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Apr 26, 2002
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Welcome to the Hearts of Iron 2 AAR Forum

This is an abridged version of the main AARland Rules and Guidelines-thread and contains forum specific information.

We wish to take this opportunity to welcome you to the home of the HoI 2 After Action Reports forum, featuring AARs written by you, the fan of Hearts of Iron 2.

AARs are written by the fan for the fan and are meant solely as entertainment. Most importantly, these AARs are a product of the author's imagination and will not necessarily represent historical fact or fan-boy attention to detail. These are stories, and not a platform to nit-pick and argue. In other words, we strongly urge that common sense be utilised when crafting an AAR. The lack of common sense will result in the deletion of the AAR and possible actions from warnings to an outright ban.

As a community of writers, we strongly encourage interaction and mutual support.

As mentioned in the main thread, all members and visitors are expected to read the following forum rules. Ignorance of these rules is not a defense:

General Forum Rules

In addition, here are several AAR-specific rules. These will be treated as seriously as the general board rules posted above:

1. You are here to tell a story, not to offer up crude stereotypes, make political statements in relation to modern day events, unduly criticize or make provocative comments, promote racial hatred or genocide, or promote your own personal agenda. When creating an AAR, all borderline subjects or references shall be avoided. If in doubt, PM a Moderator or Demi-Moderator. As a rule of thumb, if you're in doubt, then it should probably be left out.

2. Interactive AARs:
- If you think an AAR may be interactive then you should check with any of the moderators first. This is fundamental, any AAR we find when wandering around the forums that we believe to be interactive will be locked, and it is much less likely that you will be given permission to then carry on. So rule #1 is very simple - if in doubt: ask before starting.
- If your AAR is what can be termed 'mildly interactive' then, if you ask first, odds on permission will be granted. 'Mildly Interactive' includes votes on very specific options or 'tell me what to play for my AAR' votes. All such votes must be against a short list of clear options, with a very early end date. If this is your intent, and you ask first, most likely an AAR of this type will be given permission;
- If your AAR is fully interactive, you will not be given permission unless you have an existing track record of successfully running and completing conventional AARs on this forum. 'Fully Interactive' is anything that is not covered in the rule above but includes commentators role playing characters, commentators advising the player (in character) or an AAR where the voting is carried out on a regular basis. If you start one of these, without permission, then it will be locked and you will not receive permission to carry on or start a new one. So if you have any doubts, ask.

So the rules are: ask first, if it's complex then make sure you already have experience in running AARs, if it involves some interaction, then it is likely that permission will be granted.

Why do we make this distinction? Because fully interactive AARs are a lot of work for both the thread owner and the moderators. We need to be sure you will be able to sustain the effort and will help us in managing the thread. Unfortunately, past experience indicates that if such a thread goes wrong, it can go very wrong very quickly. Equally if this happens we will hold both the thread owner and any individual posters equally liable.

If you have permission to run an interactive AAR, you should add a note to this effect in the first post, indicating which member of the moderating team agreed.

3. As a reader of AARs, keep in mind one important fact: These stories are alternative history, and as alternative history they shouldn't be subjected to nit-picking, inflammatory statements, knee-jerk reactions or sarcastic comments. This includes claims of cheating.

4. AARs will not become a source of Off-Topic discussions. Keep all comments relevant to the thread. OT posts will be deleted and warnings issued.

5. Listen to the Mods and Demi-Mods. Failure to do so will become most unpleasant.

6. Only one thread per AAR allowed, except in the case of a collaborative or MP AAR. In that case, pass it by the Moderating Team first.

7. Using or linking to graphics that depict questionable material will be deleted and a warning issued. Additionally, linking to graphics from a 3rd party site is to be discouraged, as it cuts into their bandwidth costs. Graphics should be hosted by yourself or through one of several free web-hosters.

8. The following is a very important statement from the Administrators:

NOTE: There will not be any gulags or deathcamps (including POW camps) to build in Hearts of Iron 3, nor will there be the ability to simulate the Holocaust or systematic purges, so I ask you not to discuss these topics as they are not related to this game. Thank You.

NOTE: Strategic bombing in HoI will be abstracted and not allow you to terror bomb civilians specifically. Chemical weapons will also not be included in the game. Any threads that complain about this issue will be closed without discussion.

NOTE: There will not be any swastikas in the game, because it IS illegal to show them in Germany and various other countries. Same goes for other Nazi symbols (e.g. related to the SS) or Nazi propaganda material, including songs etc. Any links posted to a mod which includes a Swastika or other illegal Nazi symbols will be deleted. Any threads that complain about this issue will be closed.

Anyone discussing any of the above items on this board is liable to be banned.

Now, with the nasty bits aside, you will find the Mods and DMs to be extremely accessible and open to suggestions and ideas.

Write On!


(plagiarized from the intro written by Lord Durham for HOI)
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