[Wells 2.7.1 a5aa] Fleets don't follow Juggernaughts through Hyperlanes

[Wells 2.7.1 a5aa] Fleets don't follow Juggernaughts through Hyperlanes

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Ahr Xanten

Feb 4, 2011
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Hearts of Iron III
  • Semper Fi
  • Victoria 2
  • 500k Club
  • Mount & Blade: Warband
Description: I set my fleet to "follow" (I also tried "Orbit" the other option with the same results) the Juggernaut I had built. I then ordered my Juggernaut to move to a neighbouring system through the hyperlanes. The fleet wasn't given a further order beyond the "Follow" one. The Juggernaut moved to the jump point and translated perfectly normally. The fleet followed the Juggernaut to the jump point but then didn't initiate any jump and sat by the jump point. The fleet still registered as "following" the Juggernaut because as the Juggernaut moved around in the neighbouring system the ETA for the fleet to arrive at the Juggernaut changed.

Version: Wells 2.7.1
Checksum: a5aa
DLC: All DLC's EXCEPT Ancient Relics
Mods: No Mods
Reproduction Steps:
  • Smallest map size
  • Non-Ironman game
  • Machine Species
  • Machine Intelligence Government
  • Incident occurred travelling between systems inside the L-Cluster
  • Grey Tempest L-Cluster event
  • Grey Tempest Home Factory not destroyed
  • Happened during a "Galactic Storm" event, though I'm not familiar with it. This event caused disruption across the galaxy to shields, sensors, and other things.
  • The "Galactic Storm" event wasn't happening [visibly] in either of the two systems mentioned.