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Werewolf CCIV: The Experiment
You wake up with the biggest headache you have ever had. What is this place? You blink and blink, and slowly the picture becomes clear: you are in a telephone box. Or is it? You stand up and look around you. No, it isn't a telephone box, it's just a box, maybe as big as a closet. No door, of course. You feel the panic rising in you, which isn't soothed in any way when you suddenly hear a cackling laughter coming from somewhere.
A large screen flickers on in front of you. You can see a bad rendering of a round table with even worse renderings of human faces around it. You hear the laughter again, then an old voice coming from somewhere:

"Welcome, welcome! I hope you are comfortable. Welcome to my little... experiment. I have gathered you here to play a little... game. A game of... werewolf. I know you are well aware of it. The boxes you are in have one exit only: the bottom. Should you get lynched, hunted or die in any other way, it will open. The fishes will have a great dinner, yum, yum. Should you survive until the end, I will let you go. Oh, and don't think you can just refuse to participate... should you not choose someone to lynch or hunt, I will choose one of you to die anyway! Let the game... begin!"

Rules: (changes and additions highlighted in pink), copied with changes from happycat's game.

The most important new rule: You are playing to survive. Imagine your actual life is at stake (a little dramatic perhaps). You will ONLY WIN IF YOU ARE ALIVE AT THE END (and your side has won of course). Think about certain situations: for example, if your actual life was at stake, would you sacrifice yourself for the seer or "for the good of the village"?

Werewolf For Newbies (by tamius):

You are either a "good" player or a "bad" player. Whichever you are, you are obliged to vote once per day, by posting in bold in the thread. eg. Vote Tamius. You may Unvote and Vote someone else as many times as you want, and the player with the most votes at the end of the day is brutally killed by everyone, that is, "lynched". If you are a werewolf, you may send in a "hunt" order by Private Message to the GM. The GM runs the game.

All orders must be in before the deadline, or they are ignored. It is considered that everyone votes during the "day." and the wolves hunt during the "night." Normally most games begin with a "night deadline", a day in which the votes are ignored (known as "day zero sham voting") and only the orders, by the wolves and other roles which send orders, are considered.

There are a multitude of roles in the game of Werewolf, and they are listed below, with their effects. Some players may also have traits.

For the villagers and other "good" players to win, they must kill all the "bad" players. For the "bad" players to win, they must kill all members of opposing packs (generally there are two packs, occasionally three) and then reach the same numbers as the remaining "good" players. This is called parity, and when baddies of one pack are equal or greater in numbers than goodies, they win.

To sign up to a game of werewolf, post in this thread. A simple "In" will suffice, and you will be added to the player roster by the GM.

Each player must cast his vote (like so: Vote Tornadoli and it can be changed like so: Unvote Tornadoli, Vote BiB) before 19:00 GMT (20 BST, 21 CEST). Should a player miss a vote, he will be forgiven, but on his second or third non-vote, he will either be autolynched.

There will be a variable deadline. Any time between 18 and 19 GMT, the GM may (but doesn't have to) write DEADLINE, in which case the deadline is at that point. If the GM for any reason does not post this, the deadline will be at 19 GMT.

Any votes cast with timestamp 19:00 (GMT) or thereafter, or after the GM writes "DEADLINE", but before the update goes up will be ignored, and will not count towards the day just finished or the day just starting.

Any vote which a player edits to a different vote will be dealt with harshly, especially at or near the deadline. You may edit for spelling, but it is preferred to make a new post - you can consider the rule against double-posting temporarily suspended in that situation.

For scan and hunt orders, if the timestamp is 19:00, OR after the GM has posted DEADLINE, they will be ignored. For packs of multiple werewolves, the last order sent by any member of the pack is counted, and if on any day the orderer forgets to send an order, their action will not occur, regardless of backup orders for previous days. If the orderer asks the GM to scan a list of people over multiple days, eg. "if I forget to send an order on any day, scan/hunt X" he can do so.

