NOTE: Obviously, the players are encouraged to choose appropriate characters to play as, and to roleplay if they like. However, if a player does not choose a character, one will be selected for them at such time that something happens to them, usually something bad.

Deadlines for votes are given by 21:00 GMT – one hour before the forum reboot. (PLEASE CONVERT THIS TO YOUR OWN TIME ZONE IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID FUTURE CONFUSION). A vote at 20:59 will count, whereas a vote at 21:00 will not.

Game starts with a nocturnal deadline.

The agents wins by achieving parity with the staff; when that happens they have enough influence to sack all the remaining staff members.

EUROO7's Werewolf Lite Primer for Absolute Newbies
Werewolf Lite is a game of survival. Your main goal, no matter your role, is to survive. The game is played with seventeen players divided into two sides: the Villagers and Seer on one side, the Werewolves on the other. Each side's goal is to eliminate the other. Out of these seventeen, five are given a special role. Four are Werewolves, and one is a Seer. Their identities must remain secret. If the Seer's identity is revealed, the Werewolves may hunt their most dangerous enemy. If the Werewolves' identities are revealed, the village will surely lynch the monsters.

The game is divided into two sections. Day and Night. The game begins with a Night session. During the Night, the Werewolves hunt one person, and the Seer may discover the role of one player. During the Day, the villagers must decide who is responsible for the murder of the Night past.

Every game has a special theme. The theme for this game is above. Let your Werewolf journey begin...
Standard Lite Rules

There shall be seventeen players. All roles will be handed out after the last person signs up. The game will then proceed to a night deadline.

The game is divided into two periods - night and day. For practical reasons these two periods are run concurrently, from one update till the next. Each update is 24 hours apart.

Each day, all players vote to lynch one of the players - the person they think is most likely to be a werewolf. Each night, the werewolves decide who to kill. In each 24 hour period, the village will lynch, and the werewolves will hunt. The villagers can try to lynch multiple people by creating a glorious, Lemeard-approved tie, and the werewolves can also decide not to hunt anyone at all at night. Beware of Crovaxian slips as well!

The werewolves win if they manage to reach parity with the villagers.
The villagers and seer win if they manage to kill all the werewolves.

Various rules:
§1. You sign up for the game by requesting so in a post in this thread.
§2a. No new players will be admitted into the game once it has started, unless substituting for a current player.
§2b. Players who have been subbed due to failure to participate may not sub for others
§3. You are responsible for keeping your private message inbox empty enough to receive private messages. You are yourself responsible for any messages missed due to your inbox being full.

§4a. Orders not delivered on time are IGNORED.
§4b. NOT VOTING means REPLACEMENT OR EVEN DEATH, IMMEDIATELY. The granting of any "grace period" or forgiveness for late votes is entirely up to the GM.
§4c. Invalid votes (like voting for the GM, voting for dead people etc.) are treated like no vote is made. The GM has the final say in all matters.
§4d. Lying to the GM results in permanent ban from werewolf games.
§4e. Never quote private messages from GM (whether true or fake) in the game.
§4f. Screenshots of private messages aren’t allowed in the game.

§5b. When doing ghost/spectator commentary, please use a non-white colour, but don't use gold which is the GM colour.

§6 Alliances which aren't based on your roles in the game between players are forbidden. These alliances which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.

§7a Voting must be done in the following way. Write "VOTE" and the person you are voting for in bold text, minimum font size 4. For example.
If you wish to unvote someone, write "UNVOTE":
Capital letters are optional. Any other type of voting is counted as no vote and will make you eligble for subbing. Spelling errors are subject to oversight. In case of revoting without unvoting the original vote will be the counted vote.
§7b At the end of the day player with highest votes is killed (lynched). If there is a tie, all leading candidates will be killed.
§7c Players will be dead when GM posts the update saying so, until such time happens every player still in game is alive (if barely in the case of vote winners)
§7d Editing vote posts is strictly forbidden.

§8. - The GM can and will remove players if the GM believes the player is not participating at his/her full capacity. This will be done through the use of killing the player's role, or using substitutes, if they are available. All such decisions are made solely at the discretion of the GM. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE GAME IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE.

§9A. – Trust no one. Especially not the GM.
§9B. - Always Trust the GM.
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2. Tornadoli
3. aedan777
4. Cliges
5. Rovsea a not-real person. As in, made of plastic
6. jonti-h
7. k-59
8. Hax as Ivan the Terrible
9. Audren
10. 2kNikk as Brick Masterson
11. korona
12. marty99
13. dexander
14. Lemeard
15. CaesarCzech
16. Eternaly_Lost as Emmet
17. madchemist as Batman

Up to date player list and list of events is spoilered for the sake of future readers.

2. Tornadoli
3. aedan777
4. Cliges
5. Rovsea a not-real person. As in, made of plastic
6. jonti-h
7. k-59
8. Hax as Ivan the Terrible
9. Audren
10. 2kNikk as Brick Masterson
11. korona marty99 v2
12. marty99
13. dexander
14. Lemeard
15. CaesarCzech
16. Eternaly_Lost as Emmet
17. madchemist as Batman

1. marty99
2. Tornadoli

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Oh and since I have placed the deadline this late I probably won't have as elaborate updates as usually; at least not elaborate updates written after deadline. If I haven't written it before deadline I will probably just make a short one. Sorry about that, but I didn't want to place the deadline ontop of the one in marty's game.
Look, I'm just trying to be helpful, but it's never good enough, never good enough for you... :( Never a kind word, not even a simple "thanks"...
Oh I am sorry about you feeling like that and I do appreciate you trying to help. I just don't naturally think about thanking for such things, since we don't really do that much here in Denmark; it simply never crossed my mind you were looking for a thanks. For large things you get thanked sure, but thanking people for small things went the way of the Dodo together with much other courtesy and formal talking during the 1960s student rebellions.
I know that.

Cannot remember something special about that.
Watch out for the commies then; in these days they are hunting down the ministers trying to get all the papers on the DONG sale.

I'll keep DONG safe from the filthy reds, you can rest assured. When they said that DONG was not for sale, they thought wrong.
I'll keep DONG safe from the filthy reds, you can rest assured. When they said that DONG was not for sale, they thought wrong.
That isn't the problem now; the commies are now claiming that the government---which is red too---sold DONG for a special price.
Why pay retail for DONG?
Now you are just making this dirty. What I meant is that they are accusing the government of selling DONG for a lower price than what they could have gotten; and the government doesn't want to reveal the papers.
Now you are just making this dirty

Nonsense. I was being serious. From a strictly business POV, I see nothing wrong with cutting a deal for cheap DONG.

Are you familiar with Chinese gymnast Dong Dong? I hope you see nothing dirty about him.