Weekly AAR Showcase: The Red Heart of Europe - A modded Burgundian AAR

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Here is some elaboration on the rules for passing this on:

a) primary responsibility for keeping these awards moving rests with the awarder. If you haven't heard from your nominee by the following sunday, then its your responsibility (& pleasure) to pick again;
b) if the award goes missing for two weeks, one of the mods will post in the thread. This might indicate that it will be passed on asap. Lets face it we all take breaks from the forum and its unfair to deny someone a chance to pick their nominee just because they are exceptionally busy or taking a holiday;
c) on the other hand, this might indicate that the award is stuck. At that stage making a nomination for a new nominee is first come, first served. The proposals around voting are too difficult to manage in reality and the delight of all these awards is they are idiosyncratic, its what an individual llkes, not, as with the ACAs, what we as an AAR community like.

Organization of Post:
1. Weekly AAR Showcase Winners (reverse chronological, by month)
2. Guidelines
3. First Nomination

Weekly AAR Showcase Winners

May 2024
Jak's Game Guide: An EU4 Tutorial by jak7139 (EUIV)
12 The Red Heart of Europe - A modded Burgundian AAR by High Speed Flying Gladius (CK3)

April 2024
Siberian Prosperity - an Economic CK2 AAR by Sanvone (CK2)
14 Galactic Pacification for Dummies by Peter Ebbesen (Stellaris)
21 The Broken Gates by Macavity116 (CK3)
28 Poles Apart - an HOI4 Ahistory by Bullfilter (HoI4)

March 2024
24 Medieval Lithuanian History - Lecture Notes - University of Kaunas (a Lithuanian Megacampaign AAR) by ardsss (CK3)
31 Rex Germania - A Brandenburg to Prussia Strategy AAR by Rensslaer (EUIV)

February 2024
The Third Odyssey - An Elysian Tale by Crimson Lionheart (EUIV)
25 The Christian Kingdom of Sarir - the Forgotten Persian Principality by Killcrazy13 (CK3)

January 2024
Blood and Empire: A Clash of Civilisations by Bullfilter (CK2)
21 American Carnage - A United States Kaiserreich AAR by Tommy4ever (HoI4)
28 Roman Restoration: A Byzantine Campaign by Legosim (EUIV)

December 2023
Mead and Blood by The Kingmaker (CK3)
10 The Line of Alexios by Nikolai (CK3)
17 The Leicesters: History of England under the House of Dudley-Tudor by ageofadelina (EUIV)
24 King of Kings, the story of Tehrani Persia by David of Miami (CK3)

November 2023
The German Century (Kaiserreich AAR) by Basileus2 (HoI4)
13 Blood, Gold and Hellfire: An EU4 Anbennar, Mykx AAR by Sybot (EUIV)
26 Song of the Solitaire by Macavity116 (Stellaris)

October 2023
Rise and fall of the Imperium of Nova Terra by Falhxer (Stellaris)
15 Forlorn Hope - A Germany Endsieg AAR by Rolexovsky (DH)
22 Here Dwells God - A Jewish Poland AAR, Part Four by Tommy4ever (DH)

September 2023
Machinations of the Medici by jak7139 (EUIV)
10 Confessing Their Apostasies (A Mildly Interactive AAR) by HistoryDude (CK3)
17 The Thin Wedge of Europe by Revan86 (EUIV)

August 2023
The Wars of the Roses by coz1 (EUIV)
27 Shining Stars - A United States Coming of Age Saga by Rensslaer (V2)

July 2023
Deeper Understanding by Von Acturus (Stellaris)
16 Tomorrow Belongs To Me: A 'Democratic' Germany AAR by TheButterflyComposer (HoI4)

June 2023
The TerraGen Dominion, Volume 1 by CBR JGWRR (Stellaris)
25 The Tebadoran Citizen Union: A Military Hegemony Driven by Unity and Vengeance by Amel12 (Stellaris)

May 2023
The Fourth Age by Uriel Blackwing (AoW4)
21 From Pendragon to Prominence by Olden Weiss (CK3)

April 2023
Dreams of an Honest World - a Mexico V3 AAR by Chilango2 (V3)
30 Life2.0 - a Broken Shackles Narrative by CBR JGWRR (Stellaris)

March 2023
The Zenak Unity - Our awakening by danivon (Stellaris)
12 Grand Theft Stellaris by Macavity116 (Stellaris)
19 The Empire Strikes Back - Part 4 by Idhrendur (HoI4)
26 Suryavamsali - An iAAR by KiratRawr (CK2)

January 2023
The Kuzari or the Book of Refutation and Proof on Behalf of the Despised Religion [Alt-History Steppe AAR] by Killcrazy13 (CK3)
22 The Book of Zion (A CK3 Protocol) by TheNikus (CK3)

December 2022
Born to Breed: House of the Prophets by Peter Ebbesen (CK3)
25 Stellaris Wars: A Nemesis Ironman Saga II - Rebellion: The Imperium at War by Arithmetician (Stellaris)

November 2022
"The Dawn is Near" - A White Russian Novel AAR by Khanconette (HoI4)

October 2022
Imperial Cheese: The Improbably Incredible Rise of the Italian Empire by TheButterflyComposer (HoI4)
23 The Lions of Olomouc: a CKIII Ironman AAR (Duchy of Moravia, 867) by Revan86 (CK3)

September 2022
SPQR - The Senate and People of Rome by nAssailant (I:R)

August 2022
Tales from Saxony by Austregisel (CK2)
14 In the Shadow of the Ancients - An Assyrian AAR, Part Two by Tommy4ever (EUIV)
21 A Tale as Old as Time: Book II: The Dual Monarchy - A Paradox Mega-Campaign AAR by ibicko (EUIV)

July 2022
The Dragon's Realm, A House Targaryen AAR by streaker77 (CK2)
10 The Last Days of the Han (Three Kingdoms AAR) by Zamarak500 (CK2)
17 A Galaxy of Wonder by naxhi24 (Stellaris)

June 2022
The Butterfly Effect: A British AAR by El Pip (HoI2)
19 King of Kings - An Iran HPP AAR by RustyHunter (HoI3)
26 Poles Apart - an HOI4 Ahistory by Bullfilter (HoI4)

May 2022
At the Edge of the World - The Anglo-Saxon Conquest of Britain by Senior Chamoy (CK3)
15 IberiAARn Tales by Nikolai (CK3)
22 The Kingdom of Jerusalem by Werther (CK3)
29 En la Sombra de Morazan: A Central American AAR by Zeogludon (V2)

April 2022
Crowns of the Levant by Werther (CK3)
17 The Sea Beyond The Sky - An Aquatic AAR by Nikolai (Stellaris)
24 Annuntio Vobis: A Papal History of Italy by slothinator (V2)

March 2022
The Russian Path, Part 3 - Megacampaign by Gamov_Andrew (V2)
27 The Eastern Vikings, Part 4 - Baltic Megacampaign by RedTemplar (HoI4)

Februari 2022
Shattered Glass: A Narrative Stellaris AAR by Von Acturus (Stellaris)
13 Onward, Toward Perfection (Anthology of the Enclave of Eternity) WIP by Quinzal (Stellaris)
20 The Thin Wedge of Europe by Revan89 (EUIV)

January 2022
The Greater Central America Co-Prosperity Sphere: An Expansionist Cuba AAR (Vanilla | Ironman) by Qwaszx54321 (HoI4)
23 The Nation of the Tagalogs: A Tondo Megacampaign AAR by Black Watch (EUIV)
30 Chronicles of the Polish Empire Reaching the Stars - A CK3/EU4/Victoria2 to Stellaris Megacampaign AAR by Nikolai (Stellaris)

November 2021
Song of the Karlings: Karloman's Legacy by LPDK 356 (CK2)
14 Rise of Eagles - A Dream of White Russian Victory Mod AAR by Henry v. Keiper (HoI4)

October 2021
A Tale as Old as Time: Book II: The Dual Monarchy - A Paradox Mega-Campaign AAR by ibicko (EUIV)
10 The Secret History of the Bargas by filcat (CK3)
17 A Gentleman's War : The Middle-East Command (HoI3 TFH - UK AAR) by Eurasia (HoI3)
24 Empire for Liberty: America in the Long Nineteenth Century by volksmarschall (V2)
31 Annuntio Vobis: A Papal History of Italy by slothinator (V2)

September 2021
The Lions of Olomouc: a CKIII Ironman AAR (Duchy of Moravia, 867) by Revan86 (CK3)
12 The Rise of Russia by HistoryDude (V2)
26 Wings of Faith, Wings of Fury - A Slavic Pagan Revival AAR by Superstorm (CK2)

August 2021
Stellaris Wars: A Nemesis Ironman Saga by Arithmetician (Stellaris)
8 One World is not Enough- Normans in Space by harg (Stellaris)
15 The Eastern Vikings, Part 4 - Baltic Megacampaign by RedTemplar (HoI4)
22 Settling the Steppe - An Anti-Horselord Gothic AAR by alscon (CK2)

July 2021
One Heart, One Soul, One Mind, One Goal: A Republic of China HPP AAR by RustyHunter (HoI3)
11 After the Fall - A Byzantine Restoration AAR by Flinteroon (CK2)
18 Chronicles of Poland by Nikolai (CK3)
25 All Our Sins Remembered by Macavity116 (Stellaris)

