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Jun 6, 2019
  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane
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  • Warlock 2: The Exiled
Water, water and even more water.

If Voidbringers invade an oceanic world with lots of islands. God bless the soulless monsters of void. They'll need it. Voidbringers trivialized.

If Voidbringers invade a continental world? Take control of your continental world as fast as possible and thus voidbringers only can invade the tiny abandoned sector that you can't settle or they'll invade your neighbors or random tiny islands in middle of no where. Voidbringers trivialized.

If Voidbringers invade Pangaea world? They might have a decent chance if most of the Pangaea is unsettled. Voidbringers mostly trivialized.

If Voidbringers invade a Land World? This is the only world they can fight on.

Weakness of Voidbringers is pretty much the weakness of AOW3's game engine. I for one looks forward to playing planetfall 2 or whatever new name triumph studios give to it.

Voidbringers is pretty interesting. If you somehow draw a horrible hand and is having a rough time of it but you're still alive and hanging in there? Voidbringers is your answer. Embrace the void and bring death to who tried to kill you. Even if you didn't you was going to die but if you're going to die, might as well make your hated enemies die before you do.

You lose support of npc factions you interact with, one thing that's unknown to me is if you manage to integrate a NPC faction before the voidbringers invade, that integrated npc faction might or might not stay on your side I have no idea.

You gain two tools.

Summon voidbringer nest onto a sector. This is best thrown at invasion routes into your territory/ cosmite/energy sectors/ inconvenient sector of your enemies. If there is enough voidbringer nests close together, spawning stacks will work together to take their targets down.

Call reinforcements, it drops 3 units onto a hex of your choosing. they are puny, weak but can come with crazy modules equipped. Such as trooper with predator conditioning etc. :p

If your voidbringer nests get destroyed and you can't do anything about it. It only means that you was going to die anyways and you only at least postponed the inevitable. Accept your defeat with grace or not.