Water Intoxication quest in Bastard's Wound bugged?

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Sep 22, 2017
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Tycho in the farming area gives me this quest to find evidence of plant tampering and I'm told to talk to the other named characters in the zone, but none of them provide dialogue options for the quest. Am I missing something?


Nov 11, 2017
Have the same bug.
I've finished BW main story line and tried to do that quest.
Tycho asks to investigate the problem but there is nothing you can do in that area.
You can't ask neither Oceans-Fury nor Lunet/Kleitos and no evidence to be found.
Though I've loaded my savegame just after completion Tide Together and this way I'm able to complete this quest.
But I've already done Wound's Oldwalls twice and don't have desire to do it third time...
Very bugged location I must admit :(

UPD. Okay now, I have tried reloading prior to speaking with Reef-Talon in the Abyss and on this stage this quest is completeable.
So, if you are able to load your game and neglect some of your progress, you can complete this quest.
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