June 2021
Bastion of the East - A de Bailleul AAR by RustyHunter (CK2)
13 "One and Indivisible" (A Russian Kaiserreich AAR) by Aussie Perun (DH)
20 Blut und Schlacht (Blood and Battle): A Learner's Saga by Bullfilter (CK2)
27 Don't Make Anas Out Of Me: The Legend Of Italian Rus by Alfred Packer (CK2)

May 2021
You Would Have A Queen: Gaia's Stepdaughters, redux by Cora Giantkiller (Stellaris)
23 Avon Las Observes by Midnite Duke (CK2)
30 God Willing and the Creek Do Rise by coz1 (EUIV)

April 2021
The White Eagle & the Knight: A Polish AAR by RossN (EUIV)
25 Urbi et Orbi - A Rome AAR by Stuckenschmidt (I:R)

March 2021
Alexander's Funeral Games - Epirus AAR by Argead33 (I:R)
14 The Black Eagle - A Russian History (1444-1821) by Crimson Lionheart (EUIV)

February 2021
The Caliphate of al-Rus: A Kievan AAR by Cora Giantkiller (CK3)
14 Haw Dywedyd "Mynydd" Na Myned Drosto - A Welsh Megacampaign Part 1 by tubplunger (CK3)
21 Echoes of A New Tomorrow: Life After Revolution in the Commonwealth of Britain by DensleyBlair (V2)
28 Mother AnAARchy Loves Her Sons: A TNO Siberian Black Army AAR by Alex Kamal (HoI4)

January 2021
Chronicles of Conradin: A Hohenstaufen Resurgence by Tyler96 (CK2)
17 Rend the Thorns: a Chronicle of England by Great Mantis (EUIV)
24 For All We Have and Are: Great Britain in the Great War - (1901 Series) by BigBadBob (V2)
31 Here Dwells God - A Jewish Poland AAR, Part Three by Tommy4ever (V2)

December 2020
For All We Have and Are: Britain in the Great War by BigBadBob (V2)
27 The Most Sublmie Porte - An Ottoman AAR by Riotkiller (V2)

November 2020
"The New Era of Discovery" The Republic of Concordia Stellaris AAR by Sharkrat (Stellaris)
8 Superior Arguments: A Stellaris AAR by eoncommander (Stellaris)
15 The Eastern Vikings, Part 3 - Baltic Mega-Campaign by RedTemplar (V2)
22 The Steed and the Sea: a Roderlo Megacampaign by J_Master (EUIV)

October 2020
Again with the Norman Invasion. Story of the Hautevilles. by hjarg (CK3)
18 The Carolingian Renaissance by The Kingmaker (CK3)
25 Watching From Afar by Nikolai (CK3)

September 2020
The Chronicle of Black and Gold by Twighlight Array 17 (CK3)
20 A Most Forgiving Land: A Nigerian Coast AAR by Cora Giantkiller (CK3)
27 The White Eagle & the Knight: A Polish AAR by RossN (EUIV)

August 2020
No Love, No Comfort - A Stellaris Fanfiction by Methone (Stellaris)
30 Empire of the Bear: A History-Book After the End AAR by GangsterSynod (CK2)

July 2020
Shōwa Democracy - A Darkest Hour Kaiserreich Cold War AAR (Japan) by Heath (DH)

June 2020
The Thorn of the Rose by stnylan (HoI4)
14 The Azure Dragon Soars Again by vyshan (HoI4)
21 May the Sun Never Set: A British AAR by Jape (V2)
28 Here Dwells God - A Jewish Poland AAR, Part Two by Tommy4ever (EUIV)

May 2020
Historical French AAR, 1936 by makif130289 (HoI4)
17 Give 'em the Ol' Basel Razzle-Dazzle - A Habsburg AAR by Green Rice (CK2)
24 The Quest for the amulet of Malik Bahram Lodi - A Sirhind AAR by DukeOfNorfolk (EUIV)
31 Songs of the Saiiban - A Poetic AAR by Chilango2 (Stellaris)

April 2020
"A wehraboo and a hat in charge of Ital" A story AAR by Farsky (HoI3)
12 Patria, Justicia, y Libertad -- Synarchist Mexico AAR by RedTemplar (HoI4)
19 Stardancers - A Federations AAR by RossN (Stellaris)
26 Pax Astra - A Stellaris AAR by Rawghi (Stellaris)

March 2020
Read All About It! - A Community NewspapAAR by El Pip & friends (V2)
29 A Royal Prerogative - A UK AAR by Le Jones (HoI4)

February 2020
Roman Restoration: A Byzatine Campaign by Legosim (EUIV)
9 Echoes of A New Tomorrow: Life after Revolution in the Commonwealth of Britain by DensleyBlair (V2)
16 Rainbow Butterfly Paradise by Chipbeam (Stellaris)

January 2020
The Fox on the Frontier: A CK2 Sindh AAR by mad orc (CK2)
19 The Times of Strife - A A.U.S. Kaiserreich 4 AAR by cosmelll (HoI4)

December 2019
Jerusalem Calling - Khazarian AAR by terr0rizm (CK2)
8 Praise the Rats: A Georgia AAR (936 AD) by Big Byzantine Blob (CK2)
19 A History of the Iron Throne - A AGOT History ook AAR by AxolotlKnight (CK2)
29 Quick and Dirty 2: A Soviet Resurgence (HOI3 - March 1944 start) by Bullfilter (HoI3)

November 2019
The Eternal City - A Rome AAR by Stuckenschmidt (I:R)
15 Patria, Justicia, y Libertad -- Synarchist Mexico AAR by RedTemplar (HoI4)
25 Utsunimiya's War - HoI3(TFH) Japan AAR by Eurasia (HoI3)

October 2019
Rome, All There is is Rome, Glorious and Alone -- Paxus Roma by jasondroth24 (I:R)
12 Rebirth of a Nation- an Etruscan Tale by hjarg (I:R)
19 Superior Arguments: A Stellaris AAR by eoncommander (Stellaris)
27 Discoveries of the Hydari Imperium by Nikolai (Stellaris)

September 2019
Lanes of the Sahara: A CK2 Banu Khattab AAR by lad (CK2)
8 Dream of the Eagles - Mildly Interactive AAR by Crimson Lionheart (EUIV)
15 Bleu, Blanc et Rouge: A History of France in Three Colors by slothinator (V2)
22 A Kingdom in the Sky: A Ü-Tsang AAR by RossN (CK2)

August 2019
Echoes of A New Tomorrow: Life after Revolution in the Commonwealth of Britain by DensleyBlair (V2)
11 Lillies and Stripes - An Anjou Hungary AAR by Sylas (CK2)
18 Ƕar Baris Standiþ — The Forgotten Children of Gothiscandza by A Yorks (CK2)
25 Crete Balls of Fire - An Ierapetran AAR by PEnglish82 (I:R)

July 2019
Against the Great Animal Calamity - a mildly interactive megacampaign by alscon (CK2)
14 Waiting for Nürhachi - a Kunlun AAR by Dodge (EUIV)
21 The Patrian Republic - A Semi-Interactive AAR by magnum2016 (Stellaris)
28 Towards Blue Skies - a "realistic" UNE story (with 170+ mods) by Charger24 (Stellaris)

June 2019
Becoming: A Stellaris AAR by react0rman (Stellaris)
9 First Steps Among The Stars by Zeogludon (Stellaris)
16 Superior Arguments: A Stellaris AAR by eoncommander (Stellaris)
23 Empire for Liberty: America in the Long Nineteenth Century by volksmarschall (V2)
30 Road of Queens - CKII India AAR by Eurasia (CK2)

May 2019
The Red Star by Dodge (Stellaris)
12 Faith in Chaos - A Stellaris Story by Macavity116 (Stellaris)
19 The dark reign of the Gulk-Furki by starkwolf (Stellaris)
26 All Rhodes Lead To Rome by Nikolai (I:R)

April 2019

England Lives...and MArches on! - A Kaiserreich Story by alex man142 (HoI4)
21 The Yellow Rose - A Texas AAR by PresidentStorm (V2)
28 Bleu, Blanc et Rouge, A History of France in Three Colors by slothinator (V2)

March 2019

NABAAR - Not Another Byzantine After Action Report by Leandor (CK2)
10 Chronicles of Conradin: A Hohenstaufen Resurgence by Tyler96 (CK2)
17 Chrobatian Tales by valentino (CK2)
24 Wolf of the Plains - a Persian AAR by DumBMan (CK2)
31 The Great Pillar: Deeds of the Saxon by coz1 (CK2)

February 2019

A Paper-Thin Kingdom (KR+Lithuania Submod AAR) by Augenis (DH)

January 2019

The Golden Circle - A Kaiserreich Cuba AAR with a twist by SibCDC (HoI4)
13 Huēhuehcāyōmatiliztli Mēxihcah: A Narrative Aztec AAR by CollapsingHrungDisaster (EUIV)
20 The Empress and I - A Tale from Rome by KaiserWilhelmI (EUIV)
27 Bringing back the Army with a State - a Germany PWV AAR by stevefitz744 (DH)

December 2018
Holy Fury AAR: Ivar the Bönless by WJS (CK2)
9 Miskatonic University, Class of 1836 by Bratmon (V2)
16 Pax Americana or Guarantor of Peace as USA (England start 1.26 on VH) by mackwolfe (EUIV)
23 Italian Ambitions: A Florence AAR by JerseyGiants88 (EUIV)
30 The Most Sublime Porte by Riotkiller (V2)

