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Jul 20, 2015
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Werewolf CCIII: A Return To the Basics
A Jacksonian Missionary Production



A Good old throwback, you are a small rural village in the middle of nowhere. You are content as you go about your day, knowing everyone and living a quiet and quaint life. But not all is well, as there are bloodthirsty Werewolves about, who seek to conquer the village with nightly killings. They also have some nasty friends on their side, like sorcerers and cultists. The village will be pitted against each other, killing off the majority of the town in dire search of the enemy. Your life depends on it, so act quickly... Oh. and don't die. Dying means you lose, and no one likes losing.


Blatantly and completely stolen from johho.

The players represent a village where each member has a role that is kept secret. Most of them are just plain, ordinary Villagers, but there are some Werewolves lurking in their midst. The goal of the Villagers is to eliminate all of the Werewolves, while the goal of the Werewolves (and allies) is to achieve 1:1 parity with the villagers (at which point they can openly rise up and overwhelm the Villagers, thereby winning the game). Of course only one pack can remain.

The game is split in two sections, Night and Day.

The game begins with a Night, the time when the Werewolves decide among themselves who to eat and special abilities are used. The Werewolves and the "special villagers" submit their choices/orders to the Game Moderator. Any orders not delivered in time will be IGNORED.

Daily actions are handled in the following order:
1. Votes
2. Plotter
3. Alderman
4. Leader
5. Brutal

Nightly orders are handled in the following order:
1. Distiller
2. van Helsing scan
3. Sorcerer scan
4. Seer scan
5. Priest scan
6. Assassin
7. Robber
8. Guardian Angel
9. Doctor
10. Werewolf
11. Vengeful
If multiple attack orders are sent from the same pack, the last order submitted is the one that counts. Only one werewolf attack takes place during the night (unless no valid hunting order is submitted, in which case there is no werewolf attack at all) no matter how many werewolves or werewolf packs there are.
11. Padre
12. Witness

During the Day, the Villagers (including the Werewolves, who have assumed a human form) meet together to decide who is the Werewolf and therefore to be lynched for the greater good of the village. When a player has decided whom to vote for, they type vote Player X in bold font and preferably at least size 3, this to ensure that your GM notices the vote. It is not allowed to edit a vote. If a player decide to change her vote, she types unvote Player X - vote Player Y. The "unvote" is there to help me count the votes. I will however count changed votes even without the "unvote", only somewhat slower and with a bigger risk of getting it wrong so please help the GM and use "unvote" when you change your votes.

Abstaining from voting without declaring absence two times during the game will result in autolynching (or being substituted by another player).

The deadline for nightly orders as well as voting is 1:00 GMT and shortly after this the lynching takes place and the result of the Nightly activities is presented. Post submitted 00:59 will count while posts submitted 1:00 will not.

No new players will be admitted into the game once it has started but it is possible to substitute for dropouts. If one wishes to sub one must privately PM the GM, who will keep a private sub list.

Spectators and Ghosts ("dead" players) may haunt, taunt and flaunt. They may not reveal any secret/inside information nor may they do voting records except for the current day. Anyone caught doing it risk being banned from later Werewolf games. When making a ghost/spectator comment, please use a non-white color (and keep off the GM color, light blue).

Alliances between players which aren't based on your roles in the game are frowned upon. These alliances which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.

Forged Private Messages (PMs) are allowed. Quoting or forging PMs from the GM is allowed.
Screenshots of PMs from players or the GM are not allowed and anyone caught doing it will be autolynched. GM MUST be included in inter-game PMs

The Roles

Villager: Has no special abilities. Votes each day to decide who to lynch.

: Will choose a victim to eat each night. More specific eating rules, aka the hunting pattern, will be given to the werewolves but will not be public knowledge.

Seer: May scan one person per night to see if she is a Werewolf or unclaimed Apprentice (100% success). Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Seer.

Priest: May scan one person each night to see if she is a Sorcerer, an Apprentice or a Cultist (100% success). Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Priest.

van Helsing: Has a one-time super-scan ability which reveals all roles and traits, and has an assassin shot and OEO.

