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I'm very flattered and honored. I'm pathologically uncomfortable with praise so I'll leave it at that.
Okay, I've got a new successor, so I can go back to Minecraft. :eek:o

My new successor is Eber, currently writing Our Kingdom Stands Alone - How the Magyars Transformed Hungary into an Empire, what will become an epic history of conquest and expansion amidst more powerful neighbors! It's very well written, and Eber is pushing out from his preferred narrative style in favor of a history book AAR. Let's all congratulate him on catching the collective eye of AARland! :D
Congratz! :)
Well done Eber. I'm going to go give your AAR a read now. :)
Congratulations Eber :)
Grats Eber!

I particularly like the little footnotes that give it the feeling you're reading a page from an actual history book.
Congrats Eber! Well deserved! :D
Thank you all for the congratulations. :) I'm honored to be seen in such a light by the community. I hope I don't disappoint. Thank you all again, and this gives me even more encouragement to continue on and fulfill the expectations that so many have of the AAR.

Thank you again!