November 2018
Land of the Silver Birch - A Canadian AAR by vyshan (V2)
18 The Age of Brass: A Spanish AAR by RossN (V2)
25 The Last Goth by AlexanderPrimus (CK2)

October 2018
A Galaxy Awakes: An Only Primitives AAR by MobCleaner (Stellaris)
21 Peace in a Violent Galaxy: Pacifist Snail Scientists by GregoryTheGreat (Stellaris)
28 The World is our Oyster. Story of Portugal by hjarg (EUIV)

September 2018
A Never Ending Struggle - A Human Stellaris AAR by crisrko (Stellaris)
8 Imperial Blood: A CK2-Stellaris Megacampaign by Firespread (CK2)
14 Into the West - (Pt 2.Khitan Image Heavy Megacampaign) by dragoon9105 (CK2)

August 2018
The Third Odyssey - An Elysian Tale by Crimson Lionheart (EUIV)
19 The Hohenzollern Kings of America - A HFM Victoria II AAR by Baltimorehero33 (V2)

July 2018
Sanctuary of the Second World - A Stellaris AAR by Methanogen (Stellaris)

June 2018
Civis Romanus Sum (An Eu-Rome Vae Victis AAR) by Bullfilter (Rome)
10 American AAR: AI Experiments in HoI3 by Eurasia (HoI3)
24 The Hohenzollern Kings of America - A HFM Victoria II AAR by Baltimorehero33 (V2)

May 2018
In Flanders Fields: A Kaiserreich AAR as Belgium by SibCDC (HoI4)
13 Trek Wars: The Final Frontier Strikes Back by diskoerektoe (V2)

April 2018
Inki, daugther of Ukna by Wolfgang I (Stellaris)
22 Snowstorms and Ice: Legends of the Kayani Empire by fabiolundiense (CK2)
29 The Rise of the Danes: An Extended Timelines mod AAR by Empire of Ming (EUIV)

March 2018
Forza Italia! by Jape (V2)
18 Omnious? The Omni Council Into The Great Unknown by Nikolai (Stellaris)
25 Children of the Sath'ka---reboot, Story of the Tor'van by jasondroth24 (Stellaris)

February 2018
Whiteshirts of England: A History of the Hvitserk Dynasty of Jorvik AAR by tpmcinty (CK2)
11 Before Plantagenet - A House d'Anjou AAR by JabberJock14 (CK2)
25 L'Empereur est mort: A French AAR by RossN (V2)

January 2018
The Red Crown: a sAARdinian Tale by Prominences (CK2)
21 The Lands of the Lord of the Bow: a Makuria AAR by Crosswire (CK2)
28 The History of House Flatnefr - A wiki-style AAR by CBusAlex (CK2)

December 2017
[1.23] Descent into Madness - The Three Mountains by SKOTy (EUIV)
24 Sarig Yogir: Horde at Large [1.22 Animist One Tag, One Faith Attempt] by firezatswill9 (EUIV)

November 2017
The Bold Prince by coz1 (CK2)
12 Blut und Schlacht (Blood and Battle): A Learner’s Saga by Bullfilter (CK2)
19 The Alternate Scenario - Germany by Vonsson (HoI3)

October 2017
The Eastern Vikings - Baltic Megacampaign by RedTemplar (CK2)
19 You shall not core! (a friendly France fAARce of an AAR) by Silverbow (EUIV)
29 The TTTUNA (Tales of Torrid Tunisian Nights Aar) by fabiolundiense (EUIV)

September 2017
Inevitable Defeat - Slovakia '44 by El Pip (HoI3)
10 The Presidents: The Vietnam War Edition by Nathan Madien (HoI2)
17 The Two-Headed Hydra (Japan Naval Expansion Mod) by Maksymus (DH)
24 Blue Sky, White Sun, And A Wholly Red Fort: Asia's Liberation Wars by zanaikin (DH)

August 2017
Hunter of the Sun II by Dodge (Stellaris)
13 The Falling Stars by Mighty (Stellaris)
20 A VictoriAARn Education by stnylan (V2)
27 Advance Britannia! - A Kaiserreich Restored UK AAR by George_VI (HoI4)

July 2017
Stellaris: The Jeremiad by volksmarschall (Stellaris)
16 Res Gestae Gentis Lartiae - a Roman Restoration AAR by LudoOttavio (CK2)
24 The Savory Succession of Savoy by links74 (EUIV)

June 2017
Loyaulte Me Lie - Dual Monarchy IAAR - Divergences of Darkness by Plank of Wood (V2)
12 The Empire of Albion by TheButterflyComposer (CK2)
21 From England to America by silentsam5 (V2)

May 2017
Imperial Hearts (Pt. 4 Austrian Image Heavy Mega campaign) by dragoon9105 (HoI4)
14 Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor Earth two masters - A Greece Conquest AAR by durvas (V2)
21 Revolution and Reaction - A (very) French Victoria II Interactive AAR GM'd by 99KingHigh (V2)

April 2017
“UK Motorway” a Blitzkrieg-Scenario AAR by markkur (HoI3)
8 Land of the Honest People by Le Pix (V2)
22 Use of Weapons by Farquharson (Stellaris)
30 Regere Imperio Populos: The Romans Bring the Gift of Peace to the Universe by Uriah (Stellaris)

March 2017
The Legacy of the White Knight - A Historical Hungary AAR by kakatua (EUIV)
12 De Staten Generaal: A Historical Holland AAR by TheBearIsHere (EUIV)
19 'The March of the Machines' France 1936 AAR by Eurasia (HoI3)
26 Talking Turkey: Alternate History from 1936 by Bullfilter (HoI3)

February 2017
The Galactic Times - My First Attempt at an AAR by SuperGeek89 (Stellaris)
12 The Wolf of Colovia - A Kvatch Elder Kings AAR by KaiserKvatch (CK2)
19 Killing Democracy with a Smile and a Wink - a KR Russian AAR by OConnor18 (DH)
26 Avalon: The Worker's Paradise (Union of Britain KR AAR) by Carrotguy97 (DH)

January 2017
The Hosokawa Hootenanny by Ykcin81 (EUIV)
8 Build a better blurple: a Candar AAR by Y.D. Dandy (EUIV)
15 Hindsight 20/20: a Dutch narrative AAR by J_Master (HoI4)
22 North Sea Empire: A Knýtling AAR by ShinWalks (EUIV)
29 Pax Humanitas by stnylan (Stellaris)

December 2016
Anniona and Iron pt 3 by dragoon9105 (V2)
18 HAIDA 1.18 North American natives WC attempt on very hard mode AAR by atwix (EUIV)
25 The Golden Stool - An Ashanti NNM AAR by LWE (V2)

November 2016
Millennium's Eve by Nuada Airgetlám (CK2)
20 "Ourselves Alone": A Kaiserreich Ireland AAR by ReinhardtKrantz (DH)
27 Meh, I Can Take 'Em — a CK2 Hohenzollern HIP DisastAAR by Crushric (CK2)

October 2016
Beyond Granada: A Zirid AAR by AbZeroNow (CK2)
9 Victoria 2 AAR La Serenissima: A Venetian Divergences AAR by vyshan (V2)
16 The Rightful King by coz1 (CK2)
23 The Wolves of Westseaxna - a tale of Wessex by Asantahene (CK2)
30 The Empire of Albion by TheButterflyComposer (CK2)

September 2016
The Warlord - A Narrative Nationalist China AAR by EmpireofOne (HoI4)
11 Let the Sun Rise by Dohaeris (CK2)
25 The TOSCGA - Torrechiavenna of Snow-Capped Grisons AAR by fabiolundiense (CK2)

August 2016
Siena in Africa. A colonialist AAR by qwertzuiop (EUIV)

July 2016
The Phoenix Rises: Fascist Greece AAR by Gerulus Sum (HoI4)
31 Frieden in unserer Zeit? - A Germany AAR by HecNev (HoI4)

June 2016
Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter: The Emergence of Austria-Hungary by cpm4001 (V2)
12 Italian Ambitions: A Florence AAR by JerseyGiants88 (EUIV)
19 The Light-Speed Lombards by RedTemplar (Stellaris)
26 The Stars are Ours by JohnnyMacintosh (Stellaris)

May 2016
One Rome, One Sultan by Xhanada (CK2)
8 Love of Liberty: A Liberia AAR by Resinex112 (V2)
15 The Aviarium Continuum: The Greater Flight of the Bird People by Yenzen (Stellaris)
22 Cracks in the Shell by Deaghaidh (Stellaris)
29 One Hundred and Forty-Four by TheBeautifulVoid (Stellaris)

April 2016
The Lost Crusade by Dunaden (CK2)
10 The Hardrada Chronicles by ThaHoward (CK2)
17 The Sun Never Sets by delpiero1234 (EUIV)
24 Reindeer, Reindeer everywhere by Janha (CK2)

March 2016
The Sun Has Risen (A Divergences AAR) by Aliasing (V2)
13 Han[n]over by Athalcor (V2)
20 No Soap, Radio - A POD AlaskAAR in a Balkanized World by Qwerty7 (V2)
27 The Decline and Fall of Roman Civilization by volksmarschall (EUIV)

