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Loop Hero was a fun game to play. I recently started playing Majesty again because I like to visit old gems.

So here's the deal, I own my own video game company and we're currently making a MMORPG that is the real successor to the 1999 EverQuest in my own fantasy world I've created for over 21 years. I have a full team of 20 developers all of which are extremely talented and passionate about making quality games.

That being said, I have put a "Majesty 3" on our agenda to make either during or after the MMORPG. I believe my team is the best chance of getting a real fantasy sims. It won't be exactly the same of course but it will have the feel and magic of the original Majesty, I promise you that. And it will take place in my fantasy world which is rich with lore and content.

That being said, my company is always looking for talented and passionate developers for writing, programming, 3d modeling art, concept art, etc. If I get enough volunteers then I can manage to get this game in the works.
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I want Majesty 3 to be more like SIMS and less humor, and it will also have an awesome story like Lord of the Rings or some good book.
It would be nice if you can have a bit of your own units, like king's infantry, maybe the heroes are more powerful but you don't need them all the time.
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Spellcaster University is a new game similar to Majesty 2, worth checking out before developing Majesty 3. Basically you build the facilities and the students get better based on what's around to use.
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It's remarkable that majesty 3 hasn't been released yet, as majesty 2 is the most genuine RTS game ever. The concept is unique in its kind. What is holding back such an obvious success as majesty 3 would be?
Maybe it would be fun to play Majesty 3 a bit more like The Guild 3, with heroes buying crafted weapons and making a profit out of their adventures and spending sprees at the inns and other accommodations. You would get better smith skills, but also disassemble inventory they found in the quests you sponsored.
I like the way the heroes' autonomy and free will made them look like they were your children or something, and you just guide their growth.
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I don't play these games for quirky humor and graphics. If that is one thing I would change around Majesty it would be to make it more grounded graphics and gritty and go with a serious approach to the game. Same thing with Lamplighters league, like why this goofy stuff?

Seriously strategy games for a serious strat company.