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So it's Monday, and I have to pick a successor. My successor has been writing an AAR that I've been following for all of my late summer. The writer is clearly very historically aware, and his AAR features both a fantastic fanbase (a requirement for an interactive AAR), and great writing. But my favorite part about this particular AAR is that Tommy4ever is always willing to say precisely what events he is drawing inspiration from. Such an open method is fantastic for an AAR writer and allows the most ridiculous of events seem utterly reasonable.

I am talking, of course, about Vive la Republique: an Interactive French AAR
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Congratulations, Tommy4Ever! One of these days, I'll join in one of your AARs.
good job Tommy4Ever
Congrats Tommy4Ever!
I would like to thank Merrick Chance' and everyone who has congratulated me on this award, not to mention the readers. Its now time for we to pass the award on to some one new. I've decided to choose an AAR that I have been following since it began, which kept me coming back to these forums single handedly for several months. Step up Selzro for your fantastic Subcontinental Subtleties: An experimental comic AAR. Its a wonderful AAR, and the most recent update (done with an animated gif that clearly took a lot of skill) has me and the rest of your readership on tenderhooks to see what the fate of Dalip will be. A perfect moment to be the weekly showcase :D.
Congratulations Selzro, very well deserved for an AAR that shows both humor and skill in vast quantities!
Indeed, this AAR is one of my favorites ever. Congratulations.
I just love the comic book style of your AAR Selzro. Great work!