February 2016
Invincible and Legendary by sebas379 (HOI3)
14 The Might of the Fatherland: A DWI Barbarossa AAR by ErwinRommel7Pzr (HOI3)
21 Hail To Thee In Victor's Crown: Kaiserreich German Empire AAR by LoneStar Prussian (DH)
28 Dance with the Devil - A KR Combined Syndicated of America AAR by IconofEvi (DH)

January 2016
British Steel by misterbean (EUIV)
10 The Eagle of Prague by CrazyDerp (CK2)
17 Black Tsar by Vlad_Dracul1989 (DH)
24 The History of Russia by Stuckenschmidt (CK2)

December 2015
An Alternate World War II - "Realtime" - UK by MacGowan (DH)
20 The Third Rome - Italian AAR by Vlad_Dracul1989 (DH)
27 Ætheling by Andzrej I (CKII)

November 2015
CascadiAAR by Dadarian (V2)
15 News from Mitteleuropa by Trinitrotoluen (DH)
29 From England to America by silentsam5 (CK2)

October 2015
Neapolitan Nightmare by Michaelangelo (EUIV)
11 Imperium Neapolis by Cityracer (EUIV)
18 Stranded: A Nuova Italia AAR by blklizard (EUIV)
25 The Gaitskell Years by DensleyBlair (DH)

September 2015
Freedom's Darkest Hour by Kaiser_Mobius (DH)
13 "For the Republic!" - A Russian Republic KR AAR by Patrick Harte (DH)
20 Unione, Forza, e Liberta! by Attalus (V2)
27 Real Roman Renaissance by alscon (CK2)

August 2015
The Middle Kingdom: A Sinocentric China AAR by Hethran (V2)
16 Prosperity Through Peace Alone: Germany After the Great War, 1933 -- by MastahCheef117 (DH)
23 Darkest Night, Glorious Dawn: A 1944 Japan AAR (NWO2) by der Kriegsherr (DH)

July 2015
The Sword, the Cross, and the Harp by B5Alpha (CK2)
12 Theocratic Italy by Kagemin (EUIV)
19 Balughals Rising - from Tribe to Hype! by LanMisa (EUIV)
26 The war is not lost, the war will never be lost - Germany 1945 by Eric8344 (DH)

June 2015
The French Struggle by Italianajt (CK2)
14 Sweet Arabyan Nightmare by silfae (CK2)
21 Dreams of Being the Sword of Morning by JNOGaming (CK2)
28 The Crowned Stags by MattSR30 (CK2)

May 2015
WC attempt as a Native American by ikkiks (EUIV)
10 Ryukyu Three Mountains One Tag by atwix (EUIV)
17 A history of World War II by those who lived it by Avindian (HOI3)
24 Around the World by Michaelangelo (EUIV)
31 Long(er) Lasting Lombards by RedTemplar (EUIV)

April 2015
The Southern Eagle by Rovsea (V2)
12 Vive L'Empereur by Antonine (DH)
19 Papal Supremacy by 34625197 (EUIV)
26 A Horde by Any Other Name by Vlorious (EUIV)

March 2015
In Spite of Tyrants by Jape (V2)
15 The Crown Atomic by cookfl (DH)
22 The Middle Kingdom by Hethran (V2)

February 2015
The Poraj Identity by fabiolundiese (CK2)
8 This is SpAARtenos! by Yenzen (CK2)
15 Norgesveldet by Nikolai (CK2)
22 Wessex and the History of the British Isles bu Stuckenschmidt (CK2)

January 2015
"Up to the Euphrates and Tigris" - An Egypt AAR by Attalus (V2)
11 Real Roman Renaissance by alscon (CK2)
18 The Original Dukes of Comedy by Byzntinebriated (EUIV)
25 How do you like them Naples? by drSandworm (EUIII)

December 2014
United No Longer by SkywalkerT-65 (DH)
13 This is Madness 2 by CzokletMuss (EUIV)

November 2014
The House of Threedrop by Henry v. Keiper (CK2)

October 2014
Edge of Europe by Thunderhawk3 (V2)
19 Österreich über Alles by Nick Giordano (V2)

September 2014
Elefthería i thánatos by Stuckenschmidt (V2)

August 2014
As We See Fit by Sigsmund (DH)
10 Foedere et Religione Tenemur by Delpiero1234 (EUIV)
17 Mini Venice -- a Ragusa AAR by finnishdude101 (EUIV)
24 Austria Ironman by Two-Piece (EUIV)
31 All Hope Lies in Rome by defensedefumer (CKII)

July 2014
Soviets Rising by Zorro (V2)
20 The French EmpiAAR strikes back! by spiller68 (V2)
27 Durch den Kampf, Uberleben Wir by Shellshocked (EU4)

June 2014
A House United by Jape (V2)
8 The Butterfly Effect by El Pip (HOI 2)
15 All Hail Britannia! by Athalcor (V2)
22 The Australia Project by InvisibleSandwi (V2)
29 Un Sogna d'Italia by JerseyGiants88 (EU4)

May 2014
A Shadow over the Pacific by TehDarkMiner (HOI3)
11 All Alone by Ilaruum (HOI3)
18 The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by volksmarschall (EUIV)
25 Lords of France by Merrick Chance (EUIII)

April 2014
The Road to Liberty by rorlegion (V2)
13 In Spite of Tyrants by Jape (V2)
20 Struggle for Survival by StoneColdCroat (DH)
27 Warriors of the North by Skywalker_T-65 (HOI3)

March 2014
The Red Empire by Asalto (DH)
9 The Dual Monarchy at War by Kaiser_Mobius (DH)
16 Achtung Panzer II by Lucifer (DH)
23 Vive l'Empereur by Antonine (DH)
30 The Forgotten Latin Kingdom by Darknotez (EUIV)

February 2014
In the Shadow of Greatness by Seelmeister (MOTE)
9 Pax Quaeritur Bello by MondoPotato (EUIV)
16 Return of the Spartiates by wriener (EU: Rome)
23 The Little Lion That Could by John Forsetti (V2)

January 2014
Random World Order by CatKnight (EUIV)
12 A Biography of Great Men by DensleyBlair (V2)
19 A House United by Jape (V2)
26 A Veteran's Return to the Fatherland by Zorro (HOI)

December 2013
This is Madness by CzolketMuss (CKII)
15 In the Shadow of Certain, Painful Doom by Philo32b (CKII)
22 Return of the Welfs by tnick (CKII)
29 The Oldest God by Avindian (CKII)

November 2013
Monroe and Roosevelt for the Win! by Zorro (VII)
10 Reclaiming the Empire by Mindmeld_me (HOI3)

October 2013
Your Wee Bit Hill and Glen by Seelmeister (EUIV)
13 From Eagle to Phoenix by Tanzhang (EUIV)
20 The Dragon's Head by Gotya64 (EUIV)
27 The Recluse and the Meta by Jestor (CKII)

September 2013
Apokatastasis by Lucius Sulla (CKII)
9 We Cannot Sow by Werewhale (CKII)
15 No Retreat No Surrender - A Modern Day (YAMDaM) Latvia AAR by Latvian

August 2013
Dai Nippon Teikoku (Great Imperial Nation of Japan) by misterbean (HOI3)
11 Alptraum by TekcoR (HOI3)
18 A Brave New World - A Portuguese AAR by Belgiumruler (EUIV)
25 Bloodsnake and Battlewolf by Revan86 (CKII)

July 2013
Romania: A Case Study by RikD (HOI3)

June 2013
The Republic - A Central American AAR by MondoPotato (V2)
23 The Shadow of God: An Ottoman History by Jape (EU3)
30 United We Shall Remain: A New Netherlands AAR for Victoria II Heart of Darkness 3.02 by Tanzhang (V2)

May 2013
Rise of House Nedalskip by Oestado (CKII)
19 The Necronomicon in Byzantium – Horrible Tale of The House Angelos by CzokletMuss (CKII)

April 2013
Quest for Kyushu - A Matsura Clan AAR by Riccardo93 (Sengoku)
14 Lex Curiata De Imperio by EtzelHoveri (Rome)
21 Release the Kraken! by JimThePocket (CK2)
28 Absolute Domination: A Campaign of Prussian Hardships by Voffvoffhunden (MOTE)

March 2013
To the West we shall sail! - Serbian Alternative AAR (MEIOU MOD) by Pukovnik (EU3)
10 Tomorrow the World - A German AAR by [MM] (HOI3)
17 AmericAAR: Land of the Free by TristramShandy (V2)
31 Serenity - A V2 v1.3 Isolationist Japan AAR by Rensslaer (V2)

February 2013
Bob the Builder - an English economy AAR, by Andy 1984 (EU3)
17 The Grand and Illustrious Maldivian Empire: A Maldives AAR 1399 by Valens Bellator (EU3)

January 2013
Of Blood and Honour, by BlackBishop (CK2)
20 Johore's Witnesses - A Malay AAR by Micutio (V2)
27 Tales of an AARchipelago: The Philippines by Xenophon13 (V2)

December 2012
Reliving the Restoration (for n00bs!) -- A Japanese AHD Tutorial AAR by Avindian (V2)
9 The Sikh Men of Punjab: A Sikh Empire AAR (NNM) by Daiyoukai Ramza (V2)
23 The Lone and Level Sands - A Moroccan AAR, by Char1es (EU3)
30 The People's Republic of America - A communist USA AAR by Jokurr (V2)

