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Congrats, Asantahene!
I am more than thankful to @vyshan as I have said and will continue to do so. However, I would like to bring this particular weekly award back to the historical Sunday hand off, if I can. Before I do, I would like to give great thanks to everyone that has offered many nice words on this AAR's behalf. I truly appreciate it, even if you aren't commenting. ;)

Now with that out of the way, I wish to present an AAR that I have been waiting to give you for a number of days. I will not deny that it is an influence, nor would I wish to. It is so good! As I began to write mine and looked out to other works, this AAR claimed my eyes immediately. Indeed, the subject matter is close. But there are a couple of years between the two. And the the seeming research done is most impressive. And as much as the author seems to like my dialogue, I must return the complement!

Thus, I give you Asantahene's The Wolves of Westseaxna-a tale of Wessex.

I apologize for keeping the Showcase in CK2 for a bit longer but that is where I am plying my trade at present. And I believe these weeklies should be looking for gems amongst the rocks. This is one of those. (And perhaps the nod might prompt our good writAAR to produce a new update. ;) )

So yes, read the work and enjoy. Give all the congratulations you may desire in this thread. But more than anything, throw him a comment. That would be divine!

Congratulations, @Asantahene. This is more than deserved!
Man coz1 thanks so much for this fantastic honour! I am really enjoying writing again and it has been nice to gather a small but select band of commentators for this new tale. It is high praise indeed coming from you with your history in these forums so I can only say thanks so much and that all those of you who are reading or who will read do let me know what you think as feedback is so important.
Congratulations Asantahene !

And belatedly to cos1 too ! (Have now caught up :) )
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Congratulations to @coz1 for the previous and to @Asantahene for the current!
Ok guys it's been an honour to hold this title for the week and it's great to see so many cracking CK2 AARs coming along since I was really worried when Stellaris came out that it'd spell the death of them.

I do like a good narrative history style AAR and this author has ingeniously combined this with a lecturer style that allows good interaction where they always remain in character.

The author is thebutterflycomposer and the story is: The Empire of Albion, a cracking take ofAnglo Saxon Britannia where the legends of Arthurian myth come to the life as the Pendragon dynasty.
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Very many congratulations
Wow. I didn't not expect this!
I've had such a great time writing my first AAR after a year of reading everyone else's great work. A new update from the professor will be posted tonight and I am told he is as delighted as I am.

A note from Sir Monmouth:
"Oh...oh right, you want me to start-now? Yes, ah, hello everyone one on the 'forums' as I like to call it. Whilst I am admittedly no stranger to acclaim for my work, I am amazed by the responses so far for this online edition. The questions and debates found here most make me want to teach again.
Anyway, thank you very much and happy reading everyone!"
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An excellent choice and an AAR I am enjoying immensely!

Congratulations, Butterfly!
Congratulations! It's very well deserved!