Was testing logistics and supply lines, Feel it could be improved.


Dec 12, 2019
I was testing if you could split up deliveries of new prisoners and deliveries of supplies, the answer is yes. So long as you have the island bound DLC and access to heli pads. Bu at 5k per heli pad its not a very cheap answer for the expeiment i was performing. This experiment was initially inspired by the escape mode. As some prisons you can literally just walk out of becaue they left the front wide open and you can just leave. Well I wanted to solve that by making a fenced off area specific for new prisoner drop off. But i can only do that with heli pads and disconnecting the delivery area from the road, and connecing it to the heli pad. But thats not what I really want to do to solve this qoute issue unqoute.

Id like to still use the road for this made up issue. But there is no way to do that in game because of how logistacs actually works. You see you can eihe connect or disconnect your delivery zone to a road or heli pad, and choose what that road or heli pad can deliver or remove. So for a example a road could deliver supplies and remove garbage, while a heli pad could drop off new prisoners and take exports. But you cant deside what a delivery zone will accept. So for another example if you have two delivery zones in the front of you're prison, and there 20 spaces apart, he truck will go to the furthest one from the start, and if enough back up from back log, only then will a truck offload at the second delivery. But what if you dont want that to happen and you want your new supplies to only be dropped off at the very bottom one? Well your only answer is to disconnect that delivery zone from the road.

Id like to change that, And the game already has the answer i Seek. Id like to be able to use the same logistics set up that he road and heli pad use that allows you to tailor what will be dropped off or taken, and apply that same logic to delivery zones. This way you could have delivery zones that will only take prisoners, or only take supplies, or leave them as is. With this logic, I could have a fenced in are just for prisoner drop off, right at the front by the road if I wanted, They go there automatically and go where ever i need them to after that, meanwhile my supplies would bypass that deliver zone and go to the designated one and work as normal.

Part of me belives that this could reliev some of the backlog that ca occur with large orders of materials and supplies, but another part of me tells me hat it wouldn't change anything, or ir could make it slighly worse. But I still think it would be nice o have the ability, specially seen as its alreay in the game, and just needs to be adapted to work wih delivery zones as well. I honestly think it would be a better system then it being only avaialabe to the road and heli pad, but i see why it works the way it does, which is why im advocaing for a dual system.