A player may ask to be a substitute if someone has to drop out of the game for whatever reason, and the GM will replace them when it is needed. If a player has to drop out and no substitutes are available, the GM may autolynch them.

Spectators and Ghosts ("dead" players) may haunt, taunt and flaunt. They may not reveal any secret/inside information nor may they do voting records except for the current day. Anyone caught doing it risks being banned from later Werewolf games. When making a ghost/spectator comment, please use a non-white color, that's not this green. This is my green.

You may, as always, fake private messages to anyone. However, you may not post a screenshot of a private message, and if you do, I'll kill you multiple times. YOU MAY NOT POST PMS FROM THE GM. YOU MAY NOT POST PMs WITH PM NUMBERS. AGAIN: YOU MUST DELETE PM NUMBERS. The only acceptable way to post PMs are as follows:

Tornadoli said:
Hello this is a great PM
i.e. within QUOTE tags. This is NOT allowed:

Tornadoli Cool custom title


Blog Entries:
Apr 22, 2008
This is a great PM!
Tornadoli, Monday at 00:34 Report

Alliances between players which aren't based on your roles in the game are frowned upon. These alliances which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.
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The Roles (See these parts for new rule changes)
Not all Roles and Traits may be used in a game


Villager: Has no special abilities.

Seer: Scans once per night. Should the Seer scan a Werewolf or an Apprentice, he would be told so, but anything else will give him the result "villager."

Priest: Scans once per night. Should the Priest scan a Cultist, Sorcerer or Apprentice, he would be told so, but anything else will give him the result "villager".

Guardian Angel: Sends in a protection order once per night. Should the selected person be attacked by Werewolves, they will survive, and the update will tell the village no hunt occurred during the night. The Guardian Angel, aka GA, cannot protect the same person twice in two nights. The GA may protect himself.

Jailkeeper: May protect one person per night from any death (even hunter). The protected player will not be able to perform any night actions (should the protected player try, he will be told "Your action could not be performed."). May not protect a person who was protected within the last two nights. Will not stop a wolf from hunting or a cultist from scanning unless they are the last remaining wolf in their pack/last remaining cultist. Cannot protect himself.

Apprentice: If an apprentice is scanned by a scanning role, ie seer priest or sorcerer, they become claimed by said role. If their master who scanned them dies, or somehow loses his scanner role, the apprentice will succeed them and gain their role (and lose any other they had at the time). They will not lose any of their traits when that happens. Whilst the apprentice is a goodie role, sorcerer's apprentice is considered a baddie and will count for parity, and hence baddie victory, with any pack. A claimed apprentice, if there is one at the start, will be told his master's name and role. A scanner can have multiple apprentices, and if he is killed, the apprentice that was claimed first succeeds him, and the second (and any more) apprentices will become apprentices of the new scanner. Apprentices will not be aware they are apprentices upon game start, and will be told that they are villagers.

Cupid: May choose two people on Night 0 only. These will become lovers. If the lovers die, he can target another 2 people to become lovers. This can only happen once (i.e. if the first pair of lovers dies, then he can choose one more, then nothing). Wins with the goodies, or if the lovers are alive at the end. Cannot choose himself as a lover. Failure to send an order on N0 will result in a completely random assignment of lovers.


Werewolf: Organized into packs, each night the pack hunting that night (the information on which pack hunts when is told to the wolves, but is a secret) chooses a victim and attempts to eat them. The packs have names and colors, but these have no bearing on them. Should no valid hunt be set, a random wolf will die (so make sure you have these standing hunt orders ready...)

Cultist: (COMPLETE ROLE REVAMP!) Cultists form a pack like werewolves (there will only be one cultist pack). Cultists win if any werewolf pack wins. Can send one scan order per night (as a pack), will be told whether a player is GOOD or BAD. Clarification: This is different from the usual cultist role. Cultist do NOT attach to packs. They are a separate pack, who wins if either of the wolf pack wins. They do not hunt.

Sorcerer: Sends a scan order every night. Should the player be a seer, priest, apprentice, NOT CULTIST, the Sorcerer will be told what their role is, but should he scan anyone else, he will simply be told that they are a villager. Counts for parity with any pack and wins if any pack wins, as do any apprentices he holds.