November 2012
How to be Completely Mediocre at Playing your own Mod by homy_dog34 (EU3)
11 Bucking the Trend - An Equestria AHD AAR by Onikujo (V2)
18 Awakening the Bear: Russian AAR AHD by Karl Peters(V2)
18 The War To End All Wars - A UK MP AAR using the World War One mod by Poach and others (HOI3)
25 Doppelgänger: the Untold Story of the Third Reich by Uriah (HOI3)

October 2012
The Historic Inevitabilty of Epic Failure by PrawnStar (EU3)
26 Krakow World Conquest: Analytic Approach by Avocado Aguila (V2)

September 2012
Subcontinental Subtleties: An experimental comic AAR by Selzro (V2)
9 The Supermacy of the BeAAR - 1946 USSR by MajorMayhem (HoI3)
16 A History of the World According to Paradox - a Hands-Off AAR by magritte2 (CK2)
23 Sons of Santiago: The Strings of Fate by robou (V2)

August 2012
A New Era for an Old Town: An Oldenburg AAR by Rauchen (EU3)
12 Can Poland into Space? A Poland Polandball AAR by Derahan (EU3)
19 Lords of France: Roads to the Enlightenment by MerrickChance (EU3)
26 Vive la République! - An Interactive French AAR by Tommy4ever (DH)

July 2012
How Hard Could it Be: A First Timer Plays WiA by TheExecuter (WiA)
8 A Special Providence by The Director (V1)
15 The Mightiest Empires Fall by loki100 (Rise of Prussia)
22 So Far From God: A Mexico AHD AAR by Chilango2 (V2)
29 The Lions of the Garden -- A LannistAAR by HobbesMkII (CK2)

June 2012
North American Series by Paglia (HOI3)
17 Five for Fighting - How Hockey Saved the Allies - An FtM AAR by InnocentIII (HOI3)
26 In the Shadow of Certain Painful Doom: Abyssinia by Philo32b (CK2)

May 2012
How To Be Completely Mediocre in Divine Wind by homy_dog34 (EU3)
13 The Historic Inevitability of Epic Failure by Prawnstar (EU3)
20 Once Upon a Time ... the Revolution - A Red Grand Campaign PBEM by Bornego (RUS)
27 Carnage al Dente: A CptEasy multiplayer AAR by CptEasy (HOI3)

April 2012
InTverseting Times: An AfTver Action Report by Fyregecko (EU3)
8 The Queen Mother's Diaries: A Ming AAR by loki100 (EU3)
15 Soks to be You: A Sokoto V2 AAR by morningSIDEr (V2)
22 Kingdom of Croatia by Anjwalker (V2)
29 Novum Romanum Imperium 2.0 -- a Vicky 2 AHD Conversion AAR by Avindian (V2)

March 2012
Out Of Taurica - a Rurikovich AAR by 0Emmanuel (CK2)
18 Saltborn: A Crovan AAR by Werewhale (CK2)
13 Stop Stabbing Me! House Kommenos by General_BT (CK2)
1 Rank and File: A Clerk's War by Uriah (HOI3)

February 2012
Vive L'Empereur The Third French Empire: A National France Kaiserreich AAR by Antonine (HOI2)
12 Sweet Home Manitoba by Asalto (HOI2)
5 Rebirth of the Japanese Empire by Kaiser_Mobius (HOI2)

January 2012
The Third Counterweight - Norway Kaiserreich by Lelouch (Darkest Hour)
22 The Swans head North: A Southern White PBEM by Bornego (Revolution Under Siege - RUS)
3 Naval OOB Planning for Italy 1938-1944 by Valentinan (HOI3)

December 2011
A Descent into Madness: A Random EU 3 AAR by Avindian (EU3)
11 LIFE in the Trenches: 1936 Xibei San Ma by eqqman (HOI3)
18 Influence Wars: Japan 1936 HPP Interactive by Cybvep (HOI3)
25 Sudden Carnage by CptEasy (HOI3)

November 2011
Defiant untill death, a Breton AAR by Viking_Manstein (EU3)
13 The Red Lioness of Holland by damienreave (EU3)
20 Pine, Bamboo, and Plum: A Song AAR (MEIOU) by bananafishtoday (EU3)
27 The Grey Eminence - A Narrative/History AAR 1399-1821 by Ashantai (EU3)

October 2011
Porta Atlanticum Portus Classis by Chris Taylor (EU3)
9 God's Empire by theim (V2)
24 Yet this will go onward the same: The Yamato Desting by Dewirix (V2)
31 Luxembourg's War Against the World by mnplastic (HOI3)

September 2011
Exile in the East, by Alfredian (CK)
18 A Special Providence, by Director (Vic1)

August 2011
Sing a Septinsular Song (Ionian Islands), by Selzro (Vic2)
21 The Bark of the Underdog - Allied Spain AAR - HPP 1.9.2, by Aguerra (HoI3)

July 2011
The Son of the Emperor, by Tekcor (V2)

June 2011
Anagennisi Ton Rhomaion - A Roman Empire MEIOU AAR, by HabemusZlatan (EU3)
19 The Torch of the Mediterranean: A Socialist Republic of Italy Kaiserreich AAR, by MercZ (DH)
26 The Supermacy of the BeAAR - 1946 USSR, by MajorMayhem (HoI3)

May 2011
Iroquois AAR, by -MoRiDin- (EU3)
8 Good Old Cause - A Commonwealth of England AAR, by Nuarq (EU3)
15 L'ITALIA DA SOLO -- A non-Axis Italian '36 SF AAR, by tommylotto (HoI3)
22 Seduction of the Seas: A Two Sicilies AAR, by BAMman100 (Vic2)

April 2011
Can Oman into space?, by garudamon11 (EU3)
10 Its the AARoquois: we built this city on roooooock and rooooooll! and a constitution, by lazyguy (EU3)
17 Road to Red - A Dai Nam AAR, by dragsterz (Vic2)
24 Per Mare Ubique - A British AAR, by SirCliveWolfe (Vic2)

March 2011
Kingdom of the Sleeping Tiger II - A Korean AAR, by Xanthippus (Vic2)
20 The Genghisid Imperial Family, A Golden Horde AAR [Divine Wind], by scholar (EU3)

February 2011
Forging Destiny: Sunrise of a new world, by KiMaSa (HoI2)
13 In the Shadow of the Iron Cross, by BigBadBob (HoI3)
20 "Fortress Holland" - a 1936 Dutch campaign, by De_Spinoza (HoI3)
27 France Must Stand Alone: A Fascist France AAR, by RedTemplar (HoI2)

January 2011
For King and Country, by Draco Rexus (HoI2)

Breakdown by Game (Grand Total) [Fully Updated as of May 17, 2024]

Stellaris (56)
For the Glory (2)
Imperator: Rome (8)
Europa Universalis IV (87)
Europa Universalis III (68)
Europa Universalis II (30)
Europa Universalis: Rome (10)
Crusader Kings (41)
Crusader Kings II (108)
Crusader Kings III (27)
Victoria (57)
Victoria II (110)
Victoria III (1)
Hearts of Iron I (8)
Hearts of Iron II (76)
Hearts of Iron III (58)
Hearts of Iron IV (29)
Age of Wonders 4 (1)
Arsenal of Democracy (0)
Darkest Hour (42)
Diplomacy (1)
Galactic Civilizations II (1)
Knights of Honor (1)
Revolution Under Siege (2)
Rise of Prussia (1)
Wars in America (1)
Sengoku (1)
March of Eagles (2)

The Weekly Showcase was and is designed for all of AARland, from HoI 4 to Imperator: Rome to Stellaris. The idea is to select a single AAR (as opposed to a writer, that's covered under 'WritAAR of the Week') that deserves everyone's attention and focus on it. The only way this will work is with your participation.

1. Your AAR is selected! Congratulations! Please take a moment to say 'Hi' to your admirers!

2. After one week, please choose your successor. It can be any AAR for a Paradox published or created game on these forums, within the following guidelines:

A. Try not to select an AAR whose writer recently received another award. If the awards start parroting each other we've defeated the purpose.

B. Try to select an AAR in a different game/category than yours. This award is for all AARland and if people don't like game x, then they'll lose interest in participating.

