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One of my favouritest current AARs..
A most worthy choice indeed!

United forever in friendship and labour,
Our mighty fleet will ever endure.
The great Soviet Navy will live through the ages.
The dream of a people their battleship secure !
From cockpit of Kamov Ka-27, comrade freakie sends thanks to everyone, especially Storm501, great recognizer of Socialist Greatness.

A friendly friend reminded me, in a most friendly fashion, that I was due for declaring my nomination of the AAR Showcase. My friends of the thread and forum, and especially my two or three remaining readAARs will forgive this poor fool, but I have had very little time for the forum at all, which lead to no updates in awhile and no AAR reading either.

...well actually that's a slight lie. There's one AAR that is so well writen, and forgive me but this matters to me - so beautiful to look at, whith maps and historical images so masterfully put together, I always find time to read it's updates.

It might be breaking a rule since it already won many a prize, but I couldn't in good faith mention any other than:

Paris ne vaut pas une messe! - A Huguenot IN AAR by Milites.
An excellent AAR and another I desperately need to get back to reading. I promise soon. Congratulations, Milites. Well deserved. :)
Well deserved indeed!
Many congratulations Milites ! One of the best AARs in EU3 going on right now ! :D
Congratulations Milites :)
Thank you comrade Freakie for this most prized AARward and thank you all comrade comentatAARs for your kind congratulations! Paris ne vaut pas une messe! (I am still not quite sure whether or not it is correct French...)might have fooled enough poor souls into thinking that it was worthy a few awards, but I still feel all fuzzy inside when it manages to trick the proletariat of AARland.

So thank you all once again!
So, I have waited until this Sunday to pass on the AARward to another writer in order for it to continue its weekend cycle.

It has been a good week in the sun (thanks for the congrabulations once again), but without any further ado I present next week's media darling.

For excellence in alternate history (and for the sheer fact that he has managed to get Rundstedt, Guderian and Manstein alongside their Panzers from Moscow to Paris to the Yangtze) I hand over my place in the spotlight to Tommy4ever and his amazing story Defenders of Freedom and Democracy - A Democratic German AAR