The Traits

Lovers: Can only become so once chosen by cupid. Lovers ONLY WIN IF BOTH ARE ALIVE AT THE END OF THE GAME, NO. EXCEPTIONS. If a lover dies, his lover dies with him. They can either win if they are alive once the game ends (e.g. all wolves killed, or parity reached), or if at any point, they are the last two players alive, in which case the game automatically and immediately ends in their victory.

Lovers: only villagers can have this trait, and they are always in pairs. If one lover dies, the other immediately dies with him.

Vandal: May target one player a night, who will then scan as a wolf or cultist (if there is a contradiction, the target will scan as a wolf) for that night only. E.g. if the vandal targets Tornadoli, and Tornadoli is scanned by the seer, the seer will get the result "wolf", and if he is scanned by the priest, the priest will get the result "cultist".

Secretive: May decide for his role and traits not to be revealed in the update in case of death. Cannot "pick and choose" which parts to hide - either the role and all traits are hidden, or none are. This has to be ordered explicitly before the death occurs, e.g. "I wish my role/traits to be hidden in case I die".

Brutal: Upon being lynched, may kill one person in addition to themselves.

Blessed: If the blessed person is hunted by werewolves during the night, they will lose their trait, but survive. The update will say that no kill occurred during the night. Holders of this trait will not be aware of it at game start.

Cursed: Upon being hunted by werewolves, they will become a werewolf of the pack that hunted them, and lose their previous role. They will survive. The wolves will be informed of the cursed player when they are hunted. If a cursed apprentice becomes seer, they will stay cursed, and may change from a seer to a werewolf when hunted. The update will say no kill occurred during the night. Cursed players will not be aware they are cursed at game start.

If a player who is not a werewolf (a pathological liar or a person whose abilities have been affected by jestering) werewolf-hunts a cursed player, that cursed player will start a new werewolf pack, which will affect hunt order for the other packs.

Hunter: Once per game, the hunter may, kill a person during the night, regardless of anything that would stop him doing so (except if blocked by the roleblocker or jailkeeper). If he does so, his name will NOT be revealed in the nightly update.

OEO: When hunted, the OEO kills one wolf from the pack that hunted him before dying in the attack. Holders of this trait will not be aware of it at game start.

Witness: By asking by PM, the witness may see the nightly hunt and record the name of one of the werewolf attackers. The chance of the witness recording the name of one of the wolves will increase by 10% per night. This power will recharge, but will only be 1% for the next night. E.g. N0: 10%, N1: 20% (player decides to use it), N2: 1%, N3:10%, N4: 20%, etc.

Leader: At the end of the day, the leader may decide that the lynch victim will survive, and choose another to lynch. The leaderlynch victim must have at least 50% the number of votes as the top victim. Should the leader leaderlynch a baddie, he keeps the trait, but if he leaderlynches a goodie, he loses it, and the leader passes down the chain of command to the next one alive. The leader's name will be revealed when he decides to leaderlynch someone.

In the case of the Leader leaderlynching on a day with a two-way tie, the Leader must select two players with at least 50% the votes of the top players, which may include either of the top two, and if either victims of the leaderlynch are not baddies, the Leader loses his trait. In the case of a tie with more than two players, the Leader has to leaderlynch the same number that would have been in the tie, and the same rules apply.

The leader may not use his ability to save himself.

Second in command: Becomes leader if the leader is dead or has lost his ability.

Third in command: Becomes leader if the leader and second in command are dead or have lost their abilities.

There are more players further down the chain of command.

Spiritually Attuned: If scanned, will sense so. Has a 25% chance to tell the role but not the name of the scanner, and a mutually exclusive 25% chance to tell the role and the name of the scanner (in case of the cultists, a random alive cultist's name will be chosen). Note: seer/seerish, priest/priestish, sorcerer/sorcerish give the same result, e.g."you have been scanned by a seer scan".

