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Yet another repeat winner! Congratulations, JerseyGiants88!
Very many congratulations
Thank you so much to InvisibleSandwich for nominating me for the showcase and to everyone else for their congratulations. It is really an honor. I am glad there are people enjoying my AAR as I am certainly enjoying writing it.

However, I have one house keeping note: I am leaving for vacation tomorrow and will not be bringing my computer with me and I do not return until late Sunday evening. So, as much as I love AARLand, I will not have the time to properly dedicate to reading others' AARs and picking a worthy winner over the course of the next six days. Accordingly, I would pass on the privilege of picking the next winner to InvisibleSandwich or the winner before him, Athalcor, should either want to do so. I believe that is the proper course to take but Mods, please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks
InvisibleSandwich would have first crack on Sunday, per the rules.
Similarly, we could always open it up to the people of AARland for nominations should you prefer.
Let's make it official. Congratulations, Zorro!
Very many congratulations
Congrats Zorro!