3. Please add a comment or two about the AAR *and a link* when you reply nominating your successor.

4. Please post in the winning AAR's thread and/or PM the author letting him know he's won.

First Nomination:

Now then....as I mentioned in my last article, singling out one of many great AARs out there now is difficult. However, for our first Showcase I'd like to point out 54 - 40' or... by Machiavellian. This Victoria AAR relates the story of Columbia, a former British dominion located in what's now Washington and British Columbia from 1836.
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Weekly AAR Showcase Winners Archive Post #2

/12 The Großdeutsche Lösung: The Austrian variation, by Kurt_Steiner (Vic1)
19/12 The Presidents: The Vietnam War Edition, by Nathan Madien (HoI2)
21/11 War in the East. The Rise of Zhao, by Lofman (Rome)
28/11 The Wealth of a Nation: Power on the Baltic, by Denikin (EU3)
3/10 Onze Plaats in de Zon The Rise of Frederik de Grote (van Holland), by Tanzhang (Vic2)
10/10 No Iron, One Lion, Maybe Zion, by aldriq (Vic2)
17/10 Children of the Sun - a Cuzco MEIOU AAR, by Malurous (EU3)
24/10 The Yamato Destiny: A Japan HTTT AAR, by Dewirix (EU3)
31/10 Bushido Code - HOI3:SF AAR, by malize (HoI3)
19/9 Our Kingdom Stands Alone - How the Magyars Transformed Hungary into an Empire by Eber (EU3)
26/9 Dios, Patria, Rey - A Carlist Spain AAR by Tommy4ever (Vic2)
4/8 The Struggle For Sand and Camels - A Jebel Shammar 1914 AAR by Grauuu (HoI2)
10/8 Under the Rising Sun - A V2 Review AAR by Singleton Mosby (Vic2)
16/8 The Rodina and the Shackles of Humanity by cthulhu (HoI3)
23/8 Explorations in Strategy - Italy at War by Myth (HoI3)
30/8 The Heart of Africa: A Visitor's Guide to Modern Ethiopia, by Deaghaidh (Vic2)
7/7 From Rus to Russia - Russia Megacampaign, pt.2 by RGB (EU3)
14/7 Mamma Mia! The AAR by aldriq (EU3)
20/7 Indies by Davout (EU3)
28/7 The Butterfly Effect: A British AAR by El Pip (HoI2)
21/6 Cecil XIX Plays a Random Country In Magna Mundi! by Cecil XIX (EU3)
1/5 The Emperor Strikes Back! by Kurt_Steiner (Vic)
9/5 The People’s Flag: A History of the Union of Britain, 1925-2010 by Meadow (HoI2)
16/5 Keeper of the Keys (aka Fear the Nuclear Pope!) by Tritoch42 (HoI2)
29/5 Blocking the Gate of Europe: Hungary by bluelotus (FtG)
9/4 Eine Geschichte des Grossdeutsches Reich - Germany/Road to Doom's Day by cod5579 (HoI2)
17/4 Triumph of Eagles - A Transylvanian AAR by Kapt Torbjorn (EU3)
24/4 Britannia: A Saga of Albion by Vesimir (CK)
8/3 No Parasan! - Republican Spain 1938 by General War (HoI3)
15/3 In defense of Freedom, a USA Kaiserreich AAR by Kaiser_Mobius (HoI2)
22/3 You have nothing to lose but your chains. by KaiserMuffin (HoI2)
28/3 Tempus Fugit - A HoI2 Arma ByzAARntium by The War Monger (HoI2)
6/2 The Presidents: Clay to Smith (1836-1920) by volksmarschall (Vic)
13/2 Beyond Tannenberg III: The Last Crusade by CatKnight (EU3)
20/2 Dante's Blood by Brandenburg III (Vic)
28/2 Iceland Diaries by Alfred Packer (CK)
5/1 Russia in the 20th Century: a Kaiserreich AAR/Story by Stormbringer (HoI2)
11/1 Speak Lithuanian or Die! - A Kaiserreich AAR by ColonelIronboot (HoI2)
18/1 Haiti, Mon Pays by bofski (EU3)
23/1 What you eat is what you AAR - the worldwide introduction of Estonian cuisine by Supervixens (HoI3)
29/1 The Prisoners of Silence - NSDAP 1936-1991 - History and background by Karelian (HoI2)

8/1 Thrones by phargle (EU3)
12/1 Opening The Papal AARchives 1453-1792 by Bingo Brett (EU3)
19/1 From Pyongyang to Washington- A North Korea AAR- TAKE 2! by Haru yo koi (HoI2)
25/1 Revolution Rises in the East by soonerborn0524 (HoI2)
1/2 Democracy's Last Stand: A US - UK DAIM AAR by {LD}Firestorm (HoI2)
9/2 For the MotAARland (Soviet WIF AAR) by Storm501 (HoI2)
16/2 Red Star over Blue Seas - a Soviet Navy AAR by th3freakie (HoI2)
3/3 Paris ne vaut pas une messe! - A Huguenot IN AAR by Milites (EU3)
15/3 Defenders of Freedom and Democracy - A Democratic German AAR by Tommy4ever (HoI2)
22/3 A Nation at War / The 21st Century by Merlowe (HoI2)
29/3 Time of troubles- Russian MDS AAR by Asalto (HoI2)
5/4 RISE OF THE PHOENIX - a persian AAR by sultan of india (HoI2)
12/4 No thanksgiving for Turkey, by lionhead (HoI2)
19/4 Ireland, Ascend! by demokratickid (HoI2)
26/4 Libertad o Muerte by Treppe (Vic)
4/5 The real purpose of war: an alternate Germany WWI gameplay AAR by qwerkus (Vic)
11/5 The Revenge of the Bear: a BeAARhug just for you! by Mishgan (Vic)
17/5 The Bagratunis - A GeorgiAAR by Valhalla's Call (CK)
31/5 Dreams of a Baltic State - Pomerania AAR by Emperor_krk (EU2)
6/6 From Rus to Russia - Russia Megacampaign, pt.2 by RGB (EU3)
14/6 Timelines: What if Spain Failed to Control the World? by canonized (EU3)
22/6 Rome AARisen - a Byzantine AAR by General_BT (CK)
26/6 Homelands: Tales of the Anglo-Prussians by Mr. Capiatlist (CK)
7/7 The Games Gods Play: A Macedonian AAR by RossN (Rome)
11/7 1066 and all that: an England aar by gja102 (CK)
19/7 The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - Doomsday Handsoff AAR by Subi (HoI2)
4/8 The Shortest Road to Damascus by aldriq (EU3)
10/8 Império Novo - An Axis Portugal AAR by Rensslaer (HoI3)
17/8 Do you like snails? French '36 AAR 1.1c by Zaku (HoI3)
22/8 Ostfront 1941 by XHR (HoI2)
29/8 Historia Slovakæ by demokratickid (EU3)
5/9 Under the Raven Banner:A Norse Pagan AAR by Hundhedning (CK)
13/9 The End Is Not Yet: MP 900-year game by King of Men/MP (Vic)
21/9 We Three Kings - an MP AAR by Peter Ebbesen, Jarkko Suvinen and Wyvern (Rome)
29/9 Farewell to Vowels - House Cynfyn AAR by Golden_Deliciou (CK)
22/10 The Dark Muse by Brandenburg III (EU3)
29/10 A JugAAR España by Legosim (Vic)
10/11 Armenia - In the Shadows of the Seleucids by CJL78 (Rome)
18/11 The Burgundian Heritage - A Burgundian & Successor states FTG AAR by General_Grant (For the Glory)
25/11 Suenik the Beleaguered - a None Too Serious AAR by Iain Wilson (CK)
2/12 If You Can't Do It, Nubia Can! A (hopefully) comedic AAR by Eron12 (CK)
9/12 Oh no - Another Prussian gameplay AARrrgh! by endier (Vic)
15/12 The Setting Sun - Götterdämmerung, Japan 1944. by Remble (HoI2)
23/12 Dictator: Gaius Julius Caesar by Issac Wolfe (Rome)
30/12 Realpolitik - An interactive AAR concept by TRP (HoI2)

The Golden Nation- California (VIP) AAR by DerKaiser (Vic) (also Nov 9, 07)
1/14 The Ebony Cross and the Sacred Eagle (Era I) by rcduggan (EU3)
1/28 Empire Under Heaven ~ Zhonguo (VIP) AAR by jeffg006 (Vic)
2/8 Nika! The Rise Of Modern Greece: Part I by asd21593 (Vic)
2/16 Sceptre of David: An Israel AAR by superskippy (Vic)
2/24 Regnum Angevinus ~ A Plantagenet EmpiAAR by jeffg006 (CK)
3/2 Chronicles of the Golden Cross by AlexanderPrimus (CK)
3/9 History of the White Eagle - Poland - Megacampaign AAR - part 2 EU3 by thrashing mad (EU3)
3/18 "The Footsteps of Illustrious Men"- USA GC AAR by Estonianzulu (Vic)
3/27 Dreams of a Baltic State - Pomerania AAR by Emperor_krk (EU2)
4/5 Massacre: A(nother) Romania AAR by Rotten Venetic (HOI2)
4/13 A Special Providence by Director (Vic)
4/21 Screaming Popes by Merrick (EUIII)
4/28 I Pull The Strings, But It's All Relative by ProffessorEGADD (EUIII)
5/9 Beige Alert by Zimfan (EUIII)
5/17 Egyptians Mysterios Kingdom by Yoshino (Rome)
5/22 The Roof of the World: A Tibetan AAR by Eärendil (Vic)
5/29 the ABC AAR by Capibara (EUIII)
6/4 Heaven On Earth: Part One by asd21593 (CK)
6/10 A Greater Netherlands by FYROM (EUIII)
6/16 The Papal States: A Mission AAR by EUROO7 (EUIII)
6/23 French for BeginAARs by The Wookiee! (EUIII)
6/30 Carefully Applied Force: A Prussian AAR by robou (Vic)
7/7 For God's Sake - A Castille AAR by PrawnStar (EUIII)
7/15 Scotland the Brave (....but a wee bit cowardly sometimes....) by Babington-Smyth (EUIII)
7/23 Making the table round - a Cameroonian Socialist AAR by Yumo (HoI2)
7/30 German Freedom and German Greatness: The Legacy of Gustav Stresemann by Faeelin (HoI2)
8/7 Empires At Arms 1399-1960: Princes of the Renaissance by several authors (EUIII)
8/21 Islamic Spain - IN Granada AAR by Monnikje (EUIII)
8/28 It's Not Easy Being Green [IN AAR] by Miscreant (EUIII)
9/20 The Eagle In Winter by coz1 (CK)
9/28 An Irishman's Story by Hardraade (Vic)
10/6 Against All Odds: The United Kingdom in World War Two by trekaddict (HoI2)
10/12 Weltkriegschaft by TheHyphenated1 (HoI2)
10/31 Furor Normannicus by The_Guiscard (CK)
11/7 The High Kings of Alba - A Scots MegaCampaign by Lord Valentine (CK)
11/14 So Far From God (Mexico 1836-’76) by ComradeOm (Vic)
11/22 The Lost Century by fiftypence (Vic)
12/1 Piety of the North Star by Saithis (CK)
12/7 The United States: 'Prophets of a New Order' by TC Pilot (HoI2)
12/17 Saints and Angels by volksmarschall (Vic)
12/21 Grab your swords lads, we're going back! by Griffen (EU3)
12/29 WC with Malacca in IN 3.1 – Complete Insanity??? by Rastar (EU3)