Seerish powers: Once per game, may scan a player. He will be told if they are a werewolf or apprentice, and if they are neither he will be told they are simply a villager. After the trait is used, it is lost. He will not be told if an apprentice has been claimed or not.

Priestly powers: Once per game, may scan a player. He will be told if they are a cultist, sorcerer, or apprentice, and if they are not he will be told they are simply a villager. After the trait is used, it is lost. He will not be told whether an apprentice is claimed or not.

Sorcerous powers: Once per game, may scan a player. He will be told if they are a seer, priest, NOT CULTIST, or apprentice, and if they are not he will be told they are simply a villager. After the trait is used, it is lost. He will not be told if an apprentice is claimed or not.

Pathological liar: The Pathological Liar lies so much he forgot that some of lies are true. To use his abilities, which he may three times per game and once per day, the Pathological Liar must both post openly in the thread and send a PM to the GM (containing a method for the GM to access the post, such as a link, post-number or quote-link) claiming one role or one trait, listed on the front page (i.e. listed in this post). He then gains the role (or trait) until immediately after the next deadline. He cannot use this power to change his allegiance to another side nor will it affect how he counts for parity.

By way of an example, were a villager pathological liar claim to be a wolf, he would scan as a wolf and be able to eat people that night (two hunts would happen), but would not count for parity on the wolves' side or learn names of a pack.

Roleblocker: May target one player per night, who will not be able to perform their role. If this targets a wolf, this will not affect the hunt order if there are any more wolves alive in that pack (regardless on who actually sent the order). If the wolf is alone in the pack, he will not be able to hunt. Same with cultists (if a cultist is alone, no scan order; if not alone, scan will go through regardless who sent the scan order). The blocked player, should he try to perform a nightly action, will be told: "Your action could not be performed." The roleblocker cannot target the same person twice in a row. A roleblocked player does not use up single-use powers, e.g. if a hunter is roleblocked and tries to fire a shot, the hunter won't be able to shoot that night, but his power won't be lost.

Voyeur: May target one player per night, and will see what nightly action, if any (except, obviously, the voyeur's scan itself), was performed on that player. The possible results are:
"Player X was targeted by a seer/priest/sorcerer scan" (Note that this includes seer/priest/sorcer- ish scans!) or "Player X was targeted/scanned/protected by <role>", e.g.: "Player X was targeted by a seer scan." or "Player X was targeted by a jailkeeper" or "Player X was protected by a Guardian Angel". If the player was not targeted, the Voyeur will be told "No nightly action was performed on this player". May not target himself.

Day actions are as follows:

1. GM autolynch of absent player
2. Leader
3. Lynch
4. Brutal

Night actions are as follows:

1. Cupid (N0 only)
2. Roleblocker
3. Jailkeeper
3. Hunter shot
4. Vandal
5. Cupid (any other night)
6. GA protection
7. Seer scan (including seerish)
8. Priest scan (including priestish)
9. Sorcerer scan (including sorcerish)
10. Cultist scan
11. Werewolf hunt
12. Spiritually attuned
13. Witness
14. Voyeur

If multiple of the same role/trait scan at the same time and they conflict, the GM will flip a coin or roll an imaginary dice to determine which goes first.

This order does not mean that powers later in the list can set conditional orders based on things earlier eg. "if the werewolves hunt xxx, use witness power" but serves as a way of resolving technicalities for the GM. In most games, players should not need to care about this.

The protection layers are as follows, from outermost (i.e. taking effect first) to innermost: Jailkeeper, Guardian Angel, Blessed.

Any role/trait may target themselves unless explicitly stated otherwise in the rules.

Surrenders are not accepted.

There are no hidden rules/roles/traits not stated here. Anything not explicitly forbidden by the rules is allowed.
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Signups have now closed.

First Night Deadline is Thursday 2nd June, 19GMT.