Sorcerer: Works with the Werewolves, and wins if the Werewolves win. May scan one person each night to see if she is a Seer, a Priest, Sorcerer, or a Cultist (100% success). Any other role will appear as a regular Villager to the Sorcerer.

Apprentice: Only becomes active if her master is killed. A scanner can have more than one Apprentice but in case of the scanner's death only the first Apprentice will become active. Apprentices works just like their former master. If an Apprentice is in the game, the first scanner who finds him (and survives the night) will make him her Apprentice. An unclaimed Apprentice does not know that she is one until she is scanned. There might be claimed Apprentices at game start in which case these claimed Apprentices will know their role.

Guardian Angel: May protect one person against a Werewolf attack, but can't choose to protect the same person two nights in a row and can never protect themselves.

Doctor: May protect one person each night but can't choose to protect the same person two nights in a row. In case of an attack, the Doctor has a 50% chance of saving that person. The person saved will be unable to send in any votes or orders for the next day/night cycle but may also not be attacked directly while recovering. If the doctor is attacked, however, all patients are also attacked. If a patient wakes up again,she will remember one of the attackers. The patient does not learn the identity of the doctor.

Cultist: Works with the Werewolves, and wins if the Werewolves win. Cultists are full-fledged members of a pack if they start aligned. Free cultists may exist at game start, and don't count towards parity, until they are attached. Cultists attach to a pack by initiating a conversation with the GM and a wolf of that pack. If all werewolves of a pack die, pack cultists become free cultists.

The Traits

The traits (extra roles) may be had in addition to any of the above roles (except for "Cursed", see below).

Padre: May visit one person each night but can't visit the same person two nights in a row, if that person is hunted and killed by a wolf or a hunter, the name of one of the perpetrators will be given to the padre.

One Eye Open: If the One Eye Open is attacked by wolves, hunter, assassin or van Helsing at night she has a 50% chance (not caught asleep/off guard) of killing one of her attackers before succumbing to the attack. Like Blessed and Cursed traits, the player will not know if she has the OEO trait.

Assassin: Can send one nightly order to kill someone. After this her ability is used up. Name of Assassin will be named in the update of the death of the person shot.

Distiller: Each night, the Distiller may choose to share a bottle of rum with a player (the target). The Distiller and the target are unable to perform any other action during the night. The target will only learn of the visit if she was stopped from performing a nightly activity. The target will not learn the Distiller's identity (because of the memory loss). The Distiller will only stop a wolfpack or pack.

Brutal: If lynched or brutalized, has the power to immediately kill one person before being subdued. If no target is chosen, a random player will be brutalized.

Vengeful: If attacked by the wolves, the player may kill one person of their choice to go down with them. Must set orders before one is hunted.

Cursed: If a Cursed person is targeted by the Werewolves, they become one themselves. It will be revealed as a "no kill during the night". The Cursed will be unaware she is cursed until attacked by a Werewolf. Seer and Guardian Angel can not be cursed at game start. A cursed apprentice that turns into a werewolf loses her apprenticehood.

Blessed: A Blessed person will survive a werewolf attack, but only once (the next attack will be fatal as usual). Will be revealed as a "no kill during the night". The Blessed might be unaware she is blessed. If a Blessed and Cursed player is hunted, the Blessed trait has priority.

Spiritually Attuned: A Spiritually Attuned person has a 100% chance to sense when someone is scanning them. They will have a 50% chance to learn what type of scan is used against them and if they do a 25% chance to learn of the actual scanning player's name.

Plotter: May use PM to the GM for voting in which case the plotter's vote will not be revealed until the final vote count.

Alderman: Upon important village decisions may declare (by PM to the GM) that her vote is worth two votes. From this point on, her vote will always be worth two votes.

Seerish Powers: This player have some talent in seeing the future. Not enough to become a seer but enough to give him one single fully functioning seer scan during the span of the game.