1/10 The Shahs of Persia: The struggle for an Empire by Wannabe Tatar (Vic)
1/20 The Merchant of Alexandria – A Fatimids AAR by Anguille (KoH)
1/29 China's destiny. AAR HoI II by jerry (HOI2, in French)
2/4 Resurrection of the Romanovs - An Imperial Russia Doomsday AAR by Thistletooth (HOI2)
2/11 The Deconquista: A Granada AAR by Dysken (EU3)
2/18 The Medieval KISS-AARmy - A MusicAAR About Nothing by EvilSanta (CK)
2/25 All your COTs are belong to us: an English AAR by Fnuco (EU2)
3/4 The World Is Not Enough, a German WW1 AAR by Quirinus308 (Vic) (also May 19, 07)
3/11 Sforza!!! - A Milan AAR by Rennslaer (EU3)
3/18 Templaric Twits: Mediterranean Police by Secret Master (EU3)
3/25 Collage of CAARdinals: An interactive history of the Papal States, Multiplayer (CK)
4/1 The Butterfly Effect: A British AAR by El Pip (HOI2)
4/10 After Hastings: A Weekly Report from England by Judas Maccabeus (CK)
4/17 The pAARiahs of Europe - Fighting for the Hussite faith by TeeWee (EU2)
4/23 Cruelty Has A Human Heart by LeonTrotsky (Vic)
5/2 Gesta Hungarorum (Deeds of the Hungarians) by Victor1234 (CK)
5/8 The main thing is to make history, not to write it - A Prussian AAR by Wannabe Tatar
5/19 The World Is Not Enough, a German WW1 AAR by Quirinus308 (Vic) (Also Mar 4, 07)
5/26 The Beautiful Girl and the History Class by Jestor (CK)
6/4 The Empire of the Pacific, a Chilean AAR by NeoT (Vic)
6/15 The Hearth, the Oak, and the Gods - a pagan Lithuania by Legolas (CK)
6/21 Baltijas Republika - A Doomsday AAR by Von Uber (HOI2)
6/30 Shaybanid - Central Asia's Finest by Duke of Wellington (EU3)
7/9 The Safavid Empire - The Rising Sun by Fingal (EU2)
7/18 The Marauding Deity - A Hephthalites AAR by Karasuman (EU2)
7/26 War and Revelations- The Hebrew Uganda AAR by likk9922 (HOI2)
7/30 Under God, the Mormon Republic of Deseret by superskippy (Vic)
8/4 Soviet Union AAR - The Bloody Road to Berlin by Klaipedietis (HOI2) (also Aug 24, 07)
8/10 A Creek without a Paddle - Gotterdammerung, Germany 1944 by Remble (HOI2)
8/19 Under the raven banner (A Norse Scandinavia AAR) by Herbert West (Vic)
8/24 Soviet Union AAR - The Bloody Road to Berlin by Klaipedietis (HOI2) (also Aug 4, 07)
8/30 „Saftladen / Italbolt“ – An Austrian GC AAR by rhynoclemmis (Vic)
9/7 Three Countries One Goal by Storey (EU3)
9/17 The European Union inside Burgundy - lessons learned by Morgon1988 (EU3)
9/24 1914-1924 'British interests; British honour; British obligations' by Allenby (HOI1) (also Oct 19, 05 & July 5, 06)
10/6 Kaiser's Germany by Sematary (HOI2)
10/21 The Imperial Masquerade by Lordban (Vic)
10/28 Birth of a Salesman by isca (EU3)
11/2 ~To Live and Die in Dixie~ *Doomsday* A History of the C.S.A. by Volga (HOI2)
11/9 The Golden Nation- California (VIP) AAR by DerKaiser (Vic) (also Jan 5, 08)
11/17 Stiff Upper Lip: A Terribly British History by Dr. Gonzo (Vic)
11/27 Sins of the Fathers (Papal States 1836-'78) by ComradeOm (Vic)
12/2 A YeAAR's Education - Russia Megacampaign by RGB (CK)
12/8 Timelines: What if Spain Failed to Control the World? by canonized (EU3)
12/16 Crossfires, a Narrative French AAR for HoI2 Doomsday by Atlantic Friend (HOI2)
12/22 The Last Mission by TheExecuter (HOI2)

1/1 Chronological Influences II - An American AAR by TC Pilot (Vic)
1/9 Revanche, A French AAR of the Great War (1914-1919) by Evans (HOI1)
1/16 Under the Crimson Skies- A California AAR by Sir Humphrey (HOI2)
1/25 Enig og tro till Dovre faller - A Norwegian AAR by Lord E (HOI2)
2/1 Dreams of Albion by SirCliveWolfe (EU2)
2/9 Resurrection: Rebirth of the United States by CatKnight (EU2)
2/18 The Machiavellian Adventures of Princess Eleanor by frogbeastegg (CK)
3/1 The Great Detectives, Spies and ? Through History! by Amric (EU2)
3/7 Operation Liberation: USA AAR, with a twist... by Blodwen (HOI2)
3/14 The Great Game: MP AAR by King of Men (CK)
3/21 The Fitzgeralds: Earls of Desmond by RossN (CK)
3/27 http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?t=226235]P is for Portugal[/url] by Farquharson (EU2)
4/2 The Beaumonts of Leicester by Fiftypence (CK)
4/9 Navarre: Revenge of the Templars by JWolf (EU2)
4/16 The New Jerusalem: Moskva 1337 by ParanoidTsar (CK) (Also Apr 3, 05)
4/24 The Golden Horde - Back from the Dead by Duke of Wellington (EU2)
5/1 Byzantine's Khan by Amric (EU2)
5/7 Surrender the Booty! by The Real Deal (EU2)
5/14 Germany, the power in the center of Europe by Iche_Bins (EU2)
5/20 The Chronicles of the Duke of Wessex by Dr Bob (EU2)
5/27 "The Cobras are Smoking!": a tale of Brazil by LM+ (HOI2)
6/4 Resistance Might Be Futile: A 1938 Czechoslovakian Doomsday AAR by Virgiltchicken (HOI2)
6/11 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Saint Petersburg, a Swedish AAR by Quirinus308 (Vic)
6/19 84 Years in Vienna - AAR by DerKaiser (Vic)
6/28 Clash of Titans: Germany, Britain, and the Coming of the Great Wars by CSL_GG (HOI2)
7/5 1914-1924: British Interests; British Honour; British Obligations by Allenby (HOI1) (also Oct 19, 05 & Sept 24, 07)
7/12 Home Before the Leaves Fall - an AAR of the Great War by StephenT (HOI1)
7/30 Knud Knýtling, Prince of Denmark (and other assorted tales) by Phargle (CK)
8/7 Achtung Kavallerie! - a German Cavalry Only AAR - Also a musical for some reason by Alexus (HOI2)
8/21 The seven wonders of the diplomatic world by Snake IV (Dip)
8/27 If WW2 was a comicbook by Juste (HOI2)
9/6 Nihon Kaizo Hoan Taiko! (A Plan for the Re-organization of Japan) by Jon Young (HOI2)
9/11 The Legacy of Durham - County of Durham, 1066 by Revan86 (CK)
9/17 Here to Stay -- An Ottoman AAR by Wannabe Tatar (Vic)
9/25 A History of Baden by Fulcrumvale (EU2)
10/2 Resurrection of the Romanovs - An Imperial Russia Doomsday AAR by Thistletooth (HOI2)
10/13 Beyond Tannenberg II: The Knight's Tale by CatKnight (EU2)
10/22 Frontier by Director (GC2)
10/31 Deo Vindice: A CSA AAR by RossN (HOI2)
11/8 Savoy Truffle by Fiftypence (EU2)
11/18 Real Men Do It Alphabetically: An AARgau by anonymous4401 (CK)
11/27 Victoria's Secret AAR (Netherlands) by joebthegreat (Vic)
12/3 The Fallen Eagle: A Byzantine Empire AAR by SeanB (EU2) (also Nov 20, 05)
12/11 Awaking from the Nightmare Years - USA '45 AAR by rich-love (HOI2)
12/18 Friedrich's Ambition (A Saxony AAR) by Mr. T (EU3)
12/26 Into the West by coz1 (Vic) (also Feb 27, 05)
12/31 Of the Outremer - A Jerusalem AAR by Maximilliano (Vic)