Victory conditions:

Goodies win if all wolves are killed.
Baddies win if there is one and only one wolf pack left, and the number of all alive bad players is equal to or larger than the number of all alive good players (i.e. parity is reached).
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Player List
1. Capibara subbed by alxeu v2, an Unknown, lynched Day 6
2. Canadian_95_RTS as Stanley Milgram, villager with the hunter trait, lynched Day 7
3. aedan777
4. Wagonlitz

5. Spockyt, spiritually attuned wolf of Beta pack, hunted Night 0
6. Chieron subbed by Dexander v2, villager with roleblocker trait and one sorcerish scan, lynched Day 4

7. Audren, villager with lover trait (lover: Dexander) and spiritually attuned trait, lynched Day 1
8. 2kNikk subbed by Dexander v3, leader wolf of the beta pack, lynched Day 6
9. Eike Peace, villager with a sorcerish scan, autolynched Day 6
10. tonkatoy5
11. Jcan, formerly cursed wolf of the gamma pack, lynched Day 6
12. Cliges, seer, hunted Night 6
13. Hazbot
14. Yakman, wolf of the gamma pack with the hunter trait, lynched Day 4
15. Rovsea subbed by Audren v2, roleblocker wolf of the beta pack, lynched Day 3
16. npstr
17. Eternaly_Lost, seer with the vandal trait, shot by a hunter Night 5
18. madchemist, wolf of the gamma pack with vandal trait, lynched Day 2
19. alxeu as a Chihuahua, villager with the pathological liar trait, hunted Night 5
20. tamius23
21. Duke Dan "The Man" as a sentient box, an Unknown, lynched Day 5
22. Dexander, villager with lover trait (lover: Audren) and hunter trait, dies Day 1 [because his lover was lynched]
23. Citizen1oo1
24. Kingepyon
25. Gen. Skobelev
26. Lemeard subbed by Jacksonian Missionary v2

27. Jacksonian Missionary, 2nd in command villager, hunted Night 2
28. Hax, priest with one sorcerous scan, hunted Night 1


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Most likely in, but would like to see the rule set first.


I'm really not high on the lovers or the cupid role. I can deal with rivals but lovers just cause problems.
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Same as Jackson. I think that I'll have time to be more active from now on as summer vacation is coming up.
I have now added the rules. Please discuss there rules, I am definitely open for any changes. These are just some ideas I have had, do not let some small detail keep you away from joining this game.
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1. I implore the removal of lovers and the Cupid Role. They only cause problems.

2. I don't really understand the point of the secretive trait.

3. Not a huge fan of the vandal trait, though that's not a big deal.
Hmm, I like the extra taste of chaos that the lovers and Cupid can add. I'm in without a doubt.
1. I implore the removal of lovers and the Cupid Role. They only cause problems.

2. I don't really understand the point of the secretive trait.

3. Not a huge fan of the vandal trait, though that's not a big deal.

1. I have indeed heard some bad things about the lover traits, but what are the reasons for it being so disliked? Like I said, I'm open to rule changes.

2. A wolf could e.g. decide not to reveal his role to implicate someone. Up to the players.

3. Same with the vandal, it would be a new trait so I don't really know whether it will work, but I think it can add some paranoia.
I also think the new cultist rules make them extremely overpowered.
How come?
You have a group of probably 3 players who already know they can trust 2 other people, and then are able to figure out every night who their enemies or friends are, and they can trust it 100% since they aren't scanning for role and they don't have to attach to pack.
You have a group of probably 3 players who already know they can trust 2 other people, and then are able to figure out every night who their enemies or friends are, and they can trust it 100% since they aren't scanning for role and they don't have to attach to pack.

That makes sense, what if it was 50% chance of correct scan?
You have a group of probably 3 players who already know they can trust 2 other people, and then are able to figure out every night who their enemies or friends are, and they can trust it 100% since they aren't scanning for role and they don't have to attach to pack.

I might change it to scanning for wolves only (everyone else gives result villager), or removing the scan power (but that might make them a bit underpowered).
I'm in. And just to confirm, I suppose it was a mistake, but in the lovers section of the rules: Lovers: Can only become so once chosen by the cultist. I assume you meant Cupid?