Priestly Powers: This player have some divine talent. Not enough to become a priest but enough to give him one single fully functioning priest scan during the span of the game.

Sorcerous Powers: This player have some dark magic talent. Not enough to become a sorcerer but enough to give him one single fully functioning sorcerer scan during the span of the game.

Witness: trait allows players to see one Werewolf hunt take place. The chance of success for witnesses increases by 10% each night, starting at 10% on Night One.

Leader: At the end of the day, the leader may decide that the lynch victim will survive, and choose another to lynch. The leaderlynch victim must have at least 50% the number of votes as the top victim. Should the leader leaderlynch a baddie, he keeps the trait, but if he leaderlynches a goodie, he loses it, and the leader passes down the chain of command to the next one alive. The leader's name will be revealed when he decides to leaderlynch someone.

Players List:
1. Audren In as John Basic-h the Vengeful Seer Brutalized Day 6
2. npstr
3. LatinKaiser in as Johnny Depp Subbed by 2kNikk the Brutal Wolf of the Boy Who Cried Wolf Pack Lynched Day 6
4. Al-Aziz in as a Cultist the Blessed Villager Lynched Day 2
5. Yakman in as himself the Pottler Wolf of the Boy Who Cried Wolf Pack died via OEO Night 2
6. Canadian_95_RTS in as Lewyn Kane the 1st in Command Wolf of the Jacob Black Pack Lynched Day 5
7. Spockyt the Alderman Unclaimed Apprentice Lynched Day 2
8. Tornadoli the 3rd in Command Wolf of the Boy Who Cried Wolf Pack Hunted Night 1
9. Aedan777 the Spiritually Attuned Villager Lynched Day 6
10. Tonkatoy5
11. Capibara the Spiritually Attuned Wolf of the Jacob Black Pack Lynched Day 1
12. F72 Voyager subbed by Al-Aziz the Cultist with Seerish Powers Shot Night 4
13. SenorPez Subbed by Spockyt
14. K-59 the Ex-Blessed Padre Villager Hunted Night 6
15. Madchemist the 4th in Command Villager Hunted Night 0
16. Rovsea the van Helsing Hunted Night 2
17. Gen. Skoblev
18. Lemeard the Villager Hunted Night 5
19. Wagonlitz
20. Cliges
21. DeathNoteforCutie
22. Dexander
23. Hazbot in as Bread Subbed by Aedan777
24. Eternaly_Lost the Assassin Wolf of the Jacob Black Plack Lynched Day 3
25. Tamius in as John Major the 5th in Command Sorcerer Lynched Day 4

1. Eike Peace
2. DeathbyWombat
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Let me first to say this.

Ironhide is going to ruin this game.
IN as John Basic-h
For how long will signups be open?
In please.
Also Ironhide will be allowed to join as long as he promises beforehand to play the game how it's supposed to be played. If he doesn't promise to play in the spirit of the game, then he can sit in the corner with CaesarCzech. And if he promises and breaks it, he will be autolynched on the spot.
IN... as... YAKMAN.
Yeah, sure.

In as Lewyn Bertio Giliam-Perry Vere Hamas "The Avenger*" Kane XIV, Lord of Briar Hill*, Hero of the Battle of the Bellicose Plains*, Slayer of Spiders**, Extinguisher of Flames**, Guardian of the Sacred Stone of the Artoryan Council*, Defender of the Weak*, Warrior of the Righteous*, and Rightful Duke of the Guaryna Riverlands*.

* - Citation Needed
** - Sound much better out of context

For the sake of Paradox community sanity, may be called Lewyn Kane.
2am GMT deadline? Not sure I'd be much use in that case.

I'll observe in a ghostly manner again.
I wonder why you've changed the Padre from what normally see these days. It's not as if Padre is exactly an overpowered role.
I wonder why you've changed the Padre from what normally see these days. It's not as if Padre is exactly an overpowered role.
I'm open to rule changes/additions if requested by multiple players with a compelling argument.