02/13 54 - 40' or... by Machiavellian (Vic)
02/20 VIVE L'EMPEURER! Glory of the Eagles by TreizeV (EU2)
02/27 Into the West by coz1 (Vic)
03/06 A History of Lord Roger de Courseulles and his successors - a Somerset AAR by stnylan (CK)
03/13 Secrets of the AARk by Anonymous4401 (HOI2)
03/20 Jumpstarting the American Century: USA 1936 AAR by Invertigo2004 (HOI2)
03/27 The Eternal City: A Roman AAR by Judas Maccabeus (EU2)
04/03 The New Jerusalem: Moskva 1337 by Paranoid Tsar (CK)
04/11: Union Justice and Confidence: A History of the Louisiana Confederacy by Seidita (Vic)
04/18: The pipes, the pipes are calling: Scotland AAR by Jape (Vic)
04/28: The Great Kahn by Fenwick (HOI1)
05/05 Awakening the Dragon: The Guomindang at War by Gjerg Kastrioti (HOI2)
05/17 The Bride of My Constant Desire: The Birth of Modern Arabia by Mike von Bek (Vic)
05/25 A Line of Trust Bastards: An ahistorical England AAR by Dead William (CK)
05/30 A Short History of the Ottoman Empire by ZacharyM87 (EU2)
06/08 Metternich's Faint Shadow: An Austrian AAR by a mediocre player by Sesqui (Vic)
06/19 The Sons of Balthazar: a County of Venaissin AAR by Farquharson (CK)
06/26 The Third Bulgarian Empire by The Impaler (EU2)
07/03 Trial by Fire-The Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century by sw_myers (Vic)
07/19 Xhosa: A One Province Pagan Minor Takes on the World by ws2_32 (EU2)
07/31 The Third Empire - An Imperial France AAR by cthulhu (HOI2)
08/07 Empire of Fu Manchu by The Yogi (HOI2)
08/14 The Eagles of Avalon by Mettermrck (EU2)
08/21 Sins of the Father: A Duchy of Apulia AAR by Alhazen (CK)
08/29 Byzantium: A Phoenix Rising by CSL_GG (EU2)
09/05 For God and St George: An England Hundred Years War AAR by Lanlier (CK)
09/14 Carmina Tolosarum by Lucius Sulla (CK)
09/21 Desert Tides- Or how I learned to swim in quicksand by Storey (EU2)
09/28 The Hussite Lament by Hajji Giray I (EU2)
10/04 The Danish Revival by Fiftypence (Vic)
10/10 Pirates of the Mediterranean! by Calistas (CK)
10/19 1914-1924: British Interests; British Honour; British Obligations by Allenby (HOI1)
10/26 Prussian Moderation - an alternative German AAR by Vincent Julien (HOI2)
11/05 The Patriot's Sword: The Republic of Canada by RossN (Vic)
11/13 Caught in the Vice: Austria-Hungary in WW I by VILenin (HOI1)
11/20 The Fallen Eagle: A Byzantine Empire AAR by SeanB (EU2) (also 2006/12/03)
11/26 I'm Going Slightly Mad - A Bavarian AAR by Rocketman (Vic)
12/05 Fire Warms the Northern Lands - A Prussian AAR by Rensslaer (Vic)
12/12 For King and Country by Draco Rexus (HOI2)
12/19 The Knight in Blue and Silver by Chengar Qordath (HOI2)
12/26 A Dark Shadow-Fascist Britain AAR by Jape (HOI2)


If you ever return and watch this post anonymous (or anyone), we apparently reached the hardcoded character limit in the first post. I've copied your post (that is now post #3) and we will use your original as additional Archive for the Showcase winners.

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Congratulations, Machiavellian! It's a very good AAR.
I liked your idea of an independent North American west-coast republic as soon as I saw it.

As with other secessionist movements, there was a half-serious effort during the early days of the Civil War to split California and Oregon into an independent country. Yours was formational, not secessionist, but the idea is the same, and it's very plausible. One of the 'selling points' for a trans-continental railroad was the fear that distance would alienate the West Coast from the US as the US had been alientated from Britain - and with similar results.

I've particularly enjoyed your explanations of the political juggling. With your constant picking on poor Mexico ( :) ) you've got quite an extensive country there...

Good luck with your excellent AAR. I'll be reading.
A most worthy effort, Catknight, and a most worthy pick!

Machiavellian, you have great AAR and this showcase for it is very well deserved. I hope others will take a moment and check it out. I imagine they too will enjoy it as I have. :D
Thank you Catknight! I must also thank those who have commented here, as well as those fans who have continued reading my AAR. It is an honor to kick of the return of the Showcase of the week, though a tad intimidating as I am not sure what else to say.

As Catknight said, this AAR takes place in the Northwestern corner of North America and currently it has covered the history of the region from 1836-1863, though I intend to continue till the end (either defeat or 1920). This AAR began as both my return to AAR writing, which due to time and other issues I had taken a break from, and to Victoria which I had only dabbled with (some may remember my brief cherokee aar) but never really mastered. Originally I was going to do a narrative based AAR set during the crusades via EU2's mongol empire mod. Unfortunately, time and real life caught up with me and it just proved too much. I have still been writing for it some, though i'll probably not continue posting it till its complete, which will be a long while. One of the problems I have with narrative AAR's is that I like to play the game while updating, so that I am surprised along with my readers and can implement their suggestions, etc. I find that very hard to do when writing a detailed story.

So I wanted to play Victoria and I wanted to do an AAR in a history format that I knew I could handle. Inspired by previous AAR's of a similiar style, such as El Presidentse's Theft, Rhetoric, and Fixed Bayonets, Jape's 2nd Civil War: Manhattan Commune, and Voshkod's Fractured America series.. just to name a few. I was fairly set on playing something in North America. At first I thought about returning to the Cherokee's or going for a California AAR, but at the time I had been reading about Polk and suddenly I got the idea - what about something in Oregon territory. I did a little more research and found out that Oregon territory briefly had their own constitution and almost became independant before being sold out by its 'congress'. I got some ideas from all this, modified the political parties slightly and have just been running with it since, occassionally doing research or hunting for pictures. The fact the the United States in game went against Polk's party only further aided the tale, as I fully intended to tell it with Henry Clay beating Polk in the election for story intregrity anyway.

I hope more will come check out my tale and feel free to comment, critism and praise are both welcome. I'll stand back and be quiet now, at least till saturday when I can pass this fine award on.
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A very good read, well-deserved
Feels nice to have the Showcase back up and running, great initiative, CatKnight!

And a most deserving first choice, might I add. :D
Well it is that time again. It has been enjoyable having this award all week, but now I must pass the torch on. It was a tough decision but I ultimately decided to give this fine award to an AAR I have been reading for quite a long time. An EU2 AAR set during the rise of Napoleon. "Vive L'Empereur! Glory of the Eagles!" is written by TreizeV and is an excellent Narrative tale that more or less follows two brothers from the south of France as they struggle to adapt to the world during and after the Revolution.

Great choice Machiavellian! I also read through TreizeV's fine work when I have the time.
Congratulations, TreizeV! Very well deserved!
Great choice, Machiavellian. TreizeV's magnificant tale is one of the "must reads" on the forum right now! Congrats on getting your story showcased TreizeV - very much deserved! :D
Ah great to see the showcase back and running! :D

First off, Thanks Machiavellian! And i must also give a hearty thank you to all the loyal readers who have kept track of this AAR since i started writing in November 2003. Scary huh? Didn't think it would last that long :p I want to thank all of you for your patience, especially during the times when i experienced horrible technical difficulties (Such as my EU2 cd burning out) :p

As Machiavellian pointed out, this AAR is a narrative/novel style AAR following three main characters. The two brothers from France, and ultimately Napoleon from 1789 to the end of the Napoleonic wars. This is the second AAR i've started, and its still going lol. I was very much inspired to write this one by Director's "Who wants to be Napoleon" and LD's Napoleonic wars: Account by an english officer AAR. After reading so many novels of the Napoleonic war from the British perspective, I've always wondered what a French perspective on the Napoleonic wars would be so voila, i began writing. Of course, the fact that Napoleon is my favourite historical figure helped too. Another reason why i love this period is just....the atmosphere of it all. I am very intrigued with the attitudes and interactions of eighteenth century people, and oddily enough, the parts of the AAR i most enjoy writing about are the interactions between Generals and their staffs during battle :) weird eh?

At this point, i'd say i'm about between 3/5ths and 2/3rds done my AAR. But with Midterms and other committments i probably won't go into hyperdrive until April hits. I hope to finish this tale, or at least up to Russia soon :p

once again, thanks Machiavellian for choosing this! And thanks to everyone who has been keeping up to tabs on this. I won't disappoint you ;) i will finish it eventually haha.

Apparently paradox was down for the weekend...bummer :p that makes this selection a little late lol. My bad.

This week, i'll pick a tale that i've been keeping track of since it began, featuring a tale that follows a young man called sonny gamble and his journey through the civil war. I give you Coz1's Into the West Step up to the podium Coz and spill the beans!
Congrats, coz, from what I've read of the AAR, it's very well deserved. :D
Great choice! Having actually read a good bit of coz1's AAR, I can personally say that it is worthy of an OscAAR, if they were still giving them out.
This is an unusual AAR in a lot of ways, but it is a major work by a talent who is really hitting his stride. If you want to read a vivid, cinematic AAR with memorable - even haunting - characters, then this is the one for you.

An excellent choice for showcase. And if you think I'm exaggerating, go read the first two pages. You won't come back until you've read it all - be